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Why dream of boiled eggs in the dream book?

Why dream of boiled eggs?

Why dream of boiled eggs? In most dream books, eggs are a symbol of wealth, financial well-being. But does every such dream foreshadow a quick enrichment?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Boiled eggs on dream book

The details of the dream are of great importance — they have a great influence on the interpretation of night vision. So try to remember how fresh the eggs were, where they came from, and what you did with them.

Why dream of boiled eggs in the dream book?

Dream Miller

The author of this popular dream book believed that boiled eggs that came to a person in a dream, in most cases, predict disturbing thoughts and unpleasant events. But not so simple:

  • If in a dream you are treated to beautifully painted Easter eggs, you will soon be visiting. You will be invited to a family celebration or just to keep company for a cup of tea.
  • If you dream that you first cook chicken eggs and then eat them, this is a sign of a frivolous attitude to life. Try to more seriously respond to all the events around you.
  • Buying or selling boiled eggs in a dream? Such a dream is a sign that you are subconsciously looking for your soul mate. There is no love in your life yet, but you dream of finding it as soon as possible.
  • Have you seen in a dream not one, but a lot of boiled chicken eggs? This is a very good dream, which foreshadows financial success. You will either get rich, or you will get a large amount of money just like that.
  • If you dream that you steal boiled eggs from another person, in real life negative emotions are waiting. Soon you will have to worry a lot for a loved one.

Why dream of boiled eggs in the dream book?

Consider other interpretations proposed by the authors of popular dream books.

Why dream of eating boiled eggs?

If in a dream you do not just see chicken eggs, but with appetite absorb them, the interpretations may be as follows:

  • Eating chicken boiled eggs in a dream means someone around you is dishonest. And if you also cleaned the eggs from the shell, a close person to whom you have absolutely no suspicion will turn out to be a traitor and deceiver.
  • If you dream about how you clean an egg, and then try to eat it, but choke and cannot swallow, in the near future you will find a big disappointment. You will try to figure out the relationship with a loved one, but the result of the conversation will upset you very much

It happens that in a dream you sell boiled eggs. What would it mean?

Trade boiled eggs in a dream

If you dream that you are trying to sell peeled boiled eggs to another person, the forecast may be as follows:

  • The mysterious soothsayer Vanga believed that if you tried to sell eggs to someone in a dream, you should be prepared for adverse events in real life. But the change will not affect you, but the people around you as a whole. Big troubles are coming for all of humanity.
  • But the author of the dream book, Tsvetkov, has a different opinion: you trade eggs in the kingdom of Morpheus — a person with whom you are familiar with, but you are unaware of his feelings, is in love with you. Take a closer look — who can be a secret admirer? This is a worthy man, a beautiful couple can come out of you.
  • But Freud believed that the trade in eggs in a dream promises a turbulent and intense sex life. Your drab routine will be diluted with incredible passion and strong emotions.

Why dream of boiled eggs in the dream book?

Very different predictions, if in a dream you buy boiled eggs.

Buying boiled eggs in a dream

What can dream of buying boiled eggs:

  • Buy hard-boiled eggs in a dream? Nostradamus believed that if an egg from a large bird — for example, a goose, then it is worth waiting for a big profit. You make a good deal or win a large amount of money. And small eggs, on the contrary, to unexpected expenses, which will greatly undermine the family budget
  • If you dreamed that you bought chicken eggs, and they turned out to be rotten, you will face major troubles that will have to be “raked” for a long time. But if among the rotten eggs came a few fresh ones, the problems will be solved quickly and by themselves

See the video, what else can dream of eggs:

More interpretations

We have dismantled the most common interpretations. But there are other, less known. Try to find a suitable prediction in the list:

  • Buy, and then eagerly eat boiled eggs? Such a dream is a dream to replenish in the family — one of your closest women is waiting for a child
  • And if you see a person well known to you in a dream boiled eggs, in real life you will receive some important news from him
  • Dreamed of trying to feed someone with boiled egg yolk? So, in real life you have secrets that you hide from close people. The secret will be revealed — it is better to confess yourself, so that later there will be no trouble.
  • Do you dream that you thoroughly clean hard-boiled eggs from the shell? This means that in real life you have taken on too many responsibilities. The burden is exorbitant — stop worrying about everyone, start thinking about your own interests.
  • Are you cutting boiled eggs in your sleep? You need to build a relationship with your loved one. Quarrels and omissions occur mainly due to your fault, so stop conflicting, otherwise you risk losing your lover
  • Quail boiled eggs dream of treason. Your spouse or young man stares at another woman
  • See the eggs floating in the water tank? An unfavorable sign that foreshadows the betrayal of a loved one

If the dream prediction turned out to be bad, do not worry — change the future in your power. The subconscious with the help of dreams helps to understand which direction to act so that everything ends well.

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