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Why dream of black kittens for various dream books

What future predicts a dream about black kittens — especially the interpretation

It is necessary to tune in and understand that every dream can be exceptionally bad or exceptionally good. To interpret a dream definitely means completely not understanding somnology. So, why do black kittens dream?

As a rule, according to this dream, we can conclude that the dreamer and virtue are honest. You often try to trick in some situation or you are deceiving yourself.

So tune in to the fact that this dream is more suitable for the analysis of the personality, and it is not possible to extract a lot about the future from it.

Why dream of black kittens for various dream books

Interpretation of a dream for individual situations and circumstances

Try to remember the basic details of your dream, how it went. Remember and arrange events like a train, which goes smoothly narration.

Collect this difficult puzzle, while in no case thinking up your own details, it will not help, but only complicate the interpretation of the dream, the consequences of karma are also possible.

So, if you succeed, and the memories have formed into a coherent picture, then we can proceed to a direct interpretation. Our site provides all the necessary information for interpretation at home, and if you manage to use this data correctly, you will build your life according to your own ambitions:

  • Pay attention to the state of the kittens, which means if they are thin and dull. Thus, the kittens personify, in fact, the mental state of the dreamer. You often have to use a lie in your life and you are already pretty tired of it, you have to endure the intervention of certain people from the environment in your life;
  • Kittens were plump and plump. A rather positive interpretation is accounted for by this dream, you can safely rejoice — you have to face a unique opportunity to confirm your qualifications, you will succeed and your reputation will rise to heaven. There is also a mirror interpretation, according to which everything will be the other way round;
  • They were very small, maybe with a palm or a finger. You need to prepare for a radical change in your life. Most likely you are waiting for the realization that you have been cruelly deceived or betrayed by your best friends or ordinary acquaintances. But do not despair, because the scale of the tragedy is reduced only to a small emotional outburst, which, in fact, does not even touch your person;
  • You saw half of black kittens, and half of red. Good dream can not be called, but certainly unexpected events will begin to visit your life. You will be able to tune in the desired fashion if you prepare yourself psychologically. It is possible that the proposal to take part in an adventure, participation in which can not be called fair, is not possible;
  • Violent dreams about the death of these very black kittens. Do not worry, this story is one of the most good. Your financial problems will be resolved, but not only that, you can profitably make money in this field;
  • Black kitten rubbed on your foot. Some of your friends are trying to get close to you, but a rapprochement with such a person will not lead to good. You cannot control your feelings and he will take advantage of your weakness to meet your own needs and achieve a goal;
  • You fed coal nice little kittens. Such dreams are interpreted not very positively and even rather badly, since in the near future you will have to face trouble;
  • Kittens crossed your path. But this dream can still be safely counted among the good dreams, you have to show yourself, find a soul mate or even find your own meaning in life. Do not neglect this opportunity, it is comparable to a solar eclipse, during which it is worth making a wish;
  • Kittens and with them a big cat — a mother. You should be wary of waking dangerous rivals who risk taking away all your acquired property through cunning frauds, or simply make your life much more difficult. You will be able to resist them only after certain actions, becoming an independent person;
  • See black kittens in the hands of a man of the opposite sex. Yes, it is worth projecting this meeting to real life, it is quite possible that you are just destined to start a relationship with a person who is not alien to the knowledge of the animal world. Such a meeting can actually happen, do not neglect this, it is better to go out;
  • We saw black kittens in the hands of a man of his own sex. you should not pay much attention to a dream with a similar plot, since it does not foretell anything special, but allows the dreamer to conclude that the subconscious leads a very extensive activity in a dream by silencing some guilt, think about it.

Why dream of black kittens for various dream books

How a dream is interpreted by famous personalities, psychologists, somnologists and interpretations of various dream books

  1. According to the Miller dream book. Henry Miller urges the dreamer to be careful after such a dream, as it foreshadows only disappointments and failures in the workplace. It is necessary to be careful of dangerous adventures or unprofitable projects, you risk to be undermined at work and you can be replaced, there can be betrayals from an unreliable environment;
  2. Dream interpretation Hasse. The medium also continues the series of terrible interpretations of sleep and claims that black cats in a dream symbolize deception in real life, you should be alert, because your closest friends and acquaintances are only a cover, which you are deceiving yourself and abstract from real problems, referring to your relationship ;
  3. Modern dream book. According to this dream book in real life, nothing good is waiting for you, only illnesses, deception and various ailments. While the rest of the dream books hint at the problem in the social sphere, the emphasis here is on the physical ailments that can happen to the dreamer after such an interesting dream;
  4. As a dream interprets Nostradamus. According to the dream book of this great sorcerer, you may have serious problems with the law, illness or gossip from your closest acquaintances and simple surroundings are not excluded, you should learn to fight back and say “no” to all the requests that tend to hang on the busy dreamer’s neck;
  5. Dream Interpretation Lofa. The interpreter asserts that you need to think over your idea once again, since any idea created after this dream is merely a burden to the new, but certainly needs to be revised, otherwise it can bring trouble;
  6. According to the French dream book. A woman’s friend can betray you, and you can also fail because of her on a personal front.

Why dream of black kittens for various dream books

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