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Why dream of collecting mushrooms in the forest: interpretation of the dream?

Why dream of collecting mushrooms in the forest: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream book

To dream about picking mushrooms is a positive symbol, foreshadowing success in business, fulfillment of cherished desires, material enrichment and profit. Also, the image seen in nightly dreams may have negative values: for example, the fly agarics dream of the activity of ill-wishers and the wiles of competitors.

To compile the most accurate interpretation, it is recommended to take into account all the details of sleep: description, appearance, condition and other characteristics of mushrooms, your own actions, forest type, etc. Coniferous dreams to the pleasure of attending a cultural event, visiting. Birch — to the joy and satisfaction that the dreamer feels after doing the work faithfully.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the gender and marital status of a sleeping person:

  • If picking mushrooms dreamed of a free woman, she is waiting for increased attention from a pleasant young man.
  • Married lady such an image promises care and love that the spouse will show.
  • Pregnant mushrooms dream of happiness, joy, pleasant troubles with the baby, easy pregnancy.
  • To dream of mushrooms man — to success in work, business, business. Dreamer will carry everywhere — even in small things.

If the girlfriend or young man dreamed of the second half, gathering mushrooms — you can expect a happy, long, strong and trusting relationship.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms in the forest: interpretation of the dream?

Initially, you should try to remember exactly what mushrooms dreamed, how they looked. Options may be as follows:

Mushroom speciesInterpretation of sleep
RussulaComing pleasant chores around the house, preparing for something; time spent with family members
White mushroomTo receive bonuses, winnings, salary increases, financial enrichment
BoletusHelp will come from friends, relatives, when a person is in a difficult situation.
ChanterelleHassle, unnecessary actions and acquisitions
ChampignonGood luck, success in all endeavors
AmanitaTo hostility, the activity of ill-wishers, the machinations of competitors and rivals
ToadstoolGossip, rumors and insults due to envy
LoadEither to unexpected profit, gain, or to financial loss
WolfTo a gradual increase in income, pleasure and joy from work
Monkeyhead (black boletus)Will be able to find out the real situation, learn the truth about something
Redhead (boletus)A symbol of good mood, joy, fun, happiness and success in all your endeavors
RedheadSymbolizes embarrassment, embarrassment, shame
OilerTo receive remuneration for your honest work
GarlandTo the discovery of new perspectives, success and luck, active work
Tree fungusTo promises that will be extremely difficult to realize

It is important to remember the number of mushrooms dreamed. If there were a lot of them — a person will be lucky in business, he will discover new opportunities and prospects. Little (less than ten) — everything will happen exactly as it was intended.

One or two mushrooms — to disappointment, empty hopes.

You should also consider the condition of the mushrooms, how they looked:

Description, characteristic, appearanceInterpretation of sleep
Beautiful, whole, edibleTo career growth, material wealth, the absence of major problems, carefree life, joy, fulfillment of desires
PoisonousSomeone from rivals, ill-wishers plotted something unkind towards a person or his relatives, family, friends
Rotten, ruinedTo deception, betrayal, sorrow, disappointment, insult
WormySomeone close is a liar or a hypocrite.
MoldyTo bad luck, unpleasant surprises, lies
Narcotic containing psilocybinTo sudden discoveries, reflections, thoughts about your own life
Fresh and fragrantTo pleasant surprises, joy, happiness
Atypical, unusual color (blue, green, orange, purple, pink, etc.)To the appearance of unexpected opportunities, new acquaintances
Plastic, toy, decorativeTo illusions, deception, unsaid, lies
Growing and increasing in the eyesThe immediate environment considers the dreamer a wise man, listens to his opinion

A big mushroom (of enormous size) was dreamed of — for profit, winnings, large sums of money. Small — to an insignificant, but pleasant material benefit.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms in the forest: interpretation of the dream?

The key point in drawing up the interpretation of the image is what actions the dreamer performed:

ActionsInterpretation of sleep
To find mushrooms in the forest as already cooked (boiled, salted, dried, fried, etc.)To great luck, luck, happiness and joy
Eat rawTo impatience, which greatly interfere in business
Long search, but not findA sign of empty hopes and vain expectations
Search very long, very tiredIt will be possible to achieve the desired result only in the case of hard work.
UprootMan does not appreciate what he has
Gently cut with a knifeA man or woman will appreciate what they get as a result of their hard work.
Trample downDreamer will lose good chances and prospects by making a stupid mistake
Stealing from the basket of another mushroom pickerTo envy, jealousy, or the commission of a vile, dishonest act towards a familiar person
Give to another mushroom pickerSign of indulgence in other people’s weaknesses in real life
Watch someone pickTo the joy of a friend or acquaintance
Collect the whole basket (bucket, basket, etc.)To great luck, fulfilled hopes, happiness
Collect quite a bit at the bottom of the basketA person expects more than he gets in the end
Run around the meadow in search of the crop, inadvertently knocking mushrooms downNayawa foreshadows unreasonable haste, which will become a great obstacle in the affairs, work
Plant and then pick mushroomsThe planned business will bring income, investments (both financial and any other) will pay off in full
Search and review, but do not take with youTo the uncertainty in the forces, doubts, deadlock position
Walk in the meadow and enjoy natureTo inner harmony, happiness, peace of mind

It is important to take into account who else was present in the dream, in addition to the dreamer:

  • Gather mushrooms in a dream yourself (alone) — to success, which can be achieved without the help of friends, relatives, acquaintances.
  • With lover or lover — to strong and happy relationships, reciprocity, support of each other in everything.
  • With mom or dad — to have a good time with your family, relatives.
  • With a dead person (a familiar person who has already died) — to inheritance or finding, obtaining valuable information.
  • With a stranger — to communicate, to meet with the person with whom the common affairs, plans and goals will appear.

Why dream of collecting mushrooms in the forest: interpretation of the dream?

The terrain, the setting, the surrounding space in the dream also play an important role. We need to try to remember what the forest was like:

  • Coniferous — to receive pleasure from visiting of some action, a hike on a visit.
  • Birch — to the joy and satisfaction resulting from the work.
  • Pine — it will be possible to win in financial disputes.
  • Mixed — to change.

I had to walk in a dead forest (with rotten, fallen trees) in search of mushrooms — a sign that a girl or a man set priorities incorrectly. In pursuit of money, profit, success, the dreamer will lose loved ones.

You should think about your behavior, review relationships with friends, family, acquaintances. Otherwise, the sleeper will be left alone.

The time of year in night dreams speaks about the internal state of a person in the near future:

  • Search for mushrooms in winter — to the omission of the opportunity, which later will have to be very sorry, repent.
  • In the autumn — to success and financial enrichment, in which intuition will help.
  • In the spring — to moral preparation, waiting for something.
  • Summer — to the sudden joy, the pleasure of household trifles, inner harmony.

I dreamed of harvesting under a mushroom rain — to successfully evolving circumstances that lead to the fulfillment of the cherished dream.

There are other interpretations of the image seen in night dreams. Some popular dream books interpret the dream of picking mushrooms in their own way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe collection of edible, beautiful mushrooms is a symbol of the absence of problems in intimate life. If they were with mold, worms, rot — to shameful love, the emergence of unhealthy sexual desires
MillerA sign of impending health problems due to the emergence of some kind of addiction, a bad habit. This may be due to alcohol, food, smoking, or something intangible.
WangiCollect edible, beautiful mushrooms in the forest — to luck, joy, receiving gifts; rotten — to disappointment in a close friend, betrayal, deception
HasseDream interpretation foreshadows vain labor that does not pay off in full. A person will experience a lot of obstacles, difficulties on his way, which will prevent him from achieving the desired objectives.
TsvetkovaThe plot promises the dreamer or the dreamer a happy life to a great age, the joy of domestic troubles and a warm relationship with relatives
ModernMushroom picking dreams for a comfortable old age, good luck in business, work on yourself, which will have a positive impact on the future
Simone CanaaniteDream interpretation foreshadows the material benefit for a woman or a man after a long, tedious, hard and painstaking work
XXI centuryCollecting a mushroom crop — a herald of pleasant household chores, material gains or the emergence of high-paying work
LofaEdible mushrooms — a sign of pleasant surprises, news that will bring joy and happiness. Inedible dreams to frustration, trouble, grief or melancholy, boredom
LongoStarted case will go up the hill. A person should not worry because of future difficulties. If you transfer them with dignity, then in the future the situation will be improved, and great luck will follow in the work.
NostradamusSleep promises a girl or man danger, deception, theft, meeting with fraudsters or the machinations of detractors
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaMushrooms, collected in a dream, mean unnecessary acquisitions in real life. The dreamer will have to get rid of some people in the environment, things, thoughts, activities, habits and the like.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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