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Why dream of an old house in the dream?

Why dream of an old house in the dream?

Our dreams are a reflection of experienced emotions and feelings. In the subconscious mind, fantastically mixed memories and images are transformed into amazing pictures, images of well-known and accidentally encountered people.

And sleep always has some meaning. In this article we will try to explain what the old house is about.

What does night vision foretell?

Why dream of an old house in the dream?

Important: if you want to interpret a dream as accurately as possible, you need to remember everything you dreamed about in the smallest detail. Try to recall the entire story in detail.

The easiest way to do this is if you describe a dream on paper immediately after waking up.

What dreams of an old house: the interpretation of small Veles’ dream book

In most dream books, the house symbolizes your actions and deeds in real life. From this, most interpretations are repelled.

We have compiled a selection of the best interpretations of the most respected authors from the dream books.

In the small Veles dream book the following values ​​are given:

  • Dreamed old house. This means that in your everyday life you will commit a certain misdemeanor, go to an unseemly matter. As a result, the reputation will be ruined, and others will dramatically change their attitude towards you. Therefore, carefully monitor your actions and actions — try not to violate the norms of morality and, acting in your interests, do not offend other people.
  • old house dreamed of a child. If your baby wakes up and talks about such a dream, you should be more attentive to him. He lacks your attention, in addition, he has a lot of problems in communicating with peers. Try to figure out the cause. The child may need your help and complicity.
  • Dreaming small wooden hut, located in an abandoned place. Such a dream speaks of the desire to hide from the outside world, to be alone, alone with his thoughts. You need time to reboot to think about the meaning of your life.
  • Highly old house almost wreck, dream of people with problem health. You should see a doctor. But a dream can be a sign not of illness, but of problems in business at work. Pay special attention to health and career — something is wrong with them
  • The house is old but looks quite bearable and habitable. So, you have some difficulties in your personal life and career. But you stand this test with honor, solve all the problems and as a result will benefit.
  • Buying an old house dreams of well-being in all spheres of life. But only on condition that the building is strong, beautiful, and the rooms inside are cozy and well-groomed.
  • But if in a dream you get an old house, which is completely unsuitable for life, is in disrepair, this is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream foreshadows either health problems or heavy financial losses.
  • Please note — in the rooms of the house is many antiques or valuable things? So, it is worth waiting for an acquaintance with a person who in the future will become very useful for you. He will come to the rescue and help you out in a very difficult situation.

Why dream of an old house in the dream?

So interprets the dreams of the author of the popular small Velesov dream book. But there are other predictions.

What is the dream of an old house according to Aesop’s dream book?

The author of the dream book of Aesop cites the following interpretations:

  • Dreams that you are in an old house and welcome guests. This is an adverse dream. Soon you will lose close friends after a certain conflict, which you yourself will be the culprit. Try not to provoke a quarrel, and everything will end well
  • old house It may also dream because you feel dissatisfaction with your own life. You are not satisfied with the relationship with your loved one, earnings leaves much to be desired, and there are no close friends

Aesop believes that a dream with an old house is a sign that the time has come to recognize the problems that exist in your life and begin to solve them. Such a dream is a signal of the subconscious: you need to think and decide on changes.

Why dream of an old house in the dream?

Other interpretations

An old cozy house is often associated with childhood, warm memories. Therefore, for the interpretation it is worth remembering what emotions you experienced in the kingdom of Morpheus:

  • Were calm and peaceful — Wait for good events regarding changes in your personal life. Soon you will meet in a man you love, build a family with him and have children. Relationships will be warm, harmonious, full of love and understanding
  • But if in a dream, being in a house, you feel lonely, you feel dissatisfaction, then in life is not all good. Such a dream is a sign that you are offended by your parents, you think that because of them you have problems in relationships with the opposite sex. It’s time to solve the differences, otherwise close to the gloom and even depression
  • You see in a dream an old house that owned by your grandmother? So in your personal life you are fine. It is always cozy at your home, family members respect and love you, and many more happy years ahead of close people are ahead.

See in the video what else the house can dream of:

Of great importance is the way the old house looked like in your dream:

  • If this dilapidated abandoned building, in real life, you feel insecure. You have no support, a person you can rely on
  • If a old house is empty, and you don’t want to enter it, which means that plans outlined in real life will not be realized. All your ideas are doomed to failure. This is not a reason to get upset. You just need to revise your goals, designate a new path that you will follow in life.
  • If a the house in a dream collapses before your eyes, should pay attention to their health. It is under threat. Go to the doctor just in case

These are the most popular predictions.

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