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Why dream of drinking water on the dream books Meneghetti, Tsvetkova

What does the dream in which you drank water mean — nuances of interpretation

The ancients said «in aqua sanitas,» which meant «health in the water.» Does the dream book think so?

Why dream of a clear or muddy liquid that you drank in your dream?

General interpretation of sleep

  • Drinking water in a dream is a great sign. The most common interpretation of this dream is: life is waiting for you without a disease, or healing from a disease that is exhausting you at the moment.
  • Why dream of drinking water, standing on all fours? Your subconscious mind warns: you are too selfish, and if you do not remove the imaginary crown from your head, it will make life, and in a very unpleasant form for you.

Why dream of drinking water on the dream books Meneghetti, Tsvetkova

What was this water like?

  • Clean, transparent. Sleep means health, and if the water was also spring water, then good luck in business. Everything that you have in mind, you successfully implement.
  • Muddy, dirty. And this is the opposite, not the most successful dream. Soon, something will upset you to tears, even more — to apathy and universal despondency, and only relatives or friends will be able to pull you out of the abyss of sadness.
  • Salty. You will be bitter disappointment. Perhaps you will pay for someone.
  • Warm. You will have a very friendly relationship with your relatives. If it was boiling water, the dream warns of an approaching illness. The hotter the water was, the harder the disease would be.
  • Cold As the dream book says, to drink water, from which even the cheekbones reduce it — to health … unless, of course, it was at the same time clean.
  • It was holy water. Such a dream promises you powerful health, and not for a month or two, but for many years. However, this dream has one more interpretation: you are pure in your soul and you are completely pacified.
  • Soda. Was it clear, clean, pleasantly cool? Fate gives you a favorable chance. But do not hesitate for a long time, immediately grab it with both hands, otherwise the next such case will have to wait oh, how long.
  • Lemonade, sweet water. Life promises you a lot of joy and pleasant moments.

Where did you get it, drink it?

Why dream of drinking water on the dream books Meneghetti, Tsvetkova

  • From a glass (less often — from a glass). Was she transparent? This is not the most favorable dream. It is believed that he wants to warn you about the disease, during the treatment of which you spend a lot of nerves.
  • Was she of poor quality, muddy? You expect a sad band, lingering and sad.
  • Did you share your glass with another person? This dream means that soon other people will declassify your secret.
  • From the bottle. Drinking clean water from it is a good sign. God (or fate, or just mother nature) will send you a lot of strength, and you can move mountains.
  • From the bucket. This is not a good dream, it promises injury or unpleasant illness. After it, you need to think carefully before climbing for a steep rock photo shoot or buying meat products from your hands. Also, a similar dream says: take care of your nerves, a black bar runs in your life.
  • Just with it. You will find a close acquaintance with a pleasant man. You might even love him, and he will reciprocate.
  • From the crane, and it was a clean, peaceful running stream? This is a good sign: you are a harmonious personality, and your life is yours to become, cheerful and eventful.
  • You leaned over the tap, and the water «was lazy» to flow from there? Your subconscious mind hints to you that it is time to fill your life with a drive or pleasant events, it’s too dull and monotonous.
  • Was the tap water dirty? Be afraid of gossip that your enemies who dream to destroy your honest name will maliciously release into the “masses”.
  • From the well. Drink delicious country water of excellent quality — to the fulfillment of your most cherished dream. Is there an unexpected hope of a miracle in the depths of your soul? Soon this hope will burn with a bright bonfire!
  • From the spring. Drink clean water — to health (less often — to spiritual renewal). Also, such a dream can promise you mutual love.

Did you feel thirsty?

  • Thirst was, you drank some water, and that thirst was over. Great dream, he promises the fulfillment of secret desire.
  • You were thirsty, you were pouring in clean water, and your thirst didn’t go away? In real life, you are tormented by some kind of desire (or maybe it will be love passion), but you still cannot “get drunk” with this feeling completely.
  • Thirst did not go away, and the water at the same time was dirty? You swallowed your drink in huge glasses (bottles, sips), and still could not get drunk? This means that in real life you will make titanic efforts to get rich — and they will all be in vain.

Interpretation of famous authors

Why dream of drinking water on the dream books Meneghetti, Tsvetkova

After a multitude of interpretations collected from obscure dream-book, as well as folk beliefs, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with two author transcripts of dreams. Will they coincide with the traditional interpretation, or will they open new facets of your sleep?

Dream Dream Meneghetti

  1. Drinking in a dream is good, and no matter what you reveled in — water, milk or wine. Sleep means: you dream of love, success, and maybe even children.
  2. Drinking from a bottle is our subconscious desire to become small again, so that nothing can be solved, and our mother has “raked” all our problems for us.
  3. But the same dream can be interpreted in a different way: perhaps there is an overly caring mother next to you, for whom you are a “sweet little son” at the age of 35. With every fiber of your soul you want to isolate yourself from such parental (or maybe friendly?) Impudence.
  4. Have you seen a friend drinking from a horn? You subconsciously consider it infantile.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  1. The well-known esoteric man is sure: to feel thirst in a dream — you will have trouble in your life, which you will have to deal with immediately.
  2. Drinking clean, clear water — you will soon be engaged in some good work.
  3. If in a dream you drank a muddy liquid, beware of the disease.
  4. It was not water, but kvass? Sleep promises a dreamer a lot of health.

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