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Why dream of diving into the water in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Dive into the water in a dream — features decryption for different dream books

Jumping from a tower into the sea or a river in the summer is one of the deepest pleasures of not only children, but also adults. But there are those who are afraid of such fun, considering it a very dangerous and risky event.

Why dream of diving into the water, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Diving into the water in a dream is a symbol of extraordinary actions and sign changes in life. This may reflect the bold, persistent and fearless nature of the dreamer, who knows what he wants, but does not have a concrete plan for achieving the desired result.

In the fate of such a person a lot is not defined and is in limbo. But at this stage he doesn’t strive for stability and comfort, he doesn’t need a warm, familiar place, where his salary is paid on time. He yearns for freedom from everyday routine duties, adherence to the daily schedule and schedule.

Such individuals often have irregular work schedules, are not burdened with family, and always agree to any adventure.

Why dream of diving into the water in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

A person with a stable family situation to dive into cold water in dreams is a sign that he wants loneliness. This does not mean that he wants to part with the second half. Just a dreamer needs a minute of silence, peace.

The moment when he needs to think, weigh the possible solutions on the eve of an important meeting. It’s time to organize a short-term business trip away from the household, in order to put in order thoughts, feelings and decide on plans for the future.

It is very important for a positive value of the condition and purity of water. Water marks the flexibility, variability, is very insidious and frightening for the sleeper, but it can contribute to the good events of the sleeper. The muddy and muddy river is a harbinger of problem situations.

Such visions always warn of the danger that lies in wait for a person.

The clear sea washing by a warm wave of a foot, personifies the period of thaw. You will find many pleasant changes. For older people to jump from a tower into such water means to gain an ocean of health, a surge of new stunning energy.

For those who suffer from a serious illness, this scenario promises that the disease will be released. You will not be tormented by chronic exacerbations, general malaise and lack of strength.

It’s time to do what you previously lacked energy.

In Buddhism, water represents the constant flow of the material world. Diving into a transparent source in a dream, you are trying to break the usual everyday life.

You are not ready to put up with the current position. Changes can affect all areas of activity: family, work, personal life, friends, hobbies.

In Christianity, to plunge or dive into the river is to cleanse, rejuvenate, find a new faith and hope for the best. A dreamer can promise a new source of inspiration, positive emotions, muse for a masterpiece of creation.

Dive into the water — what else to expect from such a dream

  • turned out to be in a muddy pond — to the envious ones among colleagues or dangerous opponents among business rivals;
  • rushed into the pool from the tower — expect a great result that you can be proud of for many years;
  • to slip and fall in a dirty swamp — difficult life circumstances will cancel your current plans, bringing additional costs and losses;
  • trying to see something in a muddy source — in reality, afraid to change, even if they promise good opportunities;
  • prepare for the jump — calculate the options for participation in the risky event. The second time a chance may not be. Be bold and courageous;
  • to dive and choke — to get into a very difficult situation, from which a faithful friend and friend will help. If you do not rely on anyone, prepare for serious consequences.

Why dream of diving into the water in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Jump into the water — a symbol of female or male orgasm. The water at the same time personifies the mother’s amniotic fluid, the conception of the child, the fecundity of the female body and the fertility of the male.

Diving into a waterfall in a dream is a sign of abundant ejaculation. For a man, such a dream can be a direct allusion to the upcoming act of copulation.

For a woman, this reflects her keen desire to have a child conceived from a particular young man. The dreamer is experiencing some internal instability and excitement, not understanding how a lover will react to this.

For a virgin to jump from a tower into a turbulent stream — to have an irreconcilable desire to part with innocence. You want to know firsthand all the delights of sex, to experiment with postures and reveal your preferences.

For you it is a kind of game that promises to bring a lot of fun.

A single lady to rescue a man who fell from a high cliff into the bay — to show real activity and seduce someone you have long dreamed about. Your sexual perseverance will strike and stun the stranger.

But it turns out that this object of desire does not meet your intimate needs.

A man to make a flip into the water and leave a lot of spray — to seek frequent sexual contact. Your hyperactivity and temperament can repel a girl who is looking for stable and unobtrusive contacts.

It’s time for you to think about posterity. The child will take a lot of unspent energy and time.

Why dream of diving into the water in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Gustov Miller

Diving into the water — a symbol of what you will be able to successfully cope with the upcoming case. The events that will take place in the coming days will be very unexpected and enjoyable. You should be ready to move, associated with a promotion.

It is also likely to receive an offer and take a leading position in a competing company.

Sharply plunge into muddy drains of water — a sign of your concern and doubts about the upcoming decisions. Fate can be very insidious during this period. Seemingly enjoyable opportunities can turn into serious problems.

To avoid trouble, it is better not to try to make sudden movements now. Engage in current affairs that do not require large financial expenditures and physical strength.

An elderly person jumping into muddy water — worsen his state of health due to his rashness and levity. Such a sign will be a warning to those who are going on a long hike or trip.

It is better to postpone the journey until better times, when the sudden weather elements will not take you by surprise.

Watch others frolic, diving into the lake — to fulfill an old dream. But for this you need to be bolder, more agile and more confident.

Do not put artificial barriers to the desired.

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