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Why dream of cutting nails in a dream: interpretation by dream books

The interpretation of nightly images in which a person has had the opportunity to cut his nails has a rather ambiguous character. To make an accurate prediction, it is necessary to take into account the appearance of marigolds, the personality to which they belong, and even the method of cutting. But more often than not, such dreams foreshadow the need to perform any complex work and obstacles that will arise in the process.

Sometimes, trimming nails in a dream can predict an impending loss in a short time. To help understand the meaning of the night plot can be popular dream books.

The dream, in which the sleeper dreams of cutting the nails on his hands, hints to him about a large number of accumulated cases. They need to be completed in a very short period. If a man had to cut his toenails, in real life he should be morally prepared for the upcoming stressful situations.

The dreamer will feel strong psychological pressure, however, this will serve as a good training for willpower and spirit.

Depending on the appearance of the nail plate, the interpretation of night dreams is overgrown with new details:

Description of nailsInterpretation
LongIf the sleeper has cut his long nails, then close people or friends will assist him in the process of dealing with life difficulties.
ShortTrying to cut the already short marigolds — an unfavorable sign indicating that a person will have to cope with the troubles on their own
BeautifulCutting off beautiful, neat-looking nails means that serious disappointment remains. High probability of betrayal by a dear friend, or there will be a conflict with the beloved
DirtyIf actions are performed with a dirty nail plate, then the dreamer should be very careful in his own statements. Some surrounding personalities can take their toll and harbor a grudge.
BrokenTrimming broken marigolds is a warning symbol. The owner of the dream overestimates his strength and runs the risk of undertaking a cause that he cannot finish. Need to hold back ambitions

Sometimes you can dream already cropped nails. In this case, the details are important:

  • If you see a neat trimmed plate with round edges and a nice manicure, you can prepare for a meeting with love.
  • To dream of scattered trimmed nails is a negative message that promises confusion in personal affairs. To change the situation, you need all the concentration and patience on the part of the sleeper.

The interpretation of dreams for a woman in whom the nails had a chance to file, not to cut, becomes positive. To do a manicure with the help of a nail file — to soon receive the good news.

Why dream of cutting nails in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Depending on the personality of the person to whom the sleeping person cuts off the nails, the interpretation provides additional information:

Cut nailsDecryption
  • A woman has her hair cut off — for a possible journey that will cause a long separation from her family.
  • A girl cut nails, painted up with varnish, means the rejection of emotions and the desire to close from others.
  • A man dreaming with a haircut is dreaming before making an important decision.
  • If a stranger cuts off a dandy of a marigold, then in reality he will have quarrels and misunderstandings with close people and relatives
To another person
  • A woman to cut someone else’s nails — to fatigue in real life. The lady really needs a rest.
  • For a man, such a vision is a good sign that predicts success in business and relationships.
To kid
  • The image in which the dreamer is caring for the fingers of a small child symbolizes the unpreparedness of the sleeper to an independent life in reality.
  • To cut the nails of the baby means the desire of a person to attract attention. You must change your own behavior, which is perceived by others as inappropriate.
  • Trimming the nails of your own son — a woman in reality awaits many worries.
  • If the child’s dreamed fingers were clean and well-groomed, then the worries and efforts would be pleasant.

There is an unusual story in which a woman sees herself cutting the nails of a deceased person. Such dreams foreshadow her a unique opportunity to restore a faded relationship with her spouse or to resume communication with her lover.

Why dream of cutting nails in a dream: interpretation by dream books

The opinion of famous interpreters will help to make a more complete picture of the predictions:

A sourceValue
Dream Miller

When interpreting such plots, Miller paid attention to the actions of the sleeper and his emotional reaction:

  • Any care of the nail plate, be it a manicure or a regular haircut, promises a person a pleasant, but poorly paid job or business.
  • Launched, unattractive-looking marigolds are a herald of disease and material loss. Therefore, putting them in order, in reality the dreamer will be able to avoid financial problems and illness.
  • If the sleeper tries to cut off the ingrown nails, then the forthcoming cooperation in the near future will not be repaid, since all important tasks will be assigned to the owner of sleep
Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Freud believed that the image of nails in dreams is closely related to the sex life of a person:

  • To see them in a dream means a woman’s subconscious fear of a possible pregnancy.
  • Cut the nails on the hands — to safety in the sexual sphere. Both partners will have no reason to worry.
  • If the nail plate was in a terrible state, then in reality you should refrain from promiscuous sex life, as the risk of serious diseases increases
Dream Vanga

The famous prophet Vanga in her dreaming nails saw the work ahead of him:

  • Watch a lot of shaved nails — to a large number of urgent matters that can not be delayed.
  • To see the process of cutting without cut off the remains of the nail plate is a favorable symbol, promising that all problems will be solved without much effort on the part of the dreamer.
  • If the marigolds that have already been put in order have dreamed up, then the person will still have to make some efforts to complete the tasks.
Dream loft

In this source, the interpretation of such images is as follows:

  • Cutting fingernails means concern for your own health in reality. If the sleeper suspects any ailments, he should consult a doctor.
  • Pedicure in a dream is a warning symbol, predicting a series of events, which will result in the cancellation of an important and long-planned trip.
  • If the nails dreamed at the same time have a bad appearance, then the nightly dreams carry a warning about the troubles and troubles that will arise through the fault of the dreamer
Dream interpretation Hasse

Miss Hasse paid special attention to cut nails under the root:

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