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Why dream of flowers — learn the value of sleep

Flowers in a dream — interpretation of dream books

Let’s try to figure out what dreams of flowers, analyzing the forecasts of popular dream books. I collected for you the interpretations that occur most often, read the article and analyze your dreams in order to be prepared for events in real life.

Dream Vanga

Why dream of flowers - learn the value of sleep

To see flowers in a dream, according to the ancient prophetess, means:

  1. If you dream of tearing delicate flowers to weave a wreath or make a bouquet, it means that in real life you will very quickly find your calling. It is a symbol of a change of worldview, rejection of everything that destroys and prevents to move forward.
  2. If the skin has been pricked with spikes, this is an unfavorable sign. You will have to experience an incredible emotional or physical pain. And the reason will be the betrayal of the person whom you love the most.
  3. If a villain has destroyed the flowers in front of your eyes, it means that you are full of detractors who are waiting for the right moment to set you up. Be careful in communicating with unfamiliar people.
  4. Pay attention to how many petals a flower has. The more of them, the stronger you are closed and the more difficult it is for you to find a common language with people. You need to learn to trust more and sincerely show your feelings.
  5. The bouquet, exuding a pleasant aroma, foreshadows a romantic date with a person to whom you have long cherished tender feelings. You can even invite him yourself — he will rejoice at such an initiative.
  6. Potted potted flowers dream to the unpleasant news of the death of a person you know. But only if in a dream you received it as a gift.
  7. A wreath of field daisies is a favorable sign that promises to meet you soon with the man of your dreams. Get into a very romantic relationship, in which you will be absolutely happy.
  8. A man giving you a huge bouquet says that in real life you feel sad and lonely, even if you are not aware of it. It is time for you to fill your usual pastime with bright and interesting impressions, otherwise not far from depression.
  9. To plant flower seeds in a dream — to get some material benefits in reality. Some of the people whom you have helped in the past will wish to thank you generously with money. The main thing is not to refuse such a gift, it is made sincerely and from the heart. Failure to offend the giver.
  10. Ikebana dreams of an emergency illness. She has already settled in your body, but so far does not make itself felt. Check with your doctor. Most likely, the disease is associated with the female reproductive system.

Why dream of flowers - learn the value of sleep

Dream Miller

The author of this popular dream book gives its own unique predictions:

  1. Garden or field flowers dream to great pleasure. In reality, some very pleasant event will happen to you. But only under the condition that the petals were light or bright, they did not wilt.
  2. But the dried or faded bouquets dream in anticipation of all sorts of trouble. Perhaps very soon you will be seriously disappointed in someone from close people or lose your job.
  3. Unmarried girls sleep with flowers promises incredible attention of fans. You just need to reach out and choose the most worthy of them. Make no mistake, listen to your heart and intuition.
  4. Flowers growing in the desert are an unfavorable sign. He promises bad news that you have to stand firmly. But rest assured that your mental strength is enough to survive the pain and cope with any problems.

Dream loft

The author of this dream book advises to pay attention to the color of the petals that you notice in a dream.

Why dream of flowers - learn the value of sleep

Here are his predictions:

  1. Roses with an atypical color of petals, which is not found in nature, dream of jealousy. You will be jealous, so try not to create a ground for suspicion and do not disturb your other half with this.
  2. If you hand a bouquet to someone as a gift, it means that in reality you will have to part with some significant thing for you that will bring dissatisfaction. Try to decide how you can compensate for this loss.
  3. Branches of lilacs can dream of poisoning, serious illness, or even death. To touch the disease can not you, but someone from the people with whom you often communicate.
  4. Daisies say that you are not sure of your feelings for your chosen one, you do not see your future near him. Only a frank conversation with your beloved will help to dot the «and» and finally decide.
  5. Orchids will tell that your sexual energy and female sensuality is awakening. Very soon you will notice how many men pay attention to you. You will be very attractive to the opposite sex.
  6. Narcissus speaks of the great love of self, bordering on selfishness and self-confidence. Ponder whether your ego is not exaggerated in a given period of time. It may be worth being a little more modest.

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  • Definitely recognize what dreams of flowers, it is impossible. It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the petals, the quantity, the state. For example, if flowers have wilted, this is an unfavorable sign. if they look fresh, auspicious.
  • The more colors, the better the prediction. But also not always. Analyze the predictions from different dream books to choose the most reliable. During analysis, do not rely on logic, but on intuition. Choose the wording that responds.
  • It is very important, analyzing the dream, remember its plot to the smallest details, then you can interpret the forecast correctly. Try to feel the emotions that prevailed during the journey through the realm of Morpheus. Remember what was around you.

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