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Why dream of collecting mushrooms — the value of sleep on dream books

What dreams of collecting mushrooms — the importance of the type of mushrooms and the place of collection

I am far from a mushroom picker. In my free time I prefer to lie down somewhere — in the summer on the beach, in the fall on the couch, with a book.

Nevertheless, at night I often dream that I wander through the forest with a basket, filling it with white mushrooms. I decided that it was no accident — I began to ask my friends about the interpretation of such a dream, I bought several dream books. And I learned a lot of useful things for myself …

What do mushrooms mean in a dream?

Most often mushrooms dream as a sign of something positive: wisdom, health, material well-being, rewards for honest work.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms - the value of sleep on dream books

The type of mushroom is very important

In general, if the mushrooms are edible, it means that you are destined to be lucky, and at once everywhere — at work, at home, and in relationships. You can take on any new business, even one that you have long dreamed of, but were afraid to start — everything will turn out.

  • Redheads. Such a dream reveals your unstoppable passion for some lovely person (or courageous guy). However, this «devouring» fire burns out very quickly, and it turns out that this is just a hobby on duty.
  • Ryzhiki. Soon you’ll be a lot of fuss, and the most offensive of all that is wasted. You will be worn like a squirrel in a wheel, but you will not benefit from it. So do not be nervous!
  • Brownberries. This dream promises «profits» or a good acquaintance. The work you are doing now will pay off well.
  • Maslyata: you will move up the career ladder.
  • Milk: make a profit that was not expected.
  • White: you will have good health, you will live for many years without serious diseases.
  • Mushrooms: deep in you, there is a tendency to imitate someone. Is it good or bad? Decide for yourself.
  • Veselka. If the dreamer is a woman, the dream indicates that she lacks male intimate attention. If a woman in a dream tore such a mushroom, then soon her bed will not be empty.

Lichens, flower mushrooms, something exotic: the dreamer is very vulnerable, it is difficult for him to be an active «cog» in society. Also this person can poorly understand the spiritual life, living only material.

Poisonous mushrooms (toadstools, toadstools, false mushrooms and so on): life will give you a «Trojan horse.» You will be praised for something or you will receive payment, but there will be some kind of catch in it … Be alert!

If you saw mushrooms rotten, sleep is bad for any dreamer. A man he promises problems at work, because of which there is a strong confusion in matters.

For a woman — meanness on the part of her boyfriend, groom, husband.

Well, if in the whole basket there is only one wormy mushroom, a dream means: you will be betrayed soon.

All mushrooms were rotten: it warns of diseases. Most likely, they will arise due to the fact that your body over the years does not become younger.

Mushroom picking

In most cases, it is a good dream. It means: the work on which you are working now will surely produce results, work will not be in vain. True, some dream books interpret mushroom picking in a dream as the upcoming dreamer troubles.

In general, to get something, you have to work hard.

By the way, Wanga’s dream book treats mushroom picking as a good sign for your personal life: “quiet hunting” in a dream for family people foreshadows harmony in relationships, and a lonely one — a successful marriage in the near future.

If you have collected a lot of mushrooms, in real life you will have to perform many small tasks at the same time. Here it is important what kind of mushrooms you took: edible — troublesome work will be your joy, poisonous — things will turn out to be boring and uninteresting.

A rather curious interpretation has a dream in which you twisted mushrooms with your hands and immediately ate them: this is a symbol of your hypersexuality and close attention to the opposite sex.

If the harvest you cooked or fried, sleep to the good news or joyful surprise.

Did you just search for them?

Walking in a dream in the forest, looking for mushrooms — to improve their own financial situation. Maybe nothing will depend on you (at work you will simply increase your salary), but most likely, for the sake of a good profit, you will also have to “walk around and improve” — it is possible to change jobs.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms - the value of sleep on dream books

You didn’t find any mushrooms, only legs that were cut by someone: because of poor self-esteem, you miss the chance to get rich.

If you found mushrooms, but did not cut them off, but trampled — this is a sign that you are dreaming of getting your laziness off the ground.

Where exactly did you collect them?

  • In the woods. Your life will suddenly change. If the forest was black, gloomy and scary, the dream warns of the presence in your environment of a gossip or an evil person. And if the forest consisted solely of giant mushrooms, your subconscious hints: it’s time to thoroughly delve into yourself, because there is too much negative inside you — envy, resentment, anger. Urgently carry out mental «cleaning» in the shower!

Why dream of collecting mushrooms - the value of sleep on dream books

  • In the snowy, winter forest. This is not the best dream. He warns of future problems. One of two things: either your life will change (not for the better), or you will get sick.
  • In a clearing, and it was simply strewn with the gifts of the forest. Such a dream speaks of a profit that looms on your horizon. If you simply leave the field, in reality you will receive nothing. If you rush to cut the fungi and put in a basket, get ready for a significant strengthening of your well-being.
  • On the edge of the forest. Be extremely attentive to the «bells» that your body gives — soon you can get sick.
  • In field. Nayavu you set yourself many goals. Do not doubt in yourself or in these intentions, do not give up — you will achieve everything.
  • In the mountains. Unexpected difficulties will arise on your way.
  • On road. You can make a mistake by committing a rash act (and maybe not one).

If you dream that the mushrooms are overgrown with your things, and you cut them off, the dream means: because of the routine, you consider your own life to be such a “moss”. You are acutely lacking trips to social events, fun communication or even simple banal drinking with friends.

But remember: if you yourself do not move towards changes, then you will remain living in the «mycelium» of boring everyday affairs.

Mushroom grew right on your body? Either you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, or through a dream you feel your illness.

If in a dream you managed to pull out a scoundrel with roots, you will overcome all problems alive.

Many mushrooms grew on you, and you collected them: even a sloth will envy your laziness.

Who exactly picked the mushrooms?

  • Woman. The dream in which you collected mushrooms promises you a warm relationship with loved ones. If you quarrel, reconciliation will soon follow. Also, a dream like this can bring some sort of reward. If the mushrooms in your basket turned out to be bad, your man may act unworthy of you.
  • Pregnant. You give birth soon.
  • Girl. In this case, the dream may warn: because of your thoughtless actions (or, perhaps, mercantile sayings), the surrounding guys may lose respect for you.
  • The man. A successful collection of mushrooms in a dream promises the representatives of the stronger sex a lot of luck at work.

If you didn’t pick mushrooms in your dream, but only watched the actions of a mushroom picker, this is not very good. Such a dream warns of a disease approaching you.

Your company in a dream is important too

If in a dream your spouse was carrying you, carrying a full basket of «spoil», sleep is good. You may find something valuable, so look good under your feet in the street.

The second interpretation of such a dream: you get money that you did not expect.

You cut the mushrooms with the guy: he will soon call you in marriage. The stork will not stay long either.

And if you picked berries together with mushrooms, your relationship will be very passionate.

In the dream, you saw familiar people next to you: the scenario of such a dream speaks of the future strengthening of friendly feelings with these people.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms - the value of sleep on dream books

If you dreamed that you were gathering mushrooms with the dead man, the dream warns: a whole heap of troubles will soon fall on you. It so exhausts you that everything can end in a nervous breakdown.

Calm down, try to think about the existing problems and, if possible, look at them from the side.

The second interpretation of such a dream: if the deceased is your loved one, he may come to sleep to warn you of a serious mistake. Think about all your actions well.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms - the value of sleep on dream books

  • In most cases, dreams in which the dreamer gathers mushrooms are good.
  • The most positive are the scenarios in which you cut off any edible mushrooms, all this happens in a forest glade covered with gifts of nature or in a field, and next to you is your spouse or loved one.
  • It is much worse to see poisonous, rotten, rotten fungi, or a clearing that has become empty after a visit to other mushroom pickers. Such dreams only promise resentment, frustration and loss.

But you can collect a lot of things in a dream … From this video you will learn how a dream book interprets the collection of peas, pears, nuts, and so on:

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