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Why dream of buying a car — interpreted by various dream books

I dreamed that I buy a car — the nuances of interpretation by dream books

Buying a car is an important and meaningful decision in life. Your transport determines your own way of moving towards your dreams and life goals.

This especially applies to personal transport. Buying a car in a dream means an ongoing selection process, the realization of a dream.

What will be your ideal car, your faithful and reliable companion for the coming years? Not the best car for everyone — it is a lemon Lambargini or turquoise Porsche.

In sports cars, a small trunk, which does not fit a bag of potatoes and poor permeability.

Dreams of a super-fast expensive wheelbarrow betray emotional immaturity, infantilism, impracticality and lack of desire to go into everyday problems. A practical person, thinking about buying a car in a dream, will calculate the power of the springs, the capacity and layout of the seats, the ability to load building materials for the dacha, the clearance height, the availability of parts.

Find out why dreaming buying a car in your dream.

Why dream of buying a car - interpreted by various dream books

Common meanings

Buying a car means important changes in life. Maybe a new job, a new family, the decision to move to the islands or to another country.

The car that you pick up in your dream, demonstrates your attitude towards later life.

  • A small car can mean a divorce. There are no more places near you. You dream to move through life alone.
  • A huge jeep with big wheels, a trunk in which you can dance, a powerful suspension and dazzling headlights — you are serious. Most likely, you want to quickly leave your old life behind and are ready to embark on a new exciting journey through your amazing life. The same applies to motor home. You are almost ready to tell the old life that you have had enough.
  • If in a dream you are trying to sell a battered car, and you almost agree, beware! Such a dream can mean that other people’s mistakes will be hung on you. It seems to you that you will be able to cope, moreover, the documents show that you are not guilty. But who will actually look into the documents? Think carefully about your decision and discard it at the slightest opportunity.
  • You are dreaming that you are buying a low-rise sports super car — you want to splurge or work in a show business where such a machine would be appropriate.
  • For some reason, you choose a tank or other armored vehicles. Since the city on the tank will not let you, you plan to move to nature.
  • You dream of buying a truck, tractor, dump truck. Such a dream means that business comes first for you. You are thinking about ways to increase income and are considering various options.
  • If in a dream you choose a used car, you dream a long dialogue with the seller, you drive the car on the overpass and carefully inspect the chassis with a flashlight, knock down the price twice — this dream gives an extremely practical person. If at the end of a dream you get into a purchased car and drive away, happy with a purchase, you know how to achieve your goal and confidently go to your dream, simultaneously turning mountains. If you leave without buying with a grunt of disgruntled — probably, in fact, you are not ready to buy a car and in general to change. You need to ripen for a decision, or you are waiting for some jolt. To dissuade that there was nothing suitable in the car center or on the market — the car market is located in your head in a dream.

Why dream of buying a car - interpreted by various dream books

What does the color of the car you buy in your dream mean?

The color of your dream car speaks about your mood.

  • Red — you need attention. The bigger, the better.
  • Yellow, lemon — irritation, anger, jealousy, envy. Yellow can mean subtle nature.
  • White car of your dreams — you imagine yourself a modest and crystal honest man.
  • Black — mild depression. In general, you do not care. Not the best time to plan for a major change in life.
  • Blue, green give out some melancholy. Most likely, you are thinking about life in nature.
  • Gray — you are at the peak of activity and any tasks on the shoulder.

Why dream of buying a car - interpreted by various dream books

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • Dream Vanga connects buying a car in a dream with a pleasant and significant event, career growth, an exciting journey. If a girl dreams that she sees her boyfriend buying a car and inviting her to get into a car, this is a direct invitation to develop relationships.
  • Dream Lofa considers the purchase of a car in a dream, as the realization of a long-standing dream. It is not necessary to take such a dream literally and buy another car if you already have a fleet of vehicles and 3 chauffeurs. Or pick up a curious curiosity that can be profitably sold or demonstrated to business partners as a fun fancy of a collector.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers the car as a male principle. Traditionally, Freud considers the commitment to long and massive cars compensation modest penis size. Let’s not forget that Freud lived a long time ago, when women behind the wheel were rare. But the connection of the car with sex and social significance is undoubted. Many drivers perceive the car as a personal mobile pavilion of debauchery. If you buy a car in a dream and immediately figure out the possibility of arranging beds, you are thinking about the diversity of personal life, replacing the house with your own version with your own rules.

Why dream of buying a car - interpreted by various dream books


Buying a car in a dream means moving towards your dream at an accelerated pace. You know what you are aiming for.

Perhaps you do not like to drive and practically prefer public transport.

But deep down you understand that only your own car gives you maximum freedom. With all the costs, the dangers of breakdowns, the dangers of accidents and responsibility for driving.

To buy a car in a dream is always to profit, to set up affairs.

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