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Why dream of drawing on the interpretation of basic values ​​and on dream books

What does it mean to draw in a dream — features of interpretation by dream books

Drawing is an important skill for the manifestation of personal development. This is an opportunity to visually and extremely clearly explain to any person what you want and how you see it.

In a good picture, everything becomes clear.

Drawing in real life — trying to make the world understandable. From here and pictograms and convenient drawn icons, understandable without words. Draw in a dream — try to explain this world to yourself or try to understand yourself.

Consider why dream of drawing on dream books and how to understand the dream in which you draw.

Why dream of drawing on the interpretation of basic values ​​and on dream books

Basic Values

  • The main meaning of a dream is the desire to be understood, to express your thoughts, to draw attention to them. Probably, in reality, you lack this much and need more. It is quite possible that even now you receive no less attention than other people, but you need more. Find something to interest and attract people to ensure a sufficient audience.
  • Pay attention to what exactly you are drawing. Psychologists have a common test “home, person, tree” by which it is easy to determine what a person’s soul, his views, affections, attitude to life, home, family. Surprisingly, from time to time the brain conducts a kind of selftest on a similar pattern, showing you the results. The tree is your attitude to life. Magnificent krone — self-realization. The presence of powerful roots — family support. Accordingly, a sick tree, a dead one, shows dissatisfaction with life, pain. Home — your achievements, what you are proud of. Man — your attitude to yourself. A poorly traced, schematic image shows an undeveloped personality, a lack of attention.
  • If you draw the sea, palm trees, nature — you are looking for peace, peace of mind and peace of mind. Pictures in a dream to some extent replace your long-awaited vacation and rest. This is great, but by all means try to go to beautiful places, have a good rest and stock up on new material for inspiration.
  • To draw in a dream with someone else, while your visitor in a dream gets a better and more interesting drawing — envy becomes a serious problem in your life. Most likely, you consider yourself a man completely alien envy. In fact, it is not. You constantly compare your progress and the achievements of other people absolutely not in their favor. As a result, you are interested in the success of others more than your own. You are negligent and irresponsible about your life, independently transforming it into something irrelevant and uninteresting.
  • In any case, it makes sense to buy some good simple pencils and try to start drawing in reality. Painting courses will not be superfluous — indulge yourself with the pleasure and joy of creativity. Take time, tear it away from your family and work — your own personal time, just for your hobby and nothing else. Classes in the group will be more useful, because in addition to creativity, you also need live communication not on topics of work or family.

Why dream of drawing on the interpretation of basic values ​​and on dream books

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream color Tsvetkova indicates that your hobby will unexpectedly begin to bring a good income. It is possible that you will be able to find yourself and your vocation in the most incredible way. Not necessarily it will be associated with drawing.
  • The dream book of the Wanderer promises interesting newer plans for life that have a good chance of coming true.
  • A female dream book says that a dream indicates a huge and unspent creative potential that needs to be developed.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers a dream in which the artist paints you, as a strong thirst for love. Very likely, soon someone will fall under your charm. Do not rush to let your feelings overwhelm you, try to assess your future adventure with your mind.
  • Drawing in a dream from the point of view of Freud means to remain in illusions. You tend to embellish life and hide the unsightly state of affairs, even from yourself. If you continue to do this — your life will remain bleak and dull, you will only be comforted by dreams. Why not try to do something in reality?

Why dream of drawing on the interpretation of basic values ​​and on dream books


To draw in a dream, to see how you are painted is a sign of a creative and bright nature, deeply hidden and almost not manifesting itself. You lack full-value interesting communication, in which you could really learn something new and express yourself, you do not have enough determination to try to realize your dreams.

Strange, because you know how to work and not too afraid of failures. Perhaps it is not enough support and approval of the people around them.

But you will get this support only by presenting the first results. Begin to act or be comforted by sweet dreams.

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