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Why dream of chocolates?

Why dream of chocolates?

Why dream of chocolates? Sweets — a symbol of pleasant events, inspiring emotions and well-being. To interpret a dream, try to recall all its details.

The best option is to record a dream immediately after waking up, so as not to forget all the details by evening. Reproduce in memory all the circumstances of sleep — this will help to make the most correct interpretation.

Why dream of chocolates?

Chocolates as a gift

If you dream that sweets are presented as a present, the meaning of a dream may be as follows:

  • Expect in the near future a pleasant surprise associated with finances. This could be a promotion or an unexpected bonus, an expensive gift from a husband or an inheritance, the successful completion of a major transaction or a contract with a profitable customer.
  • If a You give sweets, sleep value is negative. This is a sign of empty hopes that you feed in vain. Either the dream for which you are making efforts, will not come true.
  • Donated Candy girl dreams? Not a very good sign — her chosen one makes empty promises that she will never fulfill. He lies constantly, and it does not fix it.
  • If a Candy fresh, tasty, expensive, in the near future you will visit the muse. Expect a surge of creative inspiration. Your desires will be realized not without outside help. There will be new opportunities that will change life for the better.
  • Overdue, tasteless and bitter sweets foreshadow soon disappointment or health problems. Soon there will be an event that will upset you. You may get sick or fail your plans.
  • If in a dream you buy candy as a gift, wait for guests. Relatives wish to visit you, and the visit will be enjoyable. Although at first you will not be pleased with their presence.
  • If a sweets you cook yourself, to present as a gift, it means that the family’s material well-being will soon improve. To do this, you have to make tremendous efforts, but the result will be tremendous and will not disappoint.

This interpretation of dreams, which are given in popular dream books. Psychotherapists, astrologers and esoterics interpret dreams a little differently.

Opinion of psychologists, esoteric, astrologers

Why dream of chocolates?

Freud argued: to see chocolate candies in a dream is a symbol of a quick love affair. Soon you will be consumed by emotions, a person will appear in life, with whom you will manage to create a bright, extraordinary relationship. Quarrels will be replaced by violent reconciliations.

But the love story will end quickly.

If you do not eat sweets, and treat them to someone — a sign of excess sexual energy. People around you feel it, so you become very attractive to the opposite sex.

Although this is not available (unavailable) — carefully choose a partner and do not agree to an open relationship.

Esoterics believe that chocolates — to adverse events. Probably serious health problems, deterioration of health.

If you eat sweets in your sleep, you have to spend a lot of money on treating a complex disease.

Miller’s dream book says that sweets are a symbol of that you hold yourself responsible for the well-being of loved ones. You are the financial stronghold of the family, you follow the health of relatives, you can rely on you.

If a businessman dreams of sweets, In the near future, he is waiting for the emergence of profitable customers, reliable partners who will never be deceived.

Why dream of chocolates?

If a stale candies, wait for close disappointment in others. There will be some kind of event that will change your attitude towards friends or relatives. Well, if the sweets are fresh — many pleasant, but minor events will happen soon.

You will be in a great mood.

There is such an interpretation: chocolates — the personification of your unconscious desire to live easily and beautifully. You do not understand why other people are so successful, everything is given to them simply and effortlessly, and you work a lot, but do not get what you want.

All achievements are accomplished only with the help of hard work, the violence of one’s own “I” and the abandonment of a pleasant pastime. You may be under debt or have to provide for dependents.

If you give sweets or treat them to someone, it means that in real life this person is trying to use you for his own selfish purposes.

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