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Why dream of fishing for a woman, a man: interpretations of dream-books

Why dream of fishing in a dream: for fishing, with a net, with your hands?

Psychologists and esotericists say that to fish in a dream is to change, the initiator of which will be the man himself. Even without wishing it, he will launch a complex mechanism for changing destinies, which cannot be stopped anymore.

Sometimes fishing predicts the fulfillment of desires, the achievement of popularity, pregnancy. The interpretation of the dream depends largely on the place of catch, the fish caught, the gear used and the bait.

The interpretation of sleep may differ depending on the gender of the dreamer and his marital status.

  • A married man thinks about finding a mistress. If in a dream he goes fishing with his wife, this indicates an equal contribution to the family (both material and household). To fish in a forbidden place — the spouses will be together despite the machinations of relatives who want to separate this pair.
  • The idler leads a wild life and does not even think about getting married. Shark fishing predicts an acquaintance with a greedy and thoughtful woman. Returning from fishing with empty buckets — the girl with whom the dreamer fell in love, will deny him a date and fellowship.
  • Divorced left the past behind and is ready for new victories on the love front. If instead of fish, he pulled a lump of algae ashore, we must stop comparing women with the former wife. Hook caught on a snag — the ex-wife is not ready to let him go and does everything to reunite the family again.
  • Married will soon become a mother, if she has no children. Pull a dead fish out of the water — to miscarry in the early stages. The bite of a big fish with black scales suggests that genetic problems will be the cause of infertility or difficult pregnancy.
  • A free person will meet a person who confesses her feelings, to which she will reciprocate. If she failed to catch anything, the wedding is not expected within a year. A fishing line was cut off near the shore — a deception by a man who promised to marry.
  • Divorce tries to extract more benefits from its current status. If for catching fish in a dream she uses some kind of clever design that she made with her own hands, this indicates psychological manipulations of the former spouse.

A pregnant woman dreams that she is fishing when in reality she suffers from toxemia or other ailments related to her interesting position. If you remember the fish caught, in its appearance you can predict the floor of the baby.

Pisces with masculine names foreshadow the birth of a boy, and a female (ending in letters "but" and "I") promise the birth of a girl.

Why dream of fishing for a woman, a man: interpretations of dream-books

If in a real life the dreamer is concerned with something that is related to his work, sleep may provide answers to emerging questions or suggest solutions to problems.

The interpretation of the dream, depending on the type of activity of the sleeper.

BusinessmanConclusion of a new contract, increase in turnover, sale of a large quantity of stale goods. If the sleeper catches fish with his hands, it means that all this will be achieved only by his own efforts; if he uses tackles, then you can entrust the affairs to the responsible officer.
TeacherWill be concerned with advanced training or obtaining a scientific degree. Work with students will fade into the background. The dream of fishing periodically recurs — the person chose a profession based on material considerations, not by vocation, so she oppresses him
WorkingIf you come across only small fish, you will have to work a lot, and wages will be low. The catch of several big fish indicates that the dreamer will receive a decent reward for his knowledge and skills. Rods cracked in half or broken network — injury will cause to stop working for a while
Creative personFind a great story for a new piece. It is possible that the idea will be thrown by someone from the inner circle, or the sleeper will take as a basis the situation seen in real life. Journalist scuba fish predator predicts writing a sensational article on a resonant topic for society
StudentAllows himself to neglect to study, however, then he will have to try to pass the exams. Hooked fish warns of possible expulsion from the university. The bite of a shark or pike caught speaks to a conflict with one of the teachers.
Service WorkerReceive a generous tip if the catch in a dream was good. Pull out an empty network — to the dysfunctional period; and if this tackle is torn, you need to be careful not to have to pay a fine for the damaged property of the client or institution
FarmerIf he managed to catch a lot of fish, the harvest will please. Otherwise, you should prepare for financial losses. During fishing, the weather turned bad, a gale began to rise, a thunderstorm began — the cause of losses would be an epidemic that killed animals, or an attack of pests on farmlands.

Why dream of fishing for a woman, a man: interpretations of dream-books

It is important to remember what time of year the fishing took place:

  • In winter (ice fishing) — a person likes to learn new information. Such a dream promises a trip to places where you have never had to go before, or the development of another profession, enrollment in some skill courses.
  • In the summer — receiving insignificant, but pleasant profit. This may be a small prize or a gift made by yourself and useful in the household.
  • In the spring — meeting with someone who will completely change the way of thinking of the dreamer, his vision of the world around him. If the fishing was unsuccessful, meeting with such a person would be destructive.
  • In the fall — a woman faces an unwanted pregnancy, a man — problems associated with work. A frivolous attitude to their duties will result in a financial loss.

Time of the day also matters. If it is day, you need to pay attention to your weaknesses in order to prevent enemies from using them.

Night fishing says that a person spends too much time on work, forgetting about rest.

Dreamer fished:

  • in solitude — to cope with difficulties in reality will also have to without external help;
  • in the company of friends or relatives — there will always be someone who will support in a difficult situation.

Why dream of fishing for a woman, a man: interpretations of dream-books

If you managed to catch a lot of fish in a relatively short period of time, you can safely proceed to the realization of your pans, everything will carry.

Not to catch a single fish — hopes will be in vain, but dreams will not come true. If, at the same time, the dreamer also suffered a loss (the fishing pole broke, the bait crumbled), in reality he would suffer from his gullibility.

The fish bite, but falls off the hook — a person makes the wrong choice, does not do what he likes, confesses false values. You need to figure out what went wrong in real life.

The net, full of dead fish, dreams to the ordeal, fatal diseases, grief. If it is torn at the time of the pull ashore, it is a symbol of bankruptcy.

Pulling out an old shoe or a tin can instead of fish — the dreamer takes everything that is happening around too seriously, or overestimates his role in the lives of other people.

A lot can tell and what kind of fish got to the sleeper.

Kind of fishInterpretation
SharkThe desire to take a leadership position. Tendency to unconventional types of sex with a clear delineation of the roles of master and subordinate. If a shark that was pulled onto the deck hits its tail and snaps its jaws, this may indicate that the dreamer has the habits of a tyrant
PerchForeshadows failure. Having dreamed up on the eve of a wedding, this fish says that it is worth looking at the future spouse (spouse), perhaps, the facts will open that will interfere with marriage. A pregnant woman should prepare for difficult labor
SomUnjustified claims from the authorities or regulatory authorities. You can doubt the correctness of the diagnosis. Trouble in traveling
PikePredicts good and joyful events. The girl promises a quick marriage, the entrepreneur — a lucrative contract. If she fell off the hook, you need to be vigilant, so as not to become a victim of a fraudster
BreamTo catch a lot of such fish — an indication of the abuse of alcohol. To fish in a place where bream is good pecking, along with friends — people surrounding people who are dreaming of such a dream, lead to an unhealthy way of life
RoachSymbolizes minor problems of domestic character
CarpWarns about health problems. The dreamer is threatened with a seasonal disease or a trauma received in everyday life. We’ll have to take sick leave, because going to work will not be possible
RuffColleagues will make a nice gift. If there are several ruffs and they are caught in clean water, you can count on a promotion or a bonus
gold fishPromises exciting adventures, an interesting vacation. This weekend or during vacation, the dreamer will visit sights that he has long dreamed of traveling to

See how others are fishing — in reality you will have to participate in other people’s affairs. If the fisherman caught a pike, someone from the family will need help in preparing for the wedding.

Beautiful fish promises gambling success; ugly warns of loses.

The size, location of the reservoir and the state of the water will determine how the prediction will be (positive or negative), how quickly it will come true and what the consequences will be.

Type of reservoirValue
RiverBy the couple will return the former passion, and a lonely man will fall in love, as never before
SeaThere will be opportunities for the realization of their desires or aspirations. If they are not used, there will be a long period of bad luck.
LakeThe person will receive additional powers, but they will be very limited. Parents who have small children, it is time to give them more freedom and allow them to make decisions on some issues.
AquariumThe dreamer will attempt to prove to someone the incorrectness of the conclusions or the inexpediency of actions.
PoolThe thing that a person spends all his free time is meaningless. Fishing in a foreign pool — lack of gratitude from the one who asked for help and received it
WellIf a fish appeared in a bucket of water, this foreshadows popularity. Catching fish in the well with a fishing rod — the dreamer will become famous for his extravagance

To catch a dream in a fish in muddy water — to realize his plans will not work because of someone else’s wiles. If the water is clear and transparent, it promises good luck.

If the pond is in a forest or a park, the person wants to hide his plans from those around them.

The gear used in the dream indicates the future actions of the dreamer.

Way to catchValue
On the baitAttempts to seduce the one who likes the dreamer, but does not pay attention to him. If instead of a fishing line a rope is tied to the rod, the person does not know how to communicate with representatives of the opposite sex. A double or triple crochet rod indicates inconsistency in love affairs, tendency to change
HandsThe imposition of their help or advice, which is very annoying to others. Reckless actions that will lead to the emergence of the enemy. To catch fish in small and very small reservoir with your hands — to be at a loss
Sharp or harpoonMaking decisions without the right to make mistakes and time to think. In a state of stress manifest qualities previously not characteristic of the dreamer
NetworkIt will be able to benefit from a knowingly losing situation. If there are a lot of fish in the net and its scales glisten brilliantly in the sun, such a dream foreshadows winning the lottery or the big score in a game of chance. Ragged network predicts financial problems
To choke with current, dynamiteThe desire to get rich, by all means. Illegal activities for profit. The size of the fish determines the severity of the crime, and its number shows how long it will take until the moment when the punishment for what has been done
ZherlitsyThere will be a desire to purchase a thing that is difficult to find in stores, so the sleeper will involve all his acquaintances. If you managed to catch a fish of a size not smaller than the palm, the purchase will come true

Feed fish before fishing:

  • Bread — the dreamer does not differ in fantasy, prefers to act according to the instructions and maintains the way of life to which he had been used since childhood.
  • Peas or corn — the one who in a dream had to use this product, hardworking and diligently performs the duties assigned to it.
  • Oilcake — such a person is considered an egoist, because he primarily cares about himself. He knows how to achieve goals and will not allow anyone to diminish his merits in any business.
  • Kasha — the ability to find a way out even from the most difficult situations more than once rescued the sleeper. He is inventive and has a non-standard thinking.

Options bait presented in the table.

WormsIf worms were used as bait, it promises victory over enemies or the successful completion of a project that was deemed hopeless. The dreamer refuses to fish for a worm, which means that he is skeptical to cooperate with new business partners or does not believe in the serious intentions of a woman who is giving him signs of attention.
DoughThe person is always trying to find the easiest method to solve the problem. If the fish do not bite, in this case will have to deviate from its principles
GrainsTo achieve something, you have to work selflessly.
Pieces of fruit or vegetablesThe dreamer is considered a lovelace and for good reason. He knows how to seduce any girl. For a woman, such a dream means a happy marriage.
MaggotsIt will turn out to achieve the desired, without putting a lot of effort
MeatThe dreamer loves risk. If the fish fell, the desire to get adrenaline will turn into a disaster for him

The value of the dream in which you had to fish may vary depending on the day of the week:

  • From Monday to Tuesday — a person is haunted by a lost profit or opportunity, which he ignored. If there was a full moon on the night when you had a dream, this is a good sign — you should expect a gift or a message from a person with whom communication has long been interrupted.
  • From Tuesday to Wednesday — you should not make someone happy by force.
  • From Wednesday to Thursday — irresponsibility will cause material losses. A man will have to listen to claims from his wife or mistress.
  • From Thursday to Friday, the dreamer finally finds out who spreads rumors about him.
  • From Friday to Saturday — if it was easy to catch a fish, then the problem will be solved without much effort.
  • From Saturday to Sunday — the ability to read signs sent to the universe, allows the sleeper to always win.
  • From Sunday to Monday — a person will have a new friend who will help him rethink what is happening in life.

The authors of the dream books interpret night visions differently. Correct should be considered the one that intuitively liked or caused more emotions.

Dream interpretationDecryption
NostradamusThe process of fishing is a warning of impending catastrophes and big trouble. The rich catch signals that the dreamer is not sure about the correctness of his actions or decisions.
The interpreter of ZedkielFishing is a good sign. Do not worry about possible problems, they will be far-fetched. Fishing for bait means flirting, which will have no consequences
FreudThe fish symbolizes the male sexual organ, and attempts to catch it indicate a rich sex life. If you manage to catch a lot of fish, the dreamer tends to change partners frequently. The lack of a bite speaks of dissatisfaction with their half and the lack of pleasure from intimacy
Small VelesConflicts with superiors or business partners. Release the catch back into the water — the sleeper will face misunderstanding from others, he will be criticized or condemned
IdiomaticFishing is associated with the desire to catch someone in a lie. The second interpretation is attempts to get acquainted with a man of the opposite sex. Lack of catch speaks of failure in reality
MillerSoon there will come an important stage in the life of the dreamer. What it will be depends on the catch. However, with due diligence, a person will be able to adequately overcome all trials and be happy regardless of whether the interpretation was positive or negative.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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