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Why dream of fishing for the dream books of Freud, Miller

What to expect after fishing in a dream — the nuances of deciphering the dream books

Why do you dream that you are sitting by the pond and closely watching the float? How does a dream catcher decipher a large catch, how does he look at a fishing failure?

General interpretation of «fishing» sleep

  • The most popular interpretation of the appearance of fish in a dream (especially if the dreamer himself caught this river creature) is towards pregnancy. But it is clear that this decoding applies only to young women, or to more adult people who have a young daughter or daughter-in-law.
  • For men, the most typical interpretation: wealth.

What was the catch?

Why dream of fishing for the dream books of Freud, Miller

  • Large: to wealth. The larger you fished fish, the more expensive the purchase will soon be able to afford.
  • In the men’s dream, an extremely large fish symbolizes a money project that you will be entrusted with at work or you will get it yourself. It was so difficult to get this catch — it would be just as difficult to implement the project. If the fish escaped at the last second, or fell off — unfortunately, it’s impossible to bring work to mind.
  • Small (for example, a full grid of small karasikov or tulka): good luck.
  • In the dream, you sat on the beach and dragged only small fish out of the water: you spend too much time and money on pleasure. Second interpretation: your life is filled with empty efforts.
  • You have seen a catch consisting of different «carcasses» — both big and small: you will meet with old friends (maybe even those who know you from the sandbox) and sit very well together.
  • Live fish: good sleep. A man, he can promise promotion, high earnings, good luck in life. Especially positive is the dream in which you caught a net of fluttering fish; Fishing for fishing pole means that your work requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Dead: this is a bad dream. After it can be followed by illness, loss of money, problems at work. For a woman, sleep can end in an unsuccessful pregnancy.

Why dream of fishing for the dream books of Freud, Miller

The variety of fish is important too

  • Karas: to the disease. Also, a dream can warn about a quirky person in your environment.
  • Perch: some interpreters foreshadow the birth of a boy after such a dream, others — that the dreamer will “pick up” a bad intimate illness.
  • Trout: you are very «rise» in material terms. Maybe win money — you can safely buy a pack of lottery tickets.
  • Som: you face problems. Maybe you lose money.
  • Pike: very good sleep. He says to pregnant women: you are carrying a girl. «Khochushkam»: you just have a girl. In other cases, sleep means wealth waiting for you.
  • Shark: You will meet a curious person.

What are you fishing for?

  • Why dream of fishing with your hands? In the dream, you tried to grab the “tail” of your “blue bird” of happiness. Remember, were you able to hold her back, or did the naughty run back into the river? Depending on this and interpret your dream: will go in your life a strip of luck or not.
  • A fishing rod: you will receive a certain amount of money (maybe in the form of a bonus, or even find it on the street). But these tools will go away as easily and quickly.
  • In a dream, remove the wet «carcass» from the hook: in life you had a «ball», but it will not last forever. It’s time to start relying on your own strength, because they will not always help you.
  • You took it from a fishing rod or got it from a net, nets, and the naughty ran into the water: in real life you can lose a loved one. If a relative is seriously ill, the dream says: have time to say goodbye.
  • Catching the net: one of the best dreams, it foreshadows unprecedented luck.
  • You did not catch, but you observed the work of other fishermen: you will be invited to a family holiday or a small corporate party. If the fishermen are extremely lucky, and they pulled out only large fish: there will be a replenishment in your family.
  • You caught with someone: in real life they will actively help you.
  • Catching and releasing this gift of nature back into the river (the sea): the business in which you are engaged will not bring income to you personally, even if the business first seems to be winning.

What was the water like?

  • Clean: this is health. If you have been ill, a healthy life is waiting for you.
  • Also a positive dream is fishing on a river (a lake, in the sea …), the water in which is clear, and you can see how big, shiny backs of fishes frolic around your feet.
  • If a large fish pops up in a river, it looks out of the water, and even blows its tail in the water: you will have a deal that will bring many “profits”.
  • Dirty: to the disease.

Vision of famous dream books

Why dream of fishing for the dream books of Freud, Miller

Do folk beliefs differ from the experience of world-famous psychoanalysts?

Freud’s interpretation

  1. The father of psychoanalysis considers the fish a symbol of coldness in intimate relationships. For example, selfishness in bed, inability to listen to your partner. Because of these qualities, you cannot create normal relationships.
  2. Also about the selfishness of the dreamer (if he is a man) says a dream in which he eats boiled or fried fish.
  3. To fish in a dream means: for you, sex is just a way to relieve stress or to pump up a press. Try to include feelings in the process — and you and your partner (partner) will get a lot of pleasure.
  4. If a woman dreamed of herself as a fisherman and in a dream she pulled a particularly large fish out of the pond: in real life she would “cut off” a great lover. True, he will not be a spouse.

Miller’s opinion

  1. According to this dream book, to fish — fortunately.
  2. A good, rich catch is for wealth. A very good sign is considered a live, large (huge) fish, which you pulled out with your own hands.
  3. Fishing on which you do not catch anything: you waste yourself in vain. Sleep can also mean: there is no goal in your life.
  4. Colored fishes in a dream of a young girl: she will be called in marriage.
  5. Fishing net in a dream — to a big purchase. Torn, torn network — to sadness, frustration.

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