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Why dream of crying in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Why dream of crying in a dream: the interpretation of a dream

A dream in which the dreamer cries promises him deliverance from negative emotions and experiences. Wiping his tear-stained face with a handkerchief in his dreams is a sign that the problems that have disturbed the sleeper will soon be resolved, there will be peace in his life.

Waking up in tears is an auspicious sign that personifies the attainment of spiritual balance and harmony with the outside world. A bright streak will begin in a person’s life, he will be successful in all undertakings.

To become a witness of others’ sobs or hysterics with tears — in reality, someone from the family of the sleeper is in dire need of his society.

Hugging a crying person, trying to console him, is a sign that a relative will have a happy event that will indirectly touch the dreamer.

In order for the interpretation to be objective, one should remember the details of the dream. The table provides an interpretation of sleep depending on the personality of the person whom the dreamer saw as weeping:

MamaThe dreamer’s mother worries about how his personal life is shaped. An alternative interpretation indicates the problems of a sleeper in communication with the opposite sex.
DadSoon there will be events that will force the sleeper to reconsider his views on life.
ChildYou will find joyful news or receive a long-awaited message from a distant relative or old friend.
HusbandSleep is trying to draw the dreamer’s attention to the difficulties in the relationship with her spouse, caused by her disregard for the anxieties and feelings of her beloved.
WifeThere will be temporary difficulties at work, you should be patient and forget about rest for a while.
Ex-boyfriendUnexpected facts about the life of a former lover
The manA sleeping slumber awaits joyful news or a significant event.
WomanIf a woman familiar to the dreamer cries, then a favorable period will come to her life. Crying stranger promises new connections
dead personA dream indicates that the dreamer must learn to be critical of himself and not blame his failures on others.

Why dream of crying in a dream: interpretation by dream books

If a person dreams that he is crying, then in reality he needs support. Bitter tears reflect his need for care and attention, which he was recently deprived of.

Also, sobs can dream on the eve of an important event in the life of the dreamer, he wants to share the joy with his relatives and friends.

A dream is considered to be favorable, in which a person cries bitterly and tears roll from his eyes. A dream foreshadows a large profit, a premium at work or a return of debt.

Treatment depending on the cause of tears:

  • To roar because of insult or offense at someone is a sign that in reality you will have to witness an unpleasant conversation or take part in a quarrel yourself.
  • Pouring bitter tears on your own wedding is a warning that the dreamer can associate his fate with the unloved.
  • To attend the funeral and cry for the dead person — changes are coming in real life. If a person, because of whose death the dreamer sobbed, is still alive, then there is a high probability that he needs help.
  • Crying from happiness — to the fulfillment of the cherished dream.
  • Crying in a dream because of a loved one who had a quarrel the day before — the dreamer got rid of negative emotions that prevented her from objectively looking at the events. The couple should speak frankly with each other and think about their future together.

According to the dream book of Lofa, the reason that caused tears in a person is a reflection of his anxieties in real life. The dreamer must eliminate it, then his fate will surely improve.

Strongly crying, screaming and cursing in a dream is a precursor of change, according to Tsvetkov’s dream book.

  • If a mean tear has flowed out of the sleeper’s eyes, then no significant changes will happen in his life in the near future. Each new day will be similar to the previous one, but at the same time there will be opportunities and perspectives that should not be lost.
  • Weep bitterly and say something in a dream — to receive news that inspires the sleeper.
  • Tantrum with tears — a harbinger of a wedding celebration. A dreamer or one of his family members marries a marriage.

In Freud’s dream book, the interpretation of sleep is given depending on the sex of the sleeper:

  • For a married woman, the dream in which she cries is a reflection of her desire to have a baby and experience the happiness of motherhood.
  • To the girl, the crying boyfriend indicates that she suffers from a lack of male attention.
  • If a man sees himself crying in a dream, the plot means that he leads a promiscuous sex life. In the future, his promiscuity in relationships will make it difficult for him to find a spouse and build a strong family with her.

Cuddling with a man and sobbing in his arms — to receive unexpected news, according to the dream book Hasse. Seeing a crying who asks the dreamer for something is a warning that he should be watching his statements while waking.

Chances are that unwittingly sleeping will hurt a friend, having offended him greatly.

Interpretation in Miller’s Dream Book:

  • Strongly crying, even to the point of hysteria — to a major quarrel, which breaks out from scratch.
  • A girl who sees herself crying sobbingly in a dream runs the risk of being alone due to her own suspiciousness and suspicion.
  • If a stranger cries, the dream book foreshadows receiving news. The tears of a relative or friend are a sign that the dreamer will soon have to console him or help him.

In the Islamic dream book, it is noted that crying in a dream foreshadows strong emotions in reality. They can be both positive and negative, depending on the events that occur in the life of the dreamer.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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