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Why dream of a worm on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus

Dreamed of a worm — the prediction of famous dream books

There is no argument that when meeting a worm, people have a feeling of disgust, disgust and hostility. Why dream of a worm, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

A worm in a dream is a symbol of masculinity, earthly energy, earthiness, and silent peace. The negative interpretation of this sign reflects the character of a person in the period of his weakness, spinelessness, bigotry and sycophancy. This insincerity can manifest itself for the sake of material gain, promotion, benefits and privileges.

Such people are ready to serve and suffer humiliation from an influential person for the sake of position in society.

I dreamed how worms eat everything around — a bad omen. This is a precursor of disease, adversity and trouble.

You saw how crawling under your feet — you will experience excitement, irritation, grief.

Why dream of a worm on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus

For a woman, a worm in a dream can personify a man who treats her consumerly. Such relationships are not built on mutual feelings of love and respect.

A man is present next to the dreamer for the sake of his own self-realization, consuming her resources and capabilities until such time as they end.

A man such a dream may indicate his humiliating position next to a strong lady. He is ready to endure a big difference in age, to go on about her whims, only to be in high society and not to deny himself anything. Such a person is not disturbed at all by the immorality of behavior and the condemnation of others.

These visions do not arise by chance, hinting a prosperous and successful young man to the sad outcome of the future.

I dreamed of breaking the earthworm into two halves — a dream indicates a split personality of the dreamer. Outwardly self-confident, self-sufficient and respectable person very often wants to reincarnate in a frivolous, carefree student.

Such people are prone to frequent mood swings, alcohol abuse and violent outbursts of emotions.

A business person who runs her own business, worms in a dream are a warning. The danger of betrayal lurks the dreamer among the inner circle, they pursue only their own benefit and are ready to turn away from you at any moment.

A couple of such a plot may appear in a period of crisis in the relationship. Expect quarrels, quarrels, disputes on domestic issues. Scandals will cease if the dream succeeds in crushing the worm.

So in the near future you will find points of contact and will be able to restore a favorable atmosphere in the house.

Collecting worms in the bank for future fishing — a sign that you are able to control your enemies, deliberately bringing them closer. You are united by the common benefit of a promising project, you are able to anticipate the behavior of opponents and calculate their subsequent actions.

To fish for a worm — says that in order to achieve the goal you are ready to consider your life principles and neglect your own conscience. This reflects the practical approach of the dreamer, who is primarily interested in the growth of material profit and financial independence.

What else to expect from a worm

  • crawled out onto the surface of the earth — it will be possible to outwit and beat the competitors;
  • wriggle in your legs — to apathy, energy exhaustion;
  • glimpsed a young man — to an active sex life;
  • girl hold in their hands — to an attractive fan.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A worm is a phallic symbol. Such a dream personifies the masculine principle, giving offspring.

Many worms in a dream — to conceive children. Search for them in the ground, but not to find them — to unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant.

For the dreamer — this serves as a hint at his selfish approach to women. In bed, these people tend to get maximum pleasure without giving anything in return.

Intimacy for them is a way of their own relaxation and satisfaction.

For a woman to stick a worm on a hook — to dominate sex in reality, exposing her specific requirements and claims. Throwing a fishing rod in a dream — it means to have a desire to change a partner or simply to strive for a variety of sexual relationships.

Why dream of a worm on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus

The man dreamed of crushing this digger — in reality, not controlling his jealousy, which is likely to lead to a rupture of relations with his wife. To stop discord, it is necessary to show more confidence in the second half and stop expressing baseless claims.

A woman to accidentally step on a worm is to reject the persistent and intrusive courtship of a potential lover. This attention will seem to you insincere and very suspicious.

It is better to avoid even a one-time sexual contact with such a person, so as not to complicate the situation.

Gustov Miller

The worm is a precursor of negative events in the dreamer’s life. The more of these slippery creatures in your dream, the longer the period of unpleasant experiences, disappointments and stresses is expected.

The reason for such a mood can be the actions of the people around you, who caused you to have warm, trusting feelings.

Why dream of a worm on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Nostradamus

To get scared in a dream of such a plot is to expect health problems. That moment when chronic diseases can make themselves known. On the other hand, this may reflect a general feeling of ill health, energy failure, depression, and depression.

Vacation, changing the situation, healthy sleep and new, pleasant impressions will help to accumulate strength.

Slippery animals dreamed as bait — take advantage of the benefits of the situation, get a significant profit. In this case, a significant role will be played by the mistakes of the past, which you do not intend to repeat in the future.

A favorable period for new perspectives and unlimited opportunities.

A young lady to feel on the skin of a slippery worm — in reality, it seems to be a very mercantile and mundane person around. Your relationships with people are based only on your benefits. Shaking off these creatures from oneself means completely changing the views, interests, moral principles.

You strive for self-improvement, knowledge of your true purpose, for harmony. Now for you spiritual growth is higher than material goods and values.


Many worms in a dream personify danger. It is worth being extremely careful on trips, public places.

Chances of theft, fraud, street robbery.

To crush this animal is to bypass the troubles and tribulations. Rely on your intuition, she definitely won’t let you down at these moments.

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