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Why dream of buying a dream book: a modern snoot and Miller’s dream book

I dreamed of the buying process — features of interpretation by dream books

Often a purchase in a dream symbolizes the subconscious need for the thing that was acquired in night dreams. It will not be possible to directly answer the question: “What is the dream of buying.”

To do this, all sorts of dream books are asked to recall the object that was acquired in a dream.

Replenish stocks of products

Almost always, such a dream marks the person who saw him, auspicious events related to work or study. The exception is only a small list of products in the shopping basket.

  • Bread loaf symbolizes success in business. You will receive a well-deserved promotion at work, and businessmen will make an important and profitable deal. If the bread had to stand in line, then the onset of this period will have to wait. You may have to go through serious tests before that;
  • Eggs in the grocery basket are an unfavorable symbol. The dreamer is waiting for a series of serious tests that can not be overcome without loss. The only task is to reduce these losses;
  • Buying fish is also not a very pleasant symbol. You will often communicate and, possibly, work together with an unpleasant person for you. In the future, it can bring big trouble into your life;
  • But the purchase of meat shows that it will be nice to devote more time to your loved one. It is worth more to relax and engage in self-development;
  • In the dream you decided to buy candy? Dream interpretation interpret this image as favorable. Your fate will begin a favorable change. Perhaps this will be associated with meeting with certain people who radically change your life for the better. Also, you expect pleasant emotions and new experiences;
  • Also a favorable symbol is the purchase of potatoes. In reality, dreamers await unexpected surprises from loved ones and pleasant news related to their careers;
  • To buy cabbage in a dream — to great financial success, which will be deserved by the dreamer for his many years of work;
  • Buying apples in a dream — to the sound health of the dreamer and his loved ones. Also, this image shows your personal dedication and resistance to stress. No problems can get you out of the rut, and any difficulties seem to you only a small obstacle to the goal.

Why dream of buying a dream book: a modern snoot and Miller’s dream book

Dream Interpretation: buy clothes

When in a dream I had to buy clothes, many dream books recommend only to be myself and not go beyond the bounds of decency.

Often dream books pay attention to the color of the thing itself. Dark colors symbolize bitter events and separation, and bright hues foreshadow joyful events.

  • Buy a new expensive dress — your enemies will be forced to admit defeat. For a man, such a dream is a sign of his duplicity. Also, he is not sincere with loved ones;
  • If a girl buys a wedding dress in her nightly dreams, then she will be able to communicate with people she has not communicated with for a long time. Also be able to smooth out the consequences of a serious quarrel. Often such a dream is seen by married representatives of the stronger sex. This symbol marks the quick pregnancy of your life partner;
  • Buying socks and / or pants in a dream. This symbol warns that a minor error can cause great harm to your reputation. You also need to look closely at your surroundings and avoid flatterers;
  • If you had to buy a fur coat in a dream, then in reality you need to be more open to the world and to the people around you. This image also symbolizes the inner uncertainty of the dreamer;
  • But if in a dream I had to buy a light jacket or a windbreaker, then in reality you will find useful contacts;
  • The coat in dreams symbolizes the reputation and respect of you as a person among your surroundings.

Why dream of buying a dream book: a modern snoot and Miller’s dream book

Buying shoes — dream interpretation

  • If in a dream there is a desire to buy several pairs of shoes at once, then in reality you are subconsciously not happy with your current state of affairs and will do everything possible to correct it. This also applies to the situation on the personal front;
  • Buying an expensive pair of shoes — in the new way of life you will be lucky. Perhaps you have long planned to move to another city or change the scope of activities. Right now;
  • Boots symbolize your sense of purpose. You will never stop the difficulties in achieving their goals.

Why dream of buying a dream book: a modern snoot and Miller’s dream book

Valuable jewellery

  • Buy a ring — a love affair, which will begin very soon;
  • Gold jewelry warns of troubles that may arise as a result of communication with some people;
  • Earrings symbolize your inner insecurity. Often you rely on others, but in some cases you need to rely only on yourself.

Buying a car

This symbol is very favorable for the dreamer. It marks success in business and inner freedom.

This image is enhanced with the price of the car, so you should pay attention to the cost.

  • Buy a dog or puppy in a dream — to search for something new: new acquaintances, sensations, etc. You have long been bored with the routine life. Heart and soul in search of adventure;
  • Cat or kitten — to failure in his career. Perhaps the appearance of a man with whom you have to fight for your place;
  • Rodents and other small animals — to the little troubles that you can easily overcome.

Why dream of buying a dream book: a modern snoot and Miller’s dream book

Dream Miller — the interpretation of the image

Make multiple purchases in a dream — to big profits in the future. It is necessary to prepare for pleasant gatherings with friends.

But if you lose all purchases on the way — sleep has the opposite meaning, and instead of profit, you will face serious financial problems.

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