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Why dream of getting flowers as a gift: interpretation by dream books

Secrets of dream books: what dreams of receiving flowers as a gift

Most dream books interpret dreams of receiving flowers as a gift as a favorable symbol. He promises to improve relations with a loved one or acquaintance with his second half for those who are still alone.

However, other, less positive values ​​are possible. A negative sign is considered to receive as a gift dry, withering or artificial flowers.

Such plots foreshadow unforeseen obstacles in business or vain expectations. The exact interpretation of the dream depends on the type, number and color of the buds, as well as the actions of the dreamer.

One of the main points for an accurate interpretation of the plot that was seen is exactly which flowers were presented in the dream:


Interpretation of sleep

To a new romantic acquaintance

To the acquisition of the long-awaited new clothes

To unpleasant conversation

Sign that you need to be more tolerant in dealing with people

Much happiness in love

Symbol of warm feelings and affection of a loved one

Poppies in a dream predict great joy

Sign of presence in the life of the dreamer envious and gossip

To the big surprise

To recognition and honor

Symbol of selfishness and narcissism

To the little joys

To unusual erotic adventures

Mark of loyalty and devotion

Dreamer Arrogance Symbol

Why dream of getting flowers as a gift: interpretation by dream books

It is important to try to remember what color the hand buds were. This will help clarify the interpretation of sleep:

Bouquet color


White flowers promise to receive pleasant and joyful news.

For a romantic acquaintance

Red flowers — to the proposal of the hand and heart, wedding, warming in a relationship

To deception, disappointment or separation

To great joy

To the beginning of a quiet period in life

Green petals foreshadow vain efforts and anxieties

To treason, betrayal of a loved one

To the illness of a loved one. A sign of sadness that sometimes promises the death of a friend.

MulticoloredTo unexpected profit, inheritance

Why dream of getting flowers as a gift: interpretation by dream books

The important point that you need to pay attention to the correct interpretation of the dream, is the identity of the one who gave the flower arrangement:

Who presented a bouquet

Interpretation of sleep

To the proposal of the hand and heart

Ex-boyfriendA sign that the dreamer cannot accept parting

If the wife had a dream in which her beloved gives a big bouquet, in reality the relationship of the spouses will be filled with passion and mutual understanding

To move up the career ladder, the start of a new successful project

To the fulfillment of the cherished desire to receive good news

To the appearance of a secret admirer who will persistently seek the dreamer

To warming relations with a friend

To public recognition, pleasant acquaintances

To betrayal, deception, unrealizable dreams

Why dream of getting flowers as a gift: interpretation by dream books

In dreams of flowers, a plot is possible when the sleeping person himself handed someone a bouquet. Interpretation of sleep depends on who was given the floral arrangement:

  • Girl — to a romantic acquaintance with an interesting and worthy man.
  • A woman — to strengthen relationships with loved ones.
  • Friend — in the joint life of lovers everything will be calm and smooth.
  • Man — to the mutual feeling of love.
  • Dead person — for long life, better health.

In order to better understand what should be prepared in the near future, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of flowers handed over:

  • Single flower — a sign that a sleeping person is in love very much and all his thoughts are occupied by one person.
  • Small bouquet — to the proposal of the hand and heart. Wedding bouquet foreshadows a fateful acquaintance with his second half.
  • Huge bouquet — a symbol of cardinal changes in the life of a sleeping person.
  • Many flowers — the dreamer has a secret admirer who does not dare to speak about his feelings.

A garland or a wreath of flowers is a symbol of the fact that a sleeping person committed an act in the past, for which he is ashamed.

For correct interpretation, one should pay attention to how the floral composition looked in a dream.

Fresh, lively buds — a symbol of joy, happiness, good news and well-being. If the plants were in the dew, it portends great trouble.

The presentation of beautiful potted plants foreshadows an interesting trip that will leave only pleasant memories.

Old, faded bouquet foreshadows the beginning of a black band in the life of a sleeping person. If the half-dead flowers were donated on the occasion of the dreamer’s birthday, it brings tears and grief.

Another interpretation of such a plot speaks of receiving news from a person whom the dreamer has not seen for a long time.

It is important to pay attention to who presented a stale bouquet:

  • Friends — to quarrel with them.
  • Husband — to break up or divorce.
  • Dead person — to health problems.

If a sleeping person received artificial flowers as a gift, it promises disappointment and unrealizable hopes. For a girl, a dream is a warning that her chosen one has a dark past.

However, other interpretations of this dream plot are possible. It all depends on what material the composition was made from:


Value of sleep

The young man of the dreamer is not quite sincere with her

Inexpensive improvised material

A sleeping person can be sure of the reliability of the donor.

To disappointment in love

Leather inflorescences portend a big premium or promotion upgrade

Do not believe the one who handed the bouquet

To reconciliation with old enemies

Important for the correct interpretation of sleep are the actions of a sleeping person:


Dream Interpretation

Put a bouquet in a vase

To the beginning of a calm and measured period in life

Change the water in the vase

To receive unexpected news

Make artificial flowers

Najava sleeping learns about the betrayal and betrayal of the second half

Make a bouquet of flowers

To great joy

A sleeping person can forget about past unsuccessful relationships.

Much happiness

To receive good news from afar

Sign that a dream dreamer is dishonest with his close people

Refuse to accept a bouquet

Stealing or big losses

Many soothsayers, psychologists, magicians and psychics have their own point of view about what a person dreams about receiving flowers as a gift.

The dream interpretation of Gustav Miller argues that a dream in which a bouquet is presented to a person has a favorable interpretation.

The dream foreshadows receiving good news, a pleasant meeting with an old friend. This interpretation is especially relevant for those dreams in which the donor independently produced a floristic composition.

If a girl was presented with flowers, and she hurt her hands about them, this is a negative sign that promises infidelity and betrayal of her beloved boyfriend. If the bouquet was already faded, it portends health problems or a relationship break.

The guy showered a dreamer from head to toe with rose petals — a sign that the girl makes too high demands on her heart for the candidates. She risks being alone for a long time.

If the dreamer is presented with red roses, it promises an invitation to a romantic date or acquaintance with a pleasant young man.

Artificial bouquet foreshadows unexpected expenses in large sizes, troubles at work or health problems.

If a girl dreamed that a man gives her a bouquet, in reality it is worth waiting for a quick separation from your loved one. To receive as a gift one flower — to great joy.

A small bouquet of white roses foreshadows a marriage proposal.

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