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Why dream of drinking vodka according to popular dream books

What does the dream in which you drink vodka mean — features of interpretation

A dream in which you drink vodka, different authors interpret differently. It can be said for sure that this strong drink just will not arise in a dream.

Why dream of drinking vodka, what do the most popular dream books say about it? First of all, experts note that the value of sleep may be different for people who have problems with alcohol, and those who drink alcohol only on holidays.

If you have an alcohol addiction, then in a dream like this, the subconscious mind simply reminds you of a pressing problem that leads to poor health and a breakdown of relationships. But in the event that alcohol abuse is not a problem for you that you need to solve, vodka appears in a symbolic meaning. Which one?

Let’s try to figure it out!

Major negative values

From the point of view of most dream books, drinking vodka in a dream is not a very good omen. This action is associated with heightened emotionality, thoughtless, impulsive actions that rarely lead to good consequences.

Most likely, under the action of emotions, you will commit an act of which you will later regret. It can permanently knock you out of a rut. It is, for example, about a quarrel, the reason for which will serve the offensive words spoken by you.

Also, sleep can talk about thoughtless buying or traveling.

Why dream of drinking vodka according to popular dream books

Drinking such a strong drink as vodka is also a symbol of lost time. You will waste some of your energy, which you will sigh for more than once. Also, a dream may have a more global meaning — perhaps at the present time you do not have a purpose for your existence, you are randomly carried through life.

Think about what can be changed here, what are you really striving for? It’s time to decide on your goals, the subconscious suggests.

Maybe it’s a prophetic dream?

It is not excluded that such a dream may turn out to be prophetic — perhaps a cheerful party is waiting for you, which will end not so positively for you. Think ahead of time in which you can make a mistake — maybe you will be able to prevent an unpleasant situation or mitigate its consequences.

Also, the use of vodka can mean large cash spending. You will spend a certain amount of money for nothing. Evaluate in advance all the purchases that you are planning.

It is likely that some of them should be abandoned.

Some authors associate such a vision with the impending malaise — perhaps the subconscious in this form shows you your future headache and fever.

There is reason for a positive!

Some authors interpret such a dream quite specifically — very soon you will find yourself at a merry feast and spend time over a glass of wine or a stronger alcoholic drink. In general, the value can be very positive — the upcoming wedding with relatives or acquaintances, the birth of a child, a large family holiday.

Most likely, the meeting of friends or relatives will be successful, fun, in a big way.

Why dream of drinking vodka according to popular dream books

Some experts suggest thinking: if in a dream the feast was very funny, and in your life this is rare, then this is probably a sign that you rarely see friends and have little fun. It’s time to relax, dance, go to karaoke, at least watch a comedy with a group of friends, if you are completely against alcohol.

What does it mean to drink vodka in a big company or alone?

The presence of the company also affects the interpretation. Do you drink in splendid isolation? Most likely, this dream has nothing to do with the future, but just reminds you that your powers are running out, it’s time to rest.

There is an opinion that such a dream is a harbinger of bad news.

If a company is your enemy, then you can trick it: victory will be on your side! But the dream in which you treat alcohol to a person completely unfamiliar to you has a very sad meaning: it foreshadows an early funeral.

Tableware matters

The dishes from which you drink vodka in a dream also matter. Sometimes the subconscious offers us quite unusual images!

With them, most often, it is necessary to deal separately. But if you see that you drink vodka from a glass, it foreshadows conflicts. If the glass is present on the table in a single copy, it means that the quarrels will not be very significant, in the end everything will end for you not very bad.

But if you see that there are a huge amount of stacks on the table, then your subconscious mind warns you that troubles and quarrels will be significant.

Why dream of drinking vodka according to popular dream books

Generously pour your friend — in the near future bring him trouble. If someone treats you, it means that this person will bring you problems.

Try to stay away from him in the future! If your company is your boss — most likely there will be problems at work.

What does drinking with a dead person mean?

This is a special dream. The late does not just remind you of yourself in such a kind of symbolic dream. It is best to remember the dead person, say a few good words about him, bake or buy a cake, go to church and put a candle to mention his soul.

You can also visit the cemetery and remember it at the grave.

Miller’s opinion

Miller explained this dream quite straightforwardly, but did not see anything particularly bad in him: a big holiday is coming, you have to spend a lot of money on it. You will see many of your friends and relatives.

Most likely, the feast will go well, especially if in a dream you assess the situation positively.

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