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Why dream of fresh green cucumbers?

Why dream of fresh green cucumbers?

Elongated objects or plants carry phallic symbolism. For example, bananas and cucumbers have a well-defined symbolism that defines a love theme. What dreams of fresh green cucumbers — for love or money?

Consider all the nuances of interpretation of the dream.

Why dream of fresh green cucumbers?

Total sleep

A fresh, crisp cucumber is a sign of good health and a hardened spirit. For lovers, the cucumber symbol foreshadows stability and romance in relationships.

However, not always a green vegetable foreshadows success and prosperity. The interpretation changes in accordance with the details of the plot:

  • where were the cucumbers;
  • what did you do with cucumbers;
  • who dreamed of cucumbers — a man / woman;
  • what quality were the vegetables — fresh / rotten;
  • how much you saw cucumbers.

If a springy green fruit was seen in a dream by a woman, according to Freud, she lacks male affection. The phallic symbol reveals a desire to have an intimate relationship with a man.

If cucumbers were dreamed up to a young girl, she would soon get acquainted with an interesting gentleman. A married woman cucumber foreshadows a surprise from her husband.

According to the dream book Tsvetkov, The phallic symbol always spells the appearance of new female fans. However, not all new acquaintances can be desirable and pleasant: an obsessive unpleasant male subject may appear in the life of a woman.

If the elastic cucumbers saw a man in a dream, it foreshadows life success. For a single dreamer, this story spells a fascinating romantic adventure, and a married man — success in career achievements. Seeing a lot of ripe vegetables — to unexpected profits.

A rotten cucumber warns of a decrease in sexual function in men.

If a woman eats a cucumber in a dream with pleasure, it foreshadows a quick pregnancy. And for pregnant women — the birth of a boy.

Harvesting vegetables

Collect ripe fruits in a dream — to the full success of life in all areas. You stand firmly on your feet, a stable cash income allows you to enjoy life, everything is great in love, health is excellent.

If you tear small gherkins from bushes — it foreshadows quick money profit. Collecting a large number of cucumbers predicts large cash receipts in the near future.

See vegetables in the garden — to positive changes in fate:

  • debts will be returned to you;
  • health will be strong;
  • family will be well-being.

See a lot of gherkins on the bushes — to the unexpected pleasant visit of guests. Cucumbers in a basket — relatives will visit you soon.

This story foreshadows an early pregnancy for a young woman.

See faded ugly fruits — your plans for profit will not be realized, or you will receive less than expected. Overripe fruits — to the disappointment of close people.

Why dream of fresh green cucumbers?

Interpretation of dream books

  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century explains that this dream foreshadows financial gain for men, presents for women, and a meeting with a pleasant young man for girls. To see vegetables in the snow — to peresoyu, spoiled cucumbers — to reduce the potency in men, buying cucumbers — to trouble.
  • Dream for the whole family interprets the vision of cucumbers in another aspect: the dreamer should get rid of unrealizable dreams. There are vegetables in a dream — to the disappointment. Pluck cucumbers from the bushes — you do not appreciate what you own now. You should reconsider your attitude to life.
  • French dream book He sees deceptive hopes in this story. However, for patients this dream foreshadows speedy healing.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse sees favorable circumstances for the dreamer — success in life, prosperity and good luck. Also, cucumbers are a symbol of good health.
  • Esoteric dream book interprets the dream as a symbol of lack of funds. Eat a cucumber in a dream — to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Popular interpretation of sleep has its own characteristics. So, to see cucumbers in a dream — to the guests, to pluck them from the garden — to petty economic troubles and troubles, to eat cucumber — to quarrel with relatives, planting cucumbers — to trouble, cucumber in salad — to career success.

Most dream books define the vision of fresh cucumbers as favorable for the dreamer. The interpretation must take into account the emotional mood during the dream.

If you have experienced positive feelings, it is likely that sleep promises success in life. If the vision was accompanied by negative emotions, wait for trouble.

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