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Why dream of combing your hair?

Why dream of combing your hair?

Why dream of combing your hair?

Fate sends signals of new opportunities or dangers. We must listen to such signs and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Did you have an unusual dream in which you combed your hair? Let’s find out why dream of combing your hair?

Dream Details

Since ancient times, hair has been a symbol of femininity, magic power and health. The dream, in which the hair appeared, was regarded as a serious omen.

Particular attention was paid to the trifles of sleep, which gave the correct interpretation of the vision.

  • Combed thick hair? Will be the owner of a luxurious head of hair happiness.
  • Scratching white strands — to favorable changes. Soon go on an exciting trip or meet interesting and fun people.
  • Dark or black curls promise cash receipts that will improve your financial condition. In addition, society recognizes you.
  • If the hair was well groomed, laid and smooth, then wait for the restoration of connections with old friends. An unfavorable streak in your life is coming to an end.
  • If you are scratching tangled strands, then remember that you need to make every effort to solve problems. Quickly do it fail. A tangled situation and difficulties will still leave you if you follow the prompts of fate correctly.
  • If matted strands were long, then wait for little trouble and quarrels.
  • Combed easy hair? Difficult situations are quickly resolved and your participation is not required.
    Why dream of combing your hair?
  • If you combed curls, and your hair fell apart and fell out, you will experience financial difficulties and heavy losses.
  • Combing her hair to braid her hair? Be careful, you can get into debts or get money. Excessive vigilance with money in the near future will not interfere.
  • If the girl’s hair was long and you just scratched it, that will be a successful marriage. Married women predicts a dream discord in the family.
  • Combed gray hair? Failure or illness is coming.
  • If combed dirty hair, then be prepared for the blows of enemies and envious who will ruin your reputation.
  • For women combing curls and decorating them with something, a dream predicts a frivolous fan.
  • Combing hair to another person dreams to get rid of adversity and problems. You will help the hero of your vision in solving many difficulties.
  • Combing unwashed hair to a stranger? Meeting new people will not go smoothly. In addition, they will bring you trouble.
  • Seen yourself in the mirror combing curls? Make a big mistake. The consequences will be unpleasant.
  • In front of the mirror scratched another person.? You can start communicating with influential or meaningful people for you.
  • Combing the dead man’s hair? Sleep reflects your feelings. You did not let go of the deceased, but soon it will happen.

Interpretation of sleep

Dream Miller

Combed long hair? Make a gross mistake.

Everything will happen through your fault, gullibility and short-sightedness. Solve the accumulated problems will be long.

Dream Vanga

Matted curls that do not comb well., testify to your great distrust. It’s time to start trusting people, otherwise some of the problems will increase and bring even more trouble.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

A dream in which you comb your strands, symbolizes your regret. You have missed something or have not done it, and now you are remembering a missed opportunity.

If the procedure broke the comb, then there will be serious difficulties and troubles. Did your hair fall out? Financial instability and losses are approaching with cosmic speed.

The amount of hair indicates the amount of damage.

Combing the dead man curls? Dream interpretation predicts profit. The thicker, longer and healthier the hair, the more money.

If the dead man combing his hair, then unexpected news will come.

If combed strands daughter, then she will have a fan, and life will be filled with romance. If she already has a fiance, then he will ask her to get married.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Similar dream dreams before important changes. In addition, you can also lose something.

If your hair is combed, then it is braided, then overcome all difficulties and pass the tests on the way to the goal.

Why dream of combing your hair?

Dreaming taflfi

In a dream, a stranger was combed? Problems to be solved by yourself. When combing used an unusual comb?

The sorrows will go away, and the joy will replace.

Modern dream book

Combed wet hair? Be careful to health.

Visit the clinic or take the tests.

A man dreams how he combs a girl’s hair? There will be a lot of love from the couple.

If the hair is left on the comb, then get ready for losses.

Broken comb or comb during combing? Life shocks are near. Trouble ready to knock on your home.

Be strong.

Female dream book

Scratched herself? You will repent for a rash act. Combed short hair?

Appreciate money and try to save it.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

If your hair scratched yourself at the mirror, you will be healthy, and good luck to help in all matters.

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