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Why dream of flying an airplane?

Why dream of flying an airplane?

Flying in a dream is a frequent event. Old people say if a child flies in a dream or falls, it means that it grows. And why dream of flying an airplane?

Usually interpreters consider this story from the positive side. Consider examples.

Why dream of flying an airplane?

General interpretation of airplane flight

Interpretation of the dream will depend on what action was performed during the flight:

  • you are going to fly by plane;
  • you fly as a passenger;
  • you control the plane;
  • your plane crashes;
  • you jump from a plane.

If you see a beautiful plane, on which you are going to fly, it speaks of your lofty ideals and aspirations. Feel free to get down to business, you will succeed.

Buy a plane ticket — a good sign of good prospects. However, the implementation of the plan will depend on your activity.

It is one thing to dream, and another to act.

Late to board the plane — you missed your star chance. To be late for landing, to run to the ramp of the plane — difficulties await you on the path to the realization of desires.

If you boarded the plane, but for some reason he is not going to take off, which means that there are obstacles to the realization of your goals.

If you are flying as a regular passenger, think about it — who controls your thoughts and your life? Do not be too trusting and do not let other people lead you.

If you fly a plane, it promises good luck in business and life. You are the pilot of your dreams.

A steady sure flight symbolizes success in victory, the collapse of the liner — broken dreams and aspirations.

If your plane crashed, but you survived — it is worth thinking about the direction of your life. The dream calls to analyze all the goals and aspirations: which of them can lead you to collapse?

Sometimes a plane crash can warn of unforeseen circumstances that will bring havoc into the dreamer’s life.

Jump out of the plane, crashing — a warning not to ignore the problems that threaten to destroy your life.

Dream during illness speaks of a speedy recovery. However, if the patient got into a plane crash, the subconscious signals the criticality of the state of health.

Why dream of flying an airplane?

Interpretation of the dream flight

Erotic dream book interprets the flight by plane as evenness and stability of the relationship with a partner. Recommendations: do not turn the bed of love into the cockpit with the control panel and do not prove to each other who is at the height.

Freud marks a dream with an airplane as the transience of life. Live now, experience life now.

If the plane leaves a mark in the sky, perhaps your partner has led someone to the side.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets the dream of flying on an airplane as the implementation of plans. If the liner suddenly falls, someone admits his feelings for you.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova asserts that all your dreams will come true, even the most impracticable. Seeing yourself at the helm of the aircraft — you will soon expect dramatic changes and changes in life orientations.

Dream Medea interprets the plane as the personification of fearlessness, readiness for radical changes, the realization of goals or the collapse of all hopes. If you are driving a liner, you will soon be managing a responsible project or even a company. Fly by plane — to change the course of life.

Being late for departure is afraid of changes in life.

Esoteric dream book interprets flight as indecision in dealing with business matters: you should be more courageous in making decisions. Observation of the liner in the sky — to the coming fateful changes in life.

Dream Dream claims that this dream predicts the realization of long-awaited plans and the realization of a dream into reality. Plane crash — in vain waiting for the successful completion of cases.

Sitting at the helm — to achieve incredible success and recognition, if this liner does not suffer a crash.

The dream of psychologist Lofa connects the dream with a psychological portrait of the dreamer. Interpretation will depend on how a person perceives flying on an airplane in real life.

If flying brings fear and apprehension, sleep speaks of experiencing something in life. If the dreamer perceives flying romantically, then the experience was romantic.

If you had a dream on the eve of your flight, you should not look for meaning in interpreters: a dream is a continuation of your daily thoughts. Sometimes a dream can be a continuation of thinking about the choice of transport for a trip to another country: the subconscious chooses the aircraft.

This is a dream tip.

However, if the dreamer occasionally has nightmares with a plane crash, and he experiences deep negative emotions in connection with this plot, you should immediately visit a psychologist. This condition can be aggravated and lead to mental disorders.

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