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Why dream of being late for the train: interpretation of the dream book

The situation when the dreamer is late for the train in night dreams is prosaic and ordinary. Different dream books give a huge number of interpretations about this, but in general such a dream means doubt on an incredibly important issue. The dream suggests that the sleeper is at a difficult stage of finding the right choice.

The meaning of the plot may vary depending on the gender of the dreamer, as well as the day of the week in which the nightly dream appeared.

Running after a train in a dream means that a person, being in search of a solution to a vital issue, is very passive. The dreamer clearly does not apply the appropriate difficulties of effort and lets everything take its course.

If you managed to catch up with the train, the solution of the problem will not take long to wait, as life will throw up many good opportunities and circumstances. But if, having had time for transport, a person in a dream experiences a deep feeling of joy and delight, you should not encourage yourself.

This is a symbol of the fact that a difficult situation can arise on a personal front.

Why dream of being late for the train: interpretation of the dream book

The train is a symbol of irrevocably passing time, and the cars are the months of lost years. Perhaps the subconscious with the help of such a dream wants to point out that life runs too fast, and the dreamer is wasting time, he needs to change something and find new goals and aspirations.

To catch up with any transport in a dream — means regret for lost time. If he does leave, a prolonged depression is likely to be fought.

Should not give in to despair and plan something new.

Why dream of being late for the train: interpretation of the dream book

Psychologist Sigmund Freud interpreted being late for a train as a desire to leave for another young man, if such a dream occurs in a girl. This dream signals that, if there is no satisfaction in current relationships, they should be replaced with new ones, more successful ones.

Already an adult and mature woman, such a dream speaks of her protracted depression, passivity and inability to resist the influence of others. If she does not take herself in hands, she will spend her whole life, remaining with nothing.

Why dream of being late for the train: interpretation of the dream book

The feeling of anxiety associated with being late in a dream speaks of the likelihood of not having time in real life, not only on the train, but also at important events and meetings. To see such a plot — to certain difficulties in monetary matters.

From a psychological point of view, being late for a train means a misunderstanding between the dreamer and his second half. First of all, it is based on sexual dissatisfaction with the caress of a partner.

Freud spoke of the importance of emotions experienced in a dream.

If, when you were late for a train, there was a clear regret about what was happening, then in reality joy and happiness are expected. The feeling of relief at the sight of the outgoing transport in life will bring sadness and sad news.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, this dream is a signal that life must be taken into its own hands, rejecting passivity and lack of initiative.

The main idea of ​​interpretation is the dreamer, without catching up with the train leaving the distance, very much regrets the loss of real time. This interpretation is based on the psychological aspects of the dream, and not on signals sent from outside.

The interpretation of the dream according to Vanga’s dream book is as follows: it is the incapacity of a person for the coming changes. Also, such a dream means bitterness and regret for lost opportunities.

In another case, the person is trying to do everything to get another chance to implement the planned plans. It is important not to despair when receiving a refusal, but to go further, looking for new ways out of difficult situations.

A big role is played by the day on which it was possible to see this plot in a dream, since the days of the week are influenced by different planets, which brings additional meanings:

  • A dangerous adventure was avoided by a man who saw his late arrival on a train in Saturday’s dream.
  • A dream on Sunday speaks of a past danger, the passing away of people who represent a threat, or a past illness.
  • Such a plot on Tuesday or Wednesday promises upcoming troubles that may take by surprise.

On other days, sleep has no additional meanings.

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