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Why dream of counting money according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

I count money in a dream: what it means for different dream books

All spheres of life of a modern person are connected with financial operations. And every day we have to count money.

Money signs love counting in our dreams. What dreams of such a dream, tell a famous dream book.

Gold rush or pocket wider

Money notes always personified power, big ambitions and were a measure of values. Foretelling a series of various kinds of financial changes and material inflows, they show the strength and vitality of the sleeper.

But they can tell about other personality traits. Frequent recounting is a sign of the dreamer’s excessive love of money.

Pettiness and shifting do not paint the person, much less promise additional benefits.

Rustling bills or ringing coins

Counting a large number of paper banknotes promises huge earnings. Possibility of salary increase or career growth with the transfer to a higher paying position.

This will all happen thanks to your perseverance and hard work. As a result, you may be able to quickly create a base capital for your own business and further increase it.

Why dream of counting money according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Counting a trifle in a dream, without experiencing a good mood, is a warning for you, accuracy and caution in financial transactions will help to save your earnings. Hurry and negligence will lead to the loss of the share of acquired capital.

Count and detect the shortage of metal coins — you will be accused of financial fraud and shortages. Get ready to repair the damage, or professionally prevent the situation.

The paper banknote account calms you down and causes joy — be proud, everything is under control, you have perfectly planned your business and there should be no worries about your well-being. In addition, you will find some significant acquisition, for which you have been preparing for a long time and saved money.

Large banknotes in your wallet — excellent business prospects await you. The authority of others and the respect of loved ones is growing exponentially.

Why dream of counting money according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Distributing the calculated gold coins to the poor is a good sign, all financial plans will come true and will bring a worthy reward.

The rustle of bills when converted into dreams shows your quivering feelings for them in reality. Stinginess will become a barrier to making new acquaintances and an undoubted obstacle to the development of love relationships.

Trifle to recount and put in pockets — to the imminent difficulties, you may have to ask for a loan or look for additional sources of income.

Money ways are inscrutable

For accurate prediction, you always need to analyze the situation in a dream and remember all the nuances.

I saw how they stole and consider your money — a sign of your lack of will. You are emotionally and financially dependent on someone and want to get rid of these shackles, but so far it is not in your power.

You steal and count other people’s money — this speaks of your innovative abilities and rationalization thinking in life. You will always find a way to earn and provide for your family.

Enthusiasm for counting counterfeit banknotes tells of a passion for something useless, ineffective and deceptive. Do not waste time on empty, get busy.

If at the same time fakes passed from hand to hand, they will try to exclude you from the number of persons participating in a profitable operation.

They give fakes for the work done — a sign of the futility of the emerging transaction. Agree to participate, doom the family to financial instability.

Spread bills on the floor and recalculate several times, not knowing how many of them, — this means your overload and fatigue. Your physical tiredness keeps you away from your loved one.

It is necessary to take a break in business and do health.

When you recalculated, but did not give the amount for your work — it shows your real actions in relation to the people with whom you work. Boomerang effect

In the dream you were in the place of those workers. It is necessary to reconsider their attitude towards employees, otherwise you will work alone.

Lost a large amount of cards and counting bills — a warning against dubious acquaintances and quick promising deals. You can be deceived, robbed.

Be careful and careful during this period.

Excess money — not pocket

A more accurate interpretation will help to make the nuances of sleep about the quality of money.

  • small ones — dissatisfaction in affairs, the futility of projects, troubles in work issues;
  • large, especially gold — infinite wealth, fortune on your side;
  • their own, in the purse — the started business will bring income;
  • strangers — unprofitable activities or cash deficit;
  • copper coins — problems, difficulties in resolving issues of payments and transfers.

There would be a mind, there will be a ruble. Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Money is the personification of masculinity and dominance. The rustle of paper notes is comparable to sexual needs and desires.

Such a dream reflects a lack of love and attention from the opposite sex. There is strength and passion in you, but no one notices.

Why dream of counting money according to the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Gustov Miller

To postpone a certain amount when converting in order to save is an excellent omen. Stability and constancy of financial flows will ensure your family for a long time.

This promises a comfortable and full life.

They found a shortage in the account — barriers are possible in cash transactions, sending payments, cashing. Be attentive and careful in these matters or wait a moment.

Count bills. borrowed — it shows your insincerity and deceit, which is noticeable to others. Paid with other people’s money — you can get caught in petty deception or fraud.

Thereby you will lose trust and authority before others.

Paper crumpled and dirty banknotes — a bad sign, personifies poverty, hunger and ruin. There may be theft, robbery and encroachment on property.

Recount bills in dreams — it shows your greed and pettiness. Close ones are moving away from you because of your excessive greed.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

You saw in a dream how to count the money and then burn it right away — thus expressing your desire to erase the past from memory, destroy all the bridges and start from scratch.

David loff

Received pay for their work — this is a favorable sign. You are in good shape, full of strength and optimism for something worthwhile.

Implement your plans on time.

Seeing yourself very rich and counting out on those in need means your real need to help the poor and disadvantaged. But this desire is associated with an increase in personal authority before others.

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