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Why dream of erasing: interpretation of the dream book

Washing things dream as a warning about future misfortunes. Sometimes it symbolizes an increase in material wealth or indicates uncertainty that awaits the dreamer if he follows the dictates of the heart.

To interpret a dream more accurately, you need to remember what exactly was washed in a dream and what events accompanied this process. For the interpretation of important details — the state of the water and the means used to remove dirt.

The interpretation of a dream depends not only on the gender of the dreamer, but also on his marital status.

WomanThe man
  • Free The lady wants to get married and have children, but some time later she will understand that it was a desire imposed by others.
  • Married. A woman should not suspect her husband of treason if the water was clean when washing bed linen.
  • Divorced. Lady has a long struggle for the division of jointly acquired property. If she didn’t completely wash out the soap, then the lawyer out of solidarity with her ex-husband would give her bad advice.
  • Pregnant. The dreamer will be restless in her heart if she was washing white things. Putting the laundry in the washing machine, not sorting it by color — to the failed agreement with the doctor, you will have to give birth with the help of the duty crew
  • Single. In the near future, the guy will not be able to seduce any girl she likes. If it turned out that all the clothes are washed, and there is nothing to go outside — the former lover will come up with a brilliant plan of revenge.
  • Married. I dreamed of a beautiful girl washing clothes in an open pond, which means that a man already has a lady in mind for love comforts on the side. If, in a dream, he washes his shirts, his wife will perform an unexpected and very courageous act.
  • Diluted. A man does not see happiness without a spouse, if he himself initiated the separation

Why dream of erasing: interpretation of the dream book

In order to correctly interpret a dream, it is necessary to take into account exactly how and with the help of which detergents the washing was performed.

Washing circumstancesValue
HandsIn solving complex problems, you will have to rely only on your own strength. And if suspicions about the loyalty of the second half arose earlier, it will soon become clear that they were not groundless.
In the washing machineThe person will understand that the current social circle is not satisfied with something, and will look for new acquaintances. Anyone who decides to ask friends for help should think which of them you can trust
No powderIrresponsible attitude to their duties; employment imitation
SoapRub things with a piece of soap — to work that takes a long time, and its result will be unpredictable. Wash in soapy water — the dreamer will find a way to accomplish the task that stands before him, with minimal effort
In a riverTo see women washing white linens in the river — to a happy married life. Stained things or those that have a dark color, foreshadow confusions and distrust within the family. If you had to rinse already washed clothes — the person has the courage to cope with any, even the most difficult thing.
In clear waterAll suspicions or concerns will be unfounded. The man who saw in a dream how his wife washes his favorite shirt in clear water will have to participate in a good bargain
In dirty waterThoughts are unlikely to be realized
In the holeIf a sick person sees himself in a dream erasing sheets in an ice-hole — this promises him a speedy recovery.

Seeing how another person erases is learning from the experience of others. If a dreamer is washing things — he has a chance to get disinterested help, and if a stranger does it, it is worth finding out which friends or relatives dissolve gossip.

Why dream of erasing: interpretation of the dream book

Wardrobe items or things used in everyday life that have been washed are additional symbols in the interpretation of a dream.

Washed thingsTreatment
LinensFor an unmarried girl, such an activity in a dream promises an acquaintance with a potential real bridegroom. If the sheet remains dirty — the woman will not be happy in the status of his wife, and the marriage will quickly fall apart
UnderwearThere are moments in the life of a dreamer that he would like to forget about. Washing cowards by hand means actions taken to protect privacy from curious neighbors and acquaintances.
FootwearWell-washed white sneakers predict recovery to the patient; those who have quarreled with the second half are given hope that the relationship will be restored. Wash room slippers symbolize the desire to change their place of residence or to live separately from relatives
OuterwearSuch a dream is a reflection of negative emotions experienced by a person while communicating with a passerby or with the staff of an institution that he occasionally visits. If the dreamer is an introvert, then his unwillingness to make contact with the world will be aggravated and may develop into a social phobia
The dressThe symbol of sexual dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with his body. A red dress thrown into a washing machine along with her husband’s white shirts speaks of a woman’s desire to take a leadership position in the relationship.
Business suitExcitement on the eve of important negotiations, attempts to mentally rehearse the scenario of the meeting
TrousersIf the clothes have pockets, it promises winnings in the lottery or other games of chance, where direct interaction with other participants is not required. Pants without pockets warn of deterioration
DiaperFor your own sake, you will have to provide someone with incorrect or slightly distorted information. If the diapers have been washed clean — deception will not be revealed
UniformPersistent reluctance to stick to the law. Planning protests, strikes
SocksIn the near future, the dreamer will lead an active intimate life. If all the socks are different in color, this indicates promiscuity in connections and frequent change of sexual partners.
CurtainsOnce a man has committed a crime, and now sincerely repent, but does not know how to make amends. The one who had to wash in a dream beautiful, but very dirty curtains, will become a victim of obscene gossip. If the curtains are sewn of heavy and dense dark-colored fabric, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to restore your reputation.
TowelsThe dreamer will be engaged in charity to get rid of remorse. Remove stains from towels — justify the spouse in the face of the public
Baby clothesUnfulfilled need to care for someone

Why dream of erasing: interpretation of the dream book

If there were stains on things, and had to deal with their removal, this also matters when deciphering sleep.

BloodGood luck. A woman carrying a firstborn is predicted to have a son. One huge stain on a t-shirt or shirt means a fight with parents or brother, sister
WineA person reproaches himself for what he did not do or what he could not affect in any way.
FatImplementation of a promising project. If the sleeper is lonely, he will have an acquaintance and mutually beneficial relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
CalInformation will become known that puts a colleague or business partner in a bad light, however, he will not guess that the dreamer has compromised information.
RustTo wash her with bed linen — for the arrival of guests; from clothes — the sleeper will visit a foreign house with an overnight stay; with pajamas or nightgown — to the disease
PaintTrouble due to a rash act. If this stain has appeared due to someone else’s fault, but the owner has to erase the thing — he will get rich soon
SweatThe sleeper has to tense competition
Unknown viewSomeone will try to draw the dreamer into the financial scam, but he will understand it in time and will not go on about the scammers

The thing has remained stained, despite all the efforts — a bad reputation prevents you from achieving the goal.

White linen got a gray tint — friends hide something important from the dreamer. There were spots that were not there before — competitors create anti-advertising to his business.

Treatment of sleep, depending on the actions of the dreamer and the circumstances of what is happening:

  • To wash other people’s things in dirty water — to condemn someone from relatives; invent tales of a man whom the sleeper envies.
  • Wash in clean water — to a good acquaintance.
  • Throwing other people’s things in the washing machine with your own — sincere feelings for someone you do not personally know.
  • Take things to the laundry — discuss your personal life with a stranger. Perhaps soon the sleeper will have competitors.
  • Working in the laundry — looking for a partner to create a family or love joys on the Internet, on specialized sites. If in a dream a person is embarrassed to talk about such work — in reality he is dissatisfied with his appearance or character.
  • Hanging out the washed things — bed linen symbolizes that the dreamer gets into an unpleasant company, and children’s clothing warns that all savings will have to be spent on university education of younger family members.
  • Postpone washing until later — the sleeper understands that it is time to stop communicating with friends who remember him only when they need help, but do not dare to do it.

During the wash, the water was turned off — the person will have to do heavy work, physically and mentally exhausting. Washing in clean water dreams to a good acquaintance.

Poor quality washing — do not trust others.

The authors of the dream books agree and say that if you dream of washing, then in real life you should be ready for any development of events.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
NewestWashing of light linen foreshadows good news. If you had to rinse dark linen, which sheds, the information received will not please
IdiomaticSoak things before washing — plan a kill. A dream in which dirty sheets and pillowcases were washed off signals the need to put financial affairs in order
FamilyTo see during the night rest, as someone erases — to victory over an opponent. I don’t like the way things look after drying — in the planned case the failure will overtake
AmericanThe dreamer completely lacks such concepts as personal space and personal life. He also has no secrets from his friends
RussianChange for the worse. Unexpected turn of fate. If washing often dreams of an unmarried girl — she never creates her family
ModernCall the laundress at home — to the disease or serious trouble. Being in the laundry — to senseless rivalry, unhealthy competition

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