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Why dream of drinking beer according to the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

In a dream, I drink beer: what does this mean for different dream books

Many love the intoxicating, cool and sparkling drink — beer. Lucky one who has ever been to Munich at the Oktoberfest beer festival.

He felt the taste of a carnival procession with a live orchestra, held the opening ceremony of the first barrel and experienced the juiciness of German sausages — this is the height of pleasure. It is not surprising that after this beer continues to delight in a dream.

But what if a person does not consume alcohol, what is the reason for such a plot? Let’s look at popular dream books.

With dark sparkling — in a bright tomorrow. General interpretation

This drink is associated by many soothsayers with female hormones. In many ways, this drink accompanies positive images: marriages, childbirth, the prospects for higher incomes, all kinds of pleasures.

But at the same time one condition must be met — you enjoyed the taste and the process of drinking.

Do not expect anything good if your mood and emotions were drooping. Most likely this dream will be for you a warning about an unpleasant event or a difficult period in life.

In the dream books a lot of attention is devoted to the variety, color, taste, so for an accurate description of your situation it is very important to remember these qualities in the morning.

Need to enjoy beer, life then goes beautiful

A woman is going to and dressing up in a bar — in reality it speaks of your moral and physical fatigue and exhaustion. You seek rest and relaxation.

A young girl tries to quench her thirst with a cold and frothy drink, but she fails — this is a hint that her vital needs are not satisfied. Most likely your goals are too inaccessible, and your requests are too high.

A good option to lower the bar and look at life without rose-colored glasses.

The lonely lady watches the drinkers in the pub — this suggests that her future elect will have destructive habits and abuse them.

Why dream of drinking beer according to the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

I saw myself standing at the counter and selling bottles — to your quarrel with households or friends. Pour by the glass — to good and good changes.

Buy a few expensive bottles — this is the fact that you are the master of the situation and know how to manage things.

Married lady to take a sip of warm and exhausted drink — to jealousy and quarrel with her husband. Do not exacerbate the situation, since everything can end up with assault and general suffering.

A husband without beer, that a wife without a husband

A man to raise the foam glass and eat fish — promises material gain, thanks to your slippery and quirky character. Doubtful and easy business though your element, be careful not to fall for bait.

Swallowed something bitter and tasteless — get ready for the obstacles to the implementation of your plan.

You saw yourself terribly drunk — in reality, a quick change of events that will affect your character, habits and life in general.

The young man slowly wipes the spilled from the table — this indicates his indecision and softness in life. There is a lack of an empathetic and loyal friend of a mentor who would help bring up character.

Poured someone in a dream — this means that without the help of outsiders you can not cope.

Pouring the unfinished, experiencing pleasure — a good sign, in reality there will be a reason and mood to get rid of everything superfluous and old.

It is necessary to praise with foaming at the mouth

A few more properties of beer, which will bring additional information to the overall picture of sleep:

  • dark — to avoid shameful and humiliating situation;
  • bright — to search for funds to solve the problem;
  • draft — promises participation in a questionable operation;
  • Banking — there will be a chance to heal a competitor in an unfair fight for a client;
  • fresh — you will become popular with the opposite sex;
  • bright in bottles — to good kind and useful conversations;
  • cold with high foam — expect disappointment in love;
  • cold ale — to the revival of old dating and connections;
  • non-alcoholic means deception or your delusion in someone.
  • relish — disappointment in work or colleagues;

On the table they saw the appetizer in the form of cancer, shrimp — do not plan anything serious for the next few days, everything that should have happened will be postponed for long months. Luck will turn away and back up.

Why dream of drinking beer according to the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Different types of cheeses dreamed of snacking — be afraid of food poisoning, your digestive system is very vulnerable now.

All sorts of nutlets show your activity in real life, your hobbies will become more extreme.

Chips, crackers show your kinship in real life. You are waiting for unhurried conversations and viewing evening news with loved ones.

Take care of the water. Drink beer. Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

I saw how you sip a glass with the taste of malt and enjoy it — you will find peace of mind, home comfort and pleasant communication with friends and family.

You are at the bar with a liter mug, and foam comes out of it — a bad sign: someone will disappoint you with their mood swings and absurd character. This all can be accompanied by quarrels and gossip.

Why dream of drinking beer according to the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Watching someone drink alcohol to the side and glancing at you — this means that intrigues begin to spin around you and whisper behind your back about the failure of your plans and projects. Try to keep yourself in hand, focus on the goal and do not lose your internal resources and energy on mediocrity.

We found ourselves at the brewery and are trying to penetrate the process, but hardly succeeds — this implies insignificant efforts and cares in the family, which will bring joy and comfort in the future.

Shedding beer in a dream will bring trouble into reality. You can hurt yourself with hasty decisions, conclusions or actions.

If a person drinks a favorite drink, it can bring pleasant news or new acquaintances in reality.

Muddy and doubtful quality product — to unwarranted expectations.

To drink in company with friends — to lead an easy way of life. Purposeless pastime entails a life crisis and depression.

A mug or bottle, sticky to the touch — fate warns you that an idle period can turn into unpleasant consequences.

Sigmund Freud

Beer is associated with a woman who is waiting for offspring. If a pregnant woman has got a glass with thick foam — wait for a favorable course of carrying the baby.

If you see that someone is pouring another drink in your glass, — indicates the sexual interest of this person to you. Pour yourself — to your desire to enter into an intimate relationship.

If a woman dreams that she drinks alone — this is a sign that her subconsciously excites a same-sex relationship and she does not mind trying it.

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