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Why dream of flying: on a plane, on a helicopter, flying a woman in a dream

Many in childhood heard the phrase: “You fly in a dream — it means you grow”. This is one of the most common interpretations; however, it is valid only for babies who soar in dreams themselves.

To figure out what adults dream of flying, you need to refer to the sources, and take into account all the details that can be remembered.

Why dream of flying: on a plane, on a helicopter, flying a woman in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller interprets in detail what flight meanings mean. Flying without a goal is a complication of relations between close people.

Flying at low altitude is a symbol of gloom, indisposition. To fly, and with delight to consider the landscape below — a positive sign.

Circumstances develop successfully. Flying in a company with a familiar person foreshadows an exacerbation of relationships in real life.

Dream Vanga I am sure that to fly in a dream means soon to be going on a journey. Probably, the path will lie in distant countries.

According to eastern dream book if you dream of flying to people under 20 years old, this is the personification of physical growth. Dreamers who overcame this age line, the plot heralds the spiritual development of the individual.

White magician Yuri Longo suggests that flying in a dream to a man is a prediction about the upcoming performance before the public. And it can be either a report at a formal event, or a toast at a festive table.

Dream Emperor of the Yellow Emperor This story treats completely differently. For the representatives of the stronger sex, flight means a decrease in vitality, unfulfilled dreams, the accomplishment of unreasonable actions.

Dream Esoterica Evgenia Tsvetkova flying in a dream interprets as a symbol of the road and achievements. Fly too high is a hint about the need to revise goals, because at the moment they are set incorrectly under the influence of false ambitions.

Soaring in the sky is a double sign. Healthy, he portends good luck, and the sick — the deterioration of health, up to death.

English dream book treats the plot in which it was possible to fly like a bird, and to experience delight. The source claims that in reality a dizzying romance will start.

By Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book to fly is a reflection of the subconscious desire to relax, to have unusual sex. Flying on a military aircraft, fighter — an overstated opinion about their own intimate abilities. To a woman to fly in the sky with a man means to dream of a passionate partner.

In a lonely flight of a girl in a dream, a famous psychiatrist sees a latent tendency toward same-sex relationships.

Ontopsychological dream book A. Meneghetti treats flight as a thirst for freedom, movement. If the dream recurs regularly, the plot may reflect a desire to hide from everyday worries with the help of any creative activities.

By Dream Grishin flying, waving his arms like a bird’s wings, is a good sign. Soon the dreams of independence and freedom in making important decisions will come true.

Why dream of flying: on a plane, on a helicopter, flying a woman in a dream

To fly a woman in a dream — the personification of the desire to abstract from the current situation, to look at the problem from the side. One of the sources recommends that the phase of the lunar cycle be considered for the correct interpretation of the plot.

If the flight has dreamed of a growing month, there is a successful period ahead. The same dream with a waning moon means stagnation in business.

To fly a girl — good sign. There is an extraordinary use of talent, and this will help in achieving success.

To fly married a woman — a warning that the temptation will arise. You have to worry about preserving your reputation, but in the business sphere everything will be all right.

Well, if you dreamed of flying pregnant to the woman. Do not worry about the upcoming birth, they will be without complications.

Fly on a plane to adult — positive symbol confirming the correctness of the chosen life path. Planned actions will lead to success.

On the changes for the better tells the plot of the dream, which happened to fly on an airplane to kid. But if the flight takes place not in the cabin, but on the wing, this indicates a propensity for excessive risk.

The desire to accelerate the course of events reflects the plot, which happened to fly by helicopter. The dream promises that in reality all obstacles will be quickly overcome.

When dreaming fly on the air balloon, sources offer several diverse, but positive, interpretations. A dream will come true, a decent person will fall in love.

No complications fly by parachute — it means thanks to clear plans to achieve success in all endeavors. Any problems that complicate the flight, and even more so the fall warn of the occurrence of trouble.

Bad if you dreamed fly on a broomstick. In the personal sphere and at work, we will encounter troubles.

To fly on the wings — achieve a high position thanks to outside support. It is recommended to take into account the color of plumage.

Black warns that ahead of disappointment and grief. White promises an enchanting success in all areas.

For those who dream that he flies without wings, in reality it is important to devote time to developing your own talents.

Fantastic dream of flying on a dragon is interpreted depending on the tested emotions. Do not be afraid, feel delight — a dream with a positive interpretation.

To be terrified — to helplessness in the face of changed circumstances.

A fabulous journey through the air on a flying carpet predicts a long journey.

Why dream of flying: on a plane, on a helicopter, flying a woman in a dream

When dreaming fly above the water, it is important when deciphering remember how it looked. Transparent, clean foreshadows the fulfillment of desires, and dirty and muddy — the aggravation of confrontation with enemies.

Flying over the sea, which is raging, means waking up to be in the midst of passions. Calm water surface — to a prosperous period.

Long fly by air, overcome significant distances is interpreted as excitement in real life. A lot of events will happen.

If you dreamed fly high, above the clouds is a good sign. Finally dreams come true.

Those who are going to marry, the plot heralds a happy family. Flying high in the sky is a reflection of inflated requests.

Excessive ambition makes it difficult to adequately assess the environment. When dreaming of flying in space, the interpretation also reflects the isolation of thoughts from reality.

The plot indicates the need to revise the goals.

Fly very low above the ground — call to pay attention to the state of health. There may be an indisposition, or a misunderstanding.

The view that was able to be viewed from a height also influences the interpretation. Fly over the mountains — to the unexpected overcome obstacles.

See the dense forest below — a hint about the need to find an application for talent. To fly over the city means to get tired of routine.

To see your own home is the personification of the desire to rest from everyday worries.

Flying plate different sources interpreted ambiguously. Most suggest that unexpected news will come soon.

The most favorable interpretation is the prophecy of sudden support, which will allow you to get out of difficult situations with minimal effort.

Flying insects almost all kinds of symbolize bothersome people, confused situations and monetary troubles. The exception is the bees, promising, on the contrary, conscientious work and profit.

Flying cockroaches personify rivalry in the personal and business sphere. In the near future you should not relax, otherwise competitors will try to select everything that belongs to the sleeper.

Flying a fish — good sign. Circumstances will be in favor of the dreamer.

Enchanting success foreshadows flying horse. Soon, life will surprise you with pleasant surprises.

Unknown flying people symbolize the lack of like-minded people. However, relatives floating in the air are a warning sign.

They may have health problems and may endanger life and health.

Ahead is an unforgettable pastime, if you dreamed of flying a machine. There will be a real emotional shock from the positive impressions.

Auspicious sign — dreamed of flying house. Troubles will disappear, and the implementation of plans will bring very joyful results.

Finding out what dreams of flying, you can prepare for impending events, and win luck on your side.

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