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Why dream of collecting eggs on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

Collect eggs in a dream — nuances of interpretation by dream books

Scrambled eggs made from homemade products will not leave indifferent any gourmet. Why dream of collecting eggs, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

The egg is compared with the beginning of all life, it appears in such a holistic way of developmental possibilities, it is compared with the mother’s womb, in which a person is rapidly developing. What is stored inside it is the seeds of growth, creation, rebirth.

In Christianity, this symbolic sign is associated with fertility, wealth, abundance. Not one Easter holiday is complete without decorated eggs. They store a certain energy of good, strength, harmony and integrity.

If a man dreamed of collecting a whole basket of eggs — he would be proud of the fruits of his hard work.

Why dream of collecting eggs on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

In mythology, it is associated with immortality, chaos, but at the same time with the source that gave birth to everything that exists. Eggshell, its smooth surface and smooth texture reflect the character of a person who is completely self-sufficient and living in harmony with the inner world.

He is not tormented by contradictions, he knows his strengths and weaknesses, he is ready to change, learning something new and more perfect for himself.

A man admiring in dreams the ideal form of the shell is to be a very unusual and original person. Such perception of the world rewards a person with potential opportunities that he can only open and develop. This power will help turn past failures into future victories, helping you accomplish your mission on earth.

The world, in turn, creates obstacles that induce to action and necessarily reward for efforts and efforts.

To collect large and fresh eggs in a dream means to achieve the desired effortlessly. You strive for change and novelty, if you dreamed of breaking an egg. This reflects your everyday fatigue, the desire to start from scratch.

But such a symbol of the universe without the shell may indicate the opposite: you are tired of instability and surprises of fate. You want to feel protected and patronized.

Young man to consider the yolks in the bowl — a sign that you strive to get to the bottom of the truth in everything. But sometimes it leads to frustration and devastation.

For a woman, such a sign in reality may indicate an abortion.

Cracks on the Easter symbol personify discord in the family and internal contradictions. The conflict will be very difficult to exhaust, since no one wants to compromise.

Red-colored eggs foreshadow good news, and with it prosperity and prosperity. A woman to find a nest — a dream promises many pleasant moments associated with future marriage and childbirth. Marriage promises to be strong and long.

For men, this scenario foreshadows the stability, comfort of the home, love and devotion of the second half.

What else to expect from eggs collected in a dream

  • for a girl to clean a boiled egg — bring a young man to the clear water, who with a particular self-interest claimed the hand and heart of the dreamer;
  • the pregnant lady dreamed a huge egg — to the special future of the baby, which may surprise with its abilities and talent;
  • the kurushka in the nest is a sign of great future prospects. It is necessary to engage in the active embodiment of their hopes, otherwise they will remain just a dream;
  • a hen is rushing in a dream — your possibilities will exceed expectations;
  • to hold a broken shell in your hand — to be a shy and complexed person, which can be easily confused with a frank question or even a look.

Why dream of collecting eggs on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Chicken eggs in a dream personify the male principle, symbolizing his dignity. For a single woman to collect a large basket of eggs — in reality too keen on finding the perfect partner.

Simply you are no longer looking, but going through lovers, comparing their charms.

A man such a plot foreshadows active sex life. But if they are broken, expect instability associated with impotence. Perhaps, at the next date, you overestimated your abilities and went too far in sexual experiments.

Now you need time to restore strength and energy.

There are scrambled eggs — get carried away by those who were often with you. A short intrigue can be with a work colleague or a neighbor.

In any case, this relationship will be short and will be quickly forgotten, leaving a friendly relationship.

For a married lady to paint eggs for Easter in a dream — in reality, want more attention, romance and diversity in bed. Sex for you lately has become a marital debt, and not one of the ways to please yourself. You are helping to relieve the stress of a spouse who is not at all interested in your sexual fantasies.

Before looking for attention on the side, try to change the attitude towards the sex of a close man.

Gustov Miller

Whole fresh eggs from poultry are a sign of life full of abundance and wealth. To look at this symbol in the sun means to be interested in what is happening around, to develop, to strive for self-knowledge, self-improvement.

Why dream of collecting eggs on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

A cold omelette in a dream personifies the passed stage, which does not let you go. You want to understand someone’s actions, the actions of the past. But this time is long behind us and cannot be returned.

Learn to experience new feelings and emotions.

A man dreamed of collecting large and whole eggs — in reality, this promises great prosperity and high income. In this case, cash receipts will become permanent if the chicken in a dream was from your household.

Watching the brood hen hatched by offspring — prepare for auspicious changes. For women, this may be a sign of a future pregnancy; for men, such a scenario promises to receive a large inheritance, gain or bonuses from a brilliant job.

The dreamer gives a deeper meaning to this sign, associating a chicken egg with a civilization, a planet, and all the living around us. A rotten egg in a dream, with a pungent smell, warns the inhabitants of the earth about the approach of an environmental disaster. This can happen exactly in the corner where the dreamer lives.

If you do not stop the disaster, terrible consequences will be inevitable. This may include testing new weapons, building nuclear power plants, barbaric consumption of natural resources.

Watching an egg boiling in water means experiencing intolerable suffocation from the unprecedented heat that will occur in the region. People, animals, plants will suffer.

Survival will be the main task for all living things.

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