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Why dream of crying in a dream — interpretation of the dream

Why dream of crying in a dream by dream book

What could mean a dream in which you cried in a dream? And not just sobbed, but wept bitterly?

Most often interpretations reassure: they promise good luck, love and happiness. To understand finally and understand what awaits you in the future, read this article with forecasts of popular dream books.

English dream book

If you dreamed that you were crying out loud, then real life, on the contrary, would present a lot of pleasant surprises. You will have a lot of reasons for carefree fun and unstoppable joy.

And all things will end well and with excellent results.

Why dream of crying in a dream - interpretation of the dream

But if in a dream you heard how other people cry loudly and sorrowfully, then good luck will visit your close friends. Life will give them a lot of benefits that they will willingly share with you.

Sometimes such a dream predicts a wedding.

Dream Book Tips and Recommendations:

  1. If you want to achieve great success in work and move up the career ladder, you will certainly need to use and develop in yourself such a quality as enterprise. Then you will find any vertices on the shoulder.
  2. Be careful with the second half. You may have a rival, jealous of your happiness and dreaming to steal it. And the competitor has big chances, because the feelings between you and your partner are not so strong.
  3. Even if you remain in proud loneliness and end the relationship, you will not have to worry for long. Very quickly after a break you will find a reliable, loyal and devoted friend who will always give a shoulder and support in a difficult situation.
  4. Remember that from this moment on you are an incredible lucky one and a darling of destiny. Therefore, minor troubles should not spoil your mood. Know that these are only small clouds in the beautiful sky of your life.

In general, cry in a dream and remember that it is — to great joy!

Astrological dream book

The authors of this dream book, too, believe that tears in tears in a dream symbolize joy, good mood and all sorts of successful moments in real life. There are unfavorable interpretations, but they are rare.

Why dream of crying in a dream - interpretation of the dream

  1. See someone crying — you should not doubt the second half. The beloved person feels sincerely, he is faithful to you, never betraying or deceiving. Try to please him as often as possible, and then your love will never fade away, but will only increase with age.
  2. To cry yourself sobbingly — get good news that will inspire and make you forget about problems and failures for a while. True, the joy will not last long, replaced by the usual emotional state.
  3. Seeing fake tears — in reality you often feel remorse for misconduct committed in the past. Once you involuntarily offended a person who did not deserve it at all. But you need to calm down — he does not hold on you evil, and even forgot to think long ago about this incident.
  4. Hearing a groan through crying — to the sad news, because of which you will not be able to recover for a long time. The messages will be related to someone close to you. A person dear to your heart will be in trouble, and you will be powerless to help him.
  5. Crying sick person — to a quick recovery after a long illness. If you have a chronic disease, then get ready to be surprised when you realize that it does not bother you anymore.
  6. Crying with a crowd of people — in real life, you often suppress emotions and do not allow yourself to openly admit to your own feelings. Because of this, your health and emotional state may suffer.
  7. Crying, baring your teeth — get ready for a long and brutal rivalry with competitors. Enemies will use very clever, sometimes invisible methods to defeat you. And you need to act with their own weapons, then the chances of winning will remain.
  8. Crying at the head of your own bed — much to the grief that will visit your home. Be sure that it will be incredibly difficult, almost impossible to transfer what happened.

Nameless Dream Book

Shed tears with loved ones — get an invitation to a celebration with dancing and fun. Return from there with gifts that were not even expected.

Why dream of crying in a dream - interpretation of the dream

  1. To see a crying dead man — to a serious conflict with the second half. You will begin to quarrel over a trifle, but within a few minutes the exchange of opinions will turn into a stormy scandal.
  2. To see your reflection in the mirror (face in tears) — your worries will soon end. Fears will dissipate thanks to the good news received from a close friend. Dream Council: Solving your problems, help those in need, and good luck will remain with you forever.
  3. To see how a newborn baby cries — you will receive a letter with good news. They relate to a career — perhaps you will be promoted or transferred to a branch office in a larger city.
  4. Sometimes such a dream suggests that you have accumulated in yourself too many negative emotions that you want to throw out. When you hold evil feelings inside, they accumulate and turn into illnesses. So try to find an eco-friendly solution to anger, irritation, and other toxic feelings.
  5. To cry in a drunken state — in real life, you often behave not quite adequately, communicating with people. Because of hot temper often wound the feelings of others and make enemies for themselves. If you do not want to become a lonely and unhappy person, try to change your behavior.

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  • Tears dream for joy, pleasant meetings and unexpected luck. This is an auspicious sign, but only at first glance.
  • There are interpretations with negative predictions that promise wreckage of plans, intrigues of enemies or a break with your loved one.
  • In order not to get lost in the forecasts of dream books, try to remember the plot of your dream in all its details, and then select the appropriate interpretation.

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