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Why dream of buying a house or apartment?

Why dream of buying a house or apartment?

Anticipating great joy, you sign the documents. And here they are — treasured keys! You enter your new, beautiful home and … wake up.

Let’s try to figure out what the dream of buying a house or apartment. What did the subconscious try to convey to you through such a dream?

Why dream of buying a house or apartment?

Important: you must remember the plot of the dream well. Everyone knows that dreams are forgotten very quickly.

Therefore, when you wake up, immediately state the dream on paper, recalling all the details.

What dreams of buying a house: popular interpretation

Most often in the dream books a new home is a symbol of well-being, wealth, the realization of goals and the fulfillment of cherished desires. But the interpretation of a dream is not always so straightforward — sometimes the new housing that has been dreamed can portend health problems, financial difficulties, problems in personal life.

Therefore, remember your dream and find the appropriate interpretation from our list:

  • If a man of mature age dreams that he is acquiring a new home, it means that you are ready to settle down. The right time to start a family, children, in a word, take root and settle in one place
  • In his dream you are actively looking for a new home: looking through options, talking with sellers? Such a dream means that you have not yet found your purpose and place in life, so you continue to try all the professions that are more or less suitable for you.
  • If in a dream you were looking for a new home and found it, soon in real life you will finally understand in which direction you need to develop, you will find your purpose and stop rushing back and forth
  • But if the long search for a new home in your dream did not bring results, predictions are disappointing — in real life you will be in a state of agonizing uncertainty until the end of life

These are the predictions made in the most popular and reliable dream books. But there are other interpretations, study them too.

Why dream of buying a house or apartment?

Favorable predictions

To begin with, let’s talk about interpretations that foreshadow only good events in your real life.

Look for a suitable interpretation in the list:

  • Dreamed that get a new home — in real life, one of your goals will be achieved in a short time. And of all conceived, this is the most global and complex. Therefore, you can be congratulated — the most difficult behind!
  • But if in a dream you are you going to buy another unfinished house, exult early. Your goal will be realized, but you have to make a lot of effort. Get ready to work hard and try — without this result will not be
  • If in your dream you are buy a small cozy house, this is an auspicious sign. In real life, you are “threatened” by family happiness and financial well-being. Marriage will bring only happiness, you will become the couple who «lived happily ever after»

These are the most favorable predictions of sleep about purchasing a home and all existing ones. And then let’s talk about dreams that portend not very good events in later life.

Unfavorable predictions

And now let’s list the unfavorable predictions in which you will find out why the purchase of an apartment or a new house is dreaming of. Look for the appropriate interpretation in the following list:

  • Woman dreams buying a luxury, «luxury» apartment, which in reality you can only dream of. Such a dream is an extra reminder that your dreams will remain unrealizable unless you make at least some effort to fulfill them.
  • Also buying a new apartment may be a warning to a married woman: you are too demanding of your spouse. Try to be softer, stop cutting it, cursing and provoking conflicts. Otherwise, the betrayal of the second half can not be avoided.
  • He dreams that they have bought a brand new apartment in which renovated and beautiful furniture is worth? This is an unfavorable sign — in the near future some difficulties will arise in your life that will prevent the realization of your goals.
  • BUT new house with old furnitureThe tree standing in its interior is dreaming of the coming disagreements in the family. Between spouses will come what psychologists call the «crisis in the relationship.» And only it will depend on you how this crisis will end — in divorce or harmony.

We hope that adverse predictions do not touch you. And then we will share other interpretations that are little known, but also reliable.

See in the video what a house might dream about:

More interpretations

This is what a new home or apartment purchase may dream of according to the authors of some dream books:

  • AT Miller’s Dream Book indicates that the purchase of new housing always dreams of a long journey or a trip to another city. And going to the road will have after some unexpected news
  • And if you buy an old house, in real life, you expect serious problems with money. Your personal financial crisis will come, and you will have to try hard to get out of the debt trap.
  • They saw and bought in a dream a small, but very cozy and cute country house from a bar? This is a very auspicious sign that foreshadows long life and excellent health. Diseases will bypass you, family members will love and respect
  • Choose a land plot in a dream, which then plan to build your own house? Most likely, in old age you will move to a permanent place of residence in the countryside, will begin to farm and will be happy
  • If in a dream in the house is very comfortable and pleasant looking furniture, the closest things will end with a great result

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