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Why dream of an earthquake — interpretation of the dream

What dream dream earthquake

To find out what the earthquake dreams about, you can review a lot of dream books, but never find a suitable interpretation. Or read this article, in which I summarized the main projections.

Save time and find out what the future holds for you.

Interpretations of popular dream books

In Miller’s dream book, an earthquake seen in a dream is an unfavorable sign. The dreamer will soon suffer misfortunes in various areas of his life.

This will happen because of the economic situation in the country. Entrepreneurs will suffer losses, and the rest of people sleep promises a mess in business and personal life.

Why dream of an earthquake - interpretation of the dream

In the Esoteric Dream Book it is indicated that the earthquake dreams to move. The dreamer will have to collect things and move to a permanent place of residence in the city far from his current home.

The Free Dream Book states that a person will begin to feel a constant feeling of anxiety. And the forebodings do not deceive him — soon a real disaster will happen in his life.

We’ll have to collect all the forces to correct the situation and return to a state of calm.

In the English dream book such predictions:

  1. Dreamer waiting for a lot of trouble. From problems with money, and serious, to losses in his personal life.
  2. It is likely the separation from the second half or divorce from the spouse as a result of prolonged conflict. About happiness in love for some time will have to forget.
  3. And throughout the world will begin severe natural disasters and economic crisis. Not even the onset of war.
  4. Also, such a dream can be a harbinger of suffering due to failures in heart matters.

The authors of the dream book advise to gain strength and restore energy resources so that there is an opportunity to overcome a personal crisis as soon as possible, solve all problems and get out of the black bar in life.

Why dream of an earthquake - interpretation of the dream

In the interpretation of the French dream book, an earthquake is a sign of destruction and loss, and global. It may seem to a person that the world around him is collapsing, and there is no escape.

But he should remember that it is always dawn beyond the dark night. And he always has hope to correct everything and become happy again.

Dream Cananita warns: you will face serious blows of fate, and you need to gather all the courage to continue to move towards the goals. You will be fine if you begin to actively act and solve your problems, no matter how complex they may seem at first glance.

In Little Dream, an earthquake is a sign of danger. In a dream, your subconscious mind thus warns of danger looming over you.

It should be vigilant to protect yourself and loved ones from the big trouble.

Family Dream

The authors of this dream book also do not predict anything good.

Why dream of an earthquake - interpretation of the dream

Here are their interpretations:

  1. You will have to move out of the country and start a new life in a completely unfamiliar environment, without friends and support. Moving will be forced, and you have to suffer for a long time and overcome all sorts of obstacles.
  2. Feel the tremor, waves rolling on the ground — in your country will begin unrest because of the discontent of citizens. Increasing tension caused by government actions.
  3. To see great destruction after an earthquake — to ruin, grief, unhappiness and large financial losses. You will have to literally rise again, start all over again, build a new life from scratch, losing everything that you had before.
  4. Seeing a city completely destroyed after a disaster is a sign of a global catastrophe in the world. Throughout the world, people will suffer and experience all sorts of trouble, from poverty and hunger to endless wars.

Intimate Dream

Predictions of this dream book help to better understand their sex life.

  1. If in a dream you have suffered from a serious earthquake, then the relationship with your partner has ceased to suit you. You dream of something completely different, you have been tortured by dissatisfaction, the beloved completely ignores your needs and puts love under great doubt.
  2. If you do nothing and do not change, dissatisfaction will begin to grow and one day it will turn from a small snowball into a huge avalanche that will completely bury your relationship.
  3. If you try to save love, then a favorable outcome is possible. The most important thing for you is not to be silent about what does not suit you, but when talking with a partner, try to bring everything to him.

Female dream book

If an earthquake dreams of a woman, then the predictions may be favorable. It all depends on what scenario the dream developed.

  1. See the earthquake from the side — to the cardinal life changes that turn everything in your life upside down. And that, changes will be positive or negative, depends only on you.
  2. Become an eyewitness to a disaster — a loved one needs your help and support. Try to be involved, even if for this you have to sacrifice personal interests and means.
  3. Save a person during a disaster — and in real life you will help someone, for which you will be rewarded after a while. Most likely, you will have to part with part of the savings in order to do this.
  4. See how the earth goes from under your feet — to family problems that may start because of your tendency to constantly provoke conflicts. You need to try to calm down and resolve all differences peacefully, if you do not want a divorce.
  5. If you were buried under the rubble of stones and fragments of buildings, then in reality there is a threat to your health. It is necessary to visit a doctor to have time to cure the disease at the very beginning, preventing the development of complications.

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  • If you have a dream of an earthquake, wait for trouble. Such a dream does not bode well.
  • Negative events can happen in different areas of life: you will have serious problems with money, relationships, career or something else.
  • In rare cases, a dream like this can lead to problems not only in the life of the dreamer, but also in the destinies of an entire people, or even of all mankind.

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