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Why dream of gems in me

Dreamed precious stones: interpretation of popular dream books

Gems in a dream personify desires, the values ​​of the dreamer are his real treasure. Most often, stones signify honor and dignity.

We advise you to remember the details of your dream: the type of stone, what you did with it and how your dream ended. To explain what dreams of a gem (or a pile of such treasures) you need to imagine them.

Expensive minerals in a dream are often an omen of good luck, profits, and relationships. But they can also be your psychological ballast that lies at the bottom of your consciousness.

We invite you to recall the details of your dreams and find the interpretation of your particular case from below.

Why dream of gems in me

Gems in a dream, isolated cases and their interpretation according to dream books

  • In the dream you had to collect treasures. The dreamer tried to take as much of the jewels that lay before him in his bosom. Such a dream predicts increased work, overcoming obstacles to the goal, especially if you felt stress in a dream;
  • Find precious minerals in a dream. If you did not collect the stones, but found them in one place, then the prediction for such a dream is optimistic — you are lucky enough to find a solution to your problem that will surprise you;
  • Treasure with precious stones was buried near your house. A dream in which you find gems literally under the noses of your home indicates an unresolved issue, conflict or the sought object. The clue is very simple, you only need to think rationally;
  • Collect small expensive pebbles one by one. The collection of small minerals predicts success and success in professional activities;
  • Steal treasures. If you stole jewels in a dream, then in real life you may have problems due to ignorance of the laws;
  • You inherited the jewels or won them in a game of chance. Your prosperity in real life will be extraordinary, but short-lived and most likely will not please you to the fullest extent;
  • Change gems for money or valuable items. You are lucky enough to change your stones for money or something. In this case, in your environment only decent, pure thoughts of people who will never betray you and will be able to help in any situation;
  • The precious mineral was in the dreamer’s mouth. Sleep symbolizes the power of your prayers and efforts. This is a sign that you are doing everything correctly and clearly follow your goal;
  • You lost a gem and immediately found it. Sleep marks a fragile and short-lived happiness in the near future, which should not be held;
  • Before you appeared a huge variety of gems, the whole room. You are waiting for tests of temptation and a test of strength, enduring that you are one step closer to the cherished goal;

Why dream of gems in me

  • To behold the gems in a dream. Gems predict success equally in business and in love affairs;
  • Give gems to someone. You often work to the detriment of yourself and others. Such activities should be immediately suspended;
  • Get gems in production. To engage in such a difficult activity in a dream promises good health and the early birth of children in the immediate environment;
  • A young woman had a dream about how she receives jewels. Sleep marks a quick marriage and desired pleasures;
  • The girl loses precious stones. In this case, the dream signals a threat, you are in danger. You may be flattered and deceived;
  • Buy precious things. The dream marks success in matters of the heart and material wealth;
  • Semi-precious products in a dream. If you saw a fake in your dream, then you should not take the word of all people and always carefully check their intentions. It is possible that someone takes you by the nose for quite a while;
  • Scarlet ruby ​​lying on the plane. Red is the color of passion and love. A dream with a red precious product, a ruby, foreshadows the reciprocity of feelings and quick relationships;
  • Diamonds in a dream. A diamond is a symbol of eternity, wisdom and harmony. To see a diamond in a dream means it is possible to bring a swarm of your thoughts in an orderly movement, look at the problem from a different angle and solve it;
  • To see diamonds in a dream often happens to greedy people. Perhaps you do have such a problem, try not to concentrate only on material wealth and wealth;
  • Gemstone with gold setting. This combination of dream books marks open opportunities in front of the dreamer, the achievement of goals;
  • Precious agate. To see agate in a dream means an increase in services in the near future, for which, it is true, will have to try hard;
  • Amethyst in your dreams. Amethyst in a dream predicts the appearance in your company of a gossip whose language is completely boneless. His promises are exactly dummies that should not be given attention;
  • Turquoise in a dream. If among the stones you saw was turquoise, then it shines for you to meet with a long-forgotten person whom you haven’t seen for a long time. In addition, the stone promises the fulfillment of desires and recovery;
  • A dreamer talks to a jeweler about a gemstone. In a short time, the one who had a dream awaits betrayal by friends, disappointment in his idol;

Why dream of gems in me

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities.

  1. The dream book of the Chinese prince Zhou Gong does not give an unambiguous interpretation. For example, if values ​​are piled up with a whole mountain, then such a dream signifies great wealth beyond dreams, but a heap of precious stones in the bosom to ruin and great trouble. Acquire a ring with precious stones in a dream for the Chinese dream book — to the nobility, material wealth;
  2. Modern dream book. According to the modern family dreambook, precious minerals in the majority symbolize wealth and prosperity;
  3. Moon dream. According to the lunar dream book, the interpretation is not clearly defined. Most often, to see the jewels in a dream according to the moon’s dream-book is the symbol of honor and dignity of the dreamer;
  4. Dream dream wanderer. The temptation, flattery, betrayal and deceit — this is what dreams of precious stones for a wanderer’s dream book;
  5. Interpretation of the dream book by Stuart Robinson. Precious minerals, especially in a heap, mean concentration and restraint, prosperity and stability of the dreamer;
  6. According to the Miller dream book. Dream Miller treats gems as a symbol of your success in various endeavors, quick relations and enjoyment of life;
  7. Dream interpretation spiritual seekers. According to the dream book of spiritual seekers, precious stones emphasize the inner strength and inflexibility of the dreamer, the esoteric effectiveness of prayers.

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