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Why dream of being late for the bus through the dream books of Freud, Miller

In a dream, you were chasing a bus that went off — what would it be

Most likely, the emotions in your dream were dominated not by the best ones — insult, anger, disappointment … Is this dream really bad? According to the dream book — why dream of being late for urban or long-distance wheeled transport?

Why dream of being late for the bus through the dream books of Freud, Miller

The general interpretation of this offensive dream

  • As almost every dream book says, being late to the bus in a dream means: you are a very responsible person. Or, perhaps, at work (at the institute) they demand high precision from you, they do not forgive mistakes.
  • If in reality you are preparing for an important meeting or you will take an exam, and now in a dream you see how you are chasing transport, being afraid to be late for this event — the dream does not bode anything but your fear of «falling.»
  • Many interpreters assure: the bus is our routine, usual life or work (study). If the circumstances of the dream were bright — then this is how you see your life. And vice versa, if you ran in the pouring rain or someone got nasty with you, everyone laughed because of your lateness: it’s bad, you go to depression. Maybe it would be useful to change the situation or find a good psychologist.

Where were you going to go?

  • Do you know exactly the route of the trip — for example, to the same job, or to a loved one, relative? Your subconscious says: it’s time to pay attention to the work or this person.
  • In addition, not having time to study (work) in a dream, do not rush to worry: the dream says that in reality there will be problems. But of course, with your active assistance!
  • What dreams that you were late for the bus with colleagues? Such a dream has two interpretations. Firstly, he can promise a quarrel with the director (or other chief), up to and including dismissal; urgently get to work and stop being late! Secondly, it may mean: they hide something in the team from you.
  • Your colleagues (and maybe classmates) had time, and you stayed at the bus stop? If you study at a 1-4 course or work, the dream says: they don’t want to cooperate with you, they hide something from you, and this will come out to you «sideways».
  • Are you studying on the 5th course? The dream says: you understand that you will soon part with your friends, and you do not want this. Or maybe you are afraid that after graduation they will settle down better in life?

What was the weather like?

  • Sunny day: you are an optimist, luck will smile at you.
  • The overcast sky, rain, frost: you feel bad, and there is no one to support you. Perhaps you yourself are missing opportunities to change your life for the better.

It was not a routine trip?

Why dream of being late for the bus through the dream books of Freud, Miller

  • Did you catch a familiar bus on an unknown street, or was there a different stop? Or maybe he was fabulous, unusual? In a dream, your desire for change speaks to you.
  • Transport drove completely empty? You want to find a new team or go on vacation (but not to the country). However, something inside does not allow you to let these changes into your life.
  • Have you seen yourself in a village or in a country house, and from you a minibus escaping to the city? Sleep promises problems. You will find yourself in a situation in which you will simply spread your hands and will feel out of place.
  • See that you are late for the bus leaving your city — to a quarrel with a close friend or even a loved one.
  • There is another interpretation: you miss your chance. Which one? It depends on the details of the dream, that is, the purpose of this trip.

Interpretation of popular dream books

Since the first buses appeared at the end of the 19th century, well-known psychoanalysts had enough time to explore why their clients were chasing this transport in a dream. And that’s what they write …

The opinion of Freud’s father of psychoanalysis

  • To wait for the bus is to wait for your beloved one. And you crave not only spiritual intimacy, but also vivid sexual experiences.
  • Late on the bus in a dream: you are unhappy with your intimate life. Maybe a loved one cannot satisfy you, or your frigidity is guilty (real or imaginary); or maybe your chosen one as a lover is not bad, but there is no spiritual relationship in your couple.
  • If you have waited for another bus and got into it, a dream means: you meet anyone with anyone, just not to be alone (one).
  • To go by bus: in the current relationship, you are satisfied with everything, but not with sex. However, don’t be in a hurry to break them: you don’t need to “throw away” really good, loyal, kind people, and having sex is a profitable thing.

How does Miller think?

Why dream of being late for the bus through the dream books of Freud, Miller

  1. A delay, and even a second (for example, the bus showed you a “tail”, or the doors slammed literally in front of your nose) testifies to the disappointment experienced by you. You may have missed a profitable opportunity.
  2. Sometimes such dreams are seen by a person standing at a crossroads. Before him there were three (four, five) ways to solve the problem. He chose one, and the subconscious through a dream says that the choice is wrong.
  3. Finally, a dream can remind you: banal overwork prevents you from reaping the worthy fruits of your labors. Do not constantly drive yourself to work, you’re not a race horse!

New family dream book claims …

  • Riding on a bus — to failure.
  • Do not get into this transport, as he was downtrodden: you will have to «gnaw» his, not only at work, but also in personal relationships.
  • You ran for transport, jumped into it, and suddenly you see that you are not going there: your subconscious mind says that you live wrong, you have chosen the wrong path. Before it’s too late, turn in the right direction!

And how does Loff see this dream?

  1. Riding on a bus means: you think your financial situation is shaky, low (you could not buy a car or spend money on a taxi).
  2. In a dream, wait for a long-distance bus or finally go there, and at the same time meet other passengers: there are always friends around you, you are sociable, you make easy connections.

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