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Why dream of breaking a plate?

Why dream of breaking a plate?

It so happens that different sources interpret the same event in different ways, a dream or just a vision. A very variegated picture is obtained if we study all the interpretations of such a frequent phenomenon as a plate broken in a dream. Dishes fights in the kitchen, at the wedding, by negligence or in the heat of a quarrel.

Further developments are interpreted in the most controversial variations. And yet there is something in common between them.

Why dream of a broken plate?

Why dream of breaking a plate?

Fortunately, does the plate beat?

We all remember well the wonderful saying that accompanies broken dishes in life.

  • «For luck!«- says the hostess, accidentally let go of the saucer.
  • «For luck!“- the bride and the groom exclaim at the wedding, sending empty champagne glasses to the floor, in which a noble drink was foamed a moment ago.

Dreams, in which only fragments remain from the dishes, seers, for the most part, also tend to be interpreted as phenomena with a happy ending:

  • dishes scattered on the floor in small pieces, according to the dream book, symbolizes an invitation to the house of happiness and good luck;
  • if the ringing from a plate thrown on the floor is loud, happy changes will not only come soon, but will be large-scale — according to the sound;
  • in case of deliberate whipping of a person’s plate, who has done this, expects truly ineffable luck, in a very short period of time you will find yourself on the shoulder of peaks that you could not conquer over many previous years;
  • if the smashing of dishes happened by chance, then this may portend not the most pleasant surprises, which, however, can turn in favor of the hostess.

The general conclusion about the dream books is clear: a deliberately broken plate — fortunately, by chance — to trouble. However, is everything really that simple?

Why dream of breaking a plate?

Trouble can turn into … a holiday

Dreamers agree on the fact that some of the dreams are things. Dreams are signals from the subconscious that accumulates information regardless of the mood of the host, and then sends him «bells».

Therefore, having seen a dream and having correctly interpreted it, the person, thus, prepares himself for possible turns of events.

This also applies to such a significant subject, indispensable in everyday life and having many symbols, like a plate. Large or small, more like a dish or a small saucer, it definitely can not appear in a dream without a reason. It is very important to pay attention to the interpretation, and this is why:

  • absolutely accidentally broken saucer is very important to interpret in time, it usually portends minor troubles in the family due to misunderstanding spouses each other, and if we prepare for this in a timely manner, then we can successfully ignore the stormy sea of ​​domestic disagreements;
  • The same can be interpreted, like roughness between friends or work colleagues, in this case, you should also prepare for their possible appearance and keep the situation in a positive way.

At the same time, if the dishes are large, then broken or cracked, or more correctly, if there are several such items, this is a symbol of the upcoming holiday with many guests.

Where optimism we only dream

Here are some more interpretations, but not so optimistic:

  • small pieces — this is what remains of the porcelain plate: this is a breakdown of previous plans, and harmonious relations can give an annoying crack;
  • chipped, seen in the ideal, at first glance, form of the dish — to the alarm that the welfare in the family is such only externally, one of the spouses is actually planning a divorce;
  • as the personification of financial well-being, dishes cannot appear by chance if a big and beautiful dish is cracked and what’s worse is broken — this may mean the impoverishment of the source of such well-being, and this can only be blamed on the dreamer;
  • the same action in a dream is the personification of the collapse of the whole enterprise if its leader is the dreamer;
  • crashed a beautiful bowl — business, partnership relations have come to an end, the same can mean the end of a romantic connection;
  • who dropped or broke the dishes — he is the initiator of future events, but if only the fragments appeared — everything will happen by itself, without your participation;

The dream in which you saw a failed attempt to whip dishes by someone you know is indicative — it means that this is the very secret enemy who all this time was trying to give you a pig.

Why dream of breaking a plate?

Emotions and experiences of night dreams

To dream is one thing. To feel something with it is a new color in the interpretation of a dream. Emotions and feelings of the dreamer determine the general background of upcoming events — from negative to positive:

  • breaking the dishes you felt cheerfulness and a surge of positive mood — to a very large, long-awaited success;
  • if the dreamer is gambler — such a vision promises a truly fantastic success and an incredible gain;
  • sensations during the night dreams with a broken plate were sad or woeful — to the failure of so long cherished project, it is possible that the reason for this will be a loud altercation;
  • the merriment of sleep about the dishes It can promise a pleasant pastime in all respects, but if it suddenly shattered into small fragments, it makes sense to postpone the arrival of guests and the accompanying celebration until better times, so as not to cause trouble;
  • same dream but with neutral or sad emotional background — the forerunner of failure in the conduct of an economical lifestyle, it will not give a positive result;
  • and here is a dirty plate, broken while washing dishes — a sign of getting rid of old troubles.

If you have only seen how such a dish has scattered — this is to unexpected bad news.

Worry from broken dishes will become reality.

By itself, broken dishes mean restless sleep. Domestic troubles can not be avoided. A married woman will lose the respect of the faithful.

Marriage in general can also go into a hectic phase. Possible loss in the ranks of friends. It is better to recognize such dreams in time.

And prepare for them in advance.

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