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Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream?

Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream?

Dreams with drinking and drinking are embarrassing. In reality, alcohol intoxication leads to unworthy acts, sloppy appearance and distorted worldview. Why dream of dreaming to drink vodka?

We will deal with the details together with the interpreters.

Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream?

Hot drink in a dream

Dreaming vodka symbolizes uncontrolled emotions, unbridled passion, distorted perception of information and inadequate actions. To accurately interpret the dream, you need to remember the important points:

  • who drank vodka in a dream;
  • from what dishes they drank vodka;
  • who dreamed drank drinks with;
  • observation of drinking alcohol from the side.

Buy alcohol and drink — let things go to chance. The dreamer perceives reality inadequately, his consciousness is distorted by the illusions of the desired.

Drink vodka alone — to sadness and sadness, unpleasant events. The dreamer has chosen the wrong path, and every step in this direction will move away from the intended goal.

Drinking in the company of friends — to confused pastime.

  • buy and drink vodka alone — to a prolonged depression;
  • accidentally break a bottle — relationships tied up in a drunken company will soon be interrupted;
  • take a glass to pour vodka — blame others for their failures.

For women, intoxication in a dream is a symbol of cheeky behavior with men. You allow yourself too much, which creates a bad reputation for yourself.

  • drinking vodka alone — failures in the labor arena due to their own rashness;
  • a glass and a bottle on an empty table — to poverty, financial setbacks, ruin;
  • buying and drinking alcohol alone is inadequate perception of reality.

Drinking in a man’s dream is a symbol of irresponsible attitude to his words and actions. You are used to breaking the promise, which inevitably leads to conflicts with friends and colleagues.

Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream?

Dishes for liquor

Clarify the interpretation can and dishes from which they used vodka:

Drink vodka in small portions from a glass — to minor troubles. The less intoxicating it was drunk, the more insignificant the problem.

See a lot of glasses — to a lot of small problems.

Stack of The volume does not differ from a glass, therefore the interpretation of a dream coincides. However, drinking alcohol from the pile promises an immediate development of an undesirable situation — problems will be caught off guard in the near future.

Drink vodka glasses — your spiritual world needs food. Visit the theater, exhibitions, museum — fill your spirit with impressions.

Drink from the neck vodka — you are too cruel with others, it’s time to become more tolerant and condescending.

Drink vodka and not get drunk — to good luck. You will be able to realize the most unthinkable plan that you have secretly dreamed of.

Refuse to drink — you can avoid the danger.

Joint drinking vodka

Remember who you drank alcohol? If a in a company with a boss, expect a conflict situation at work up to dismissal.

There may also be scandals with colleagues and partners. If the feast was dull, expect a promotion.

Sometimes a dream of drinking vodka in a company of a boss may foretell an unexpected profit — winning the lottery, paying bonuses. You can even find a wallet or banknotes accidentally dropped by someone.

Drink vodka in company with a man — to deception. In your life there will be a stranger who will make confusion. Possible blackmail on his part or fraud.

Do not fall for provocations, do not trust strangers, do not accept the help imposed by someone.

Drink vodka in a friendly company — to fun, which will end in trouble. You expect a dubious adventure, after which it will be a shame to look people in the eye.

At best, you will lose a considerable amount of money, a serious illness can become another result.

Other dream scenes

Drink vodka at the cemetery — to the bad news about loved ones. Sometimes such a dream foreshadows the death of someone from your inner circle.

Drank vodka with the dead? Immediately put a candle for the rest and leave a mention on the grave to avoid trouble. If this is not done, the deceased will be a frequent guest in your dreams.

However, if the deceased spoke to you, remember the information transmitted: this is a message from a higher power.

Sometimes drinking vodka with a dead person foreshadows a breakdown in relations with someone close: they have become obsolete. If you do not want to break the relationship, reconsider your behavior, become softer and more flexible.

Why dream of drinking vodka in a dream?

Interpretation of dream books

  • The newest dream book warns — vodka dreams of a headache, the curse of a loved one, damage.
  • Lunar dream book — alcohol dreams to shame and mistakes.
  • The Russian dream book claims: to drink vodka is a false accusation, to treat someone with vodka — to gossip.
  • Family Dream. Drinking alcohol dreams to dubious pleasures.

Modern dream book states: drink alcohol — to humiliation, tears, insults and ruin. Seeing a bottle is a headache.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century sees in this story the impending shame for his behavior. Drinking tincture on vodka is a fatal error.

Dream dream of the future He believes that the bottle dreams of sadness and sadness, and drinking — to poverty, an undeserved accusation.

Dream Dream. The image of vodka is a symbol of a destructive passion for something.

Drinking alcohol — to an unreasonable act, to buy vodka — to get involved in a dubious enterprise.

Sonic Fedorovskoy foreshadows trouble and frustration. Accidentally spill vodka — to additional income, to buy a bottle — to pleasant troubles, to break a bottle — to an unexpected change in fate.

Esoteric dream book. Drinking vodka alone — to disappointment, drinking in a company — to a scandal with friends or colleagues.

Erotic dream book warns you not to go to entertainment events anytime soon: you will waste time and will regret it. It is also possible treason partner.

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