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Why dream of a window: interpretation of the dream book

What is the dream of the window — a detailed interpretation of the dream

Most interpreters claim that the window is a symbol of getting rid of superfluous things, outdated relationships and problems that for a long time did not give the dreamer peace of mind. It predicts a new stage in life, the emergence of previously absent opportunities.

Some dream books also point to the connection of the window with the female genital organs and bind the interpretation to the sphere of love and relationships. In any case, in order to interpret a dream, you need to recall the details: the color, shape, size and condition of the window, the place where it was located, the actions of people who were present in the dream.

  • Married predicts affair on the side. If the window was open, the wife will find out about everything.
  • Idle promises love adventures, the result of which will be unpredictable.
  • Divorced promises to get rid of all the claims of the former spouse.
  • A widower will be able to find solace in a useful activity for society.
  • Married want to change something in a relationship with her spouse.
  • A lone man will be able to meet a good man if the window was open. Otherwise, she will remain without a gentleman.
  • Divorcees do not want to start a new relationship, she enjoys freedom.
  • The widow will be a sign from the untimely deceased spouse.
  • Pregnant window foreshadows early delivery. In the early stages should beware of miscarriage.

Why dream of a window: interpretation of the dream book

It is important to pay attention to the state of the window.

NewLife is getting better. Self-realization. A woman who suffered from a gynecological disease, such a dream promises recovery
Old, rottenTo material losses, poverty. If it fell out and stung the dreamer, this is a warning about a shortage in cash or errors in financial documents, problems with paying taxes
CleanThe decision will be made taking into account all the circumstances of the case. Sleep is not characterized by impulsiveness and mood swings.
  • Dusty — to achieve the goal will have to spend a lot of time and effort.
  • Spattered with mud — a person harbors anger on the whole world around.
  • Bird-drenched — improving well-being depends largely on the correct assessment of the situation.
BrokenThe worst case scenario of all expected
OpenGift, profit. Unexpected luck
ClosedThe man torments himself with thoughts that he could do otherwise. Heaviness on the soul. Lack of ideas about how to live
With mosquito netIt is not necessary to talk about the real state of affairs to those who show excessive curiosity. It is better to confine general phrases or to transfer the conversation to another direction.
Walled up or boarded upSeparation of lovers due to circumstances beyond their control; unexpected romance
Window frame without glassDetails of the intimate life of the dreamer will be known to others and become a cause for ridicule.
BarredTo parting with a man who was dear; to the loss of the subject or skill, without which it is difficult to do
Very smallNarrow circle of interests; low level of mental development
HugeGood intelligence, the ability to quickly and correctly analyze information
Too lowLack of ambition. The dreamer considers himself unworthy of the benefits that he would like to have
Too highInflated demands on themselves. A person pays a lot of attention to self-improvement (external, mental or spiritual) and cannot determine the line where he should stay.
Stained GlassDream of a significant event in life
SightThe desire to act like everyone else is no different from the crowd. If the dreamer cuts a place in the wall for such a window, in reality it is annoying to someone’s originality, originality
ArchedWillingness to give friends a helping hand in any situation
Panoramic viewHuge possibilities. The Universe will help the one who looked through a window in a dream. Smash it with a ball or a stone — lose a chance that will not fall out anymore.
With shuttersDreamer accused of dishonesty
Mirror effectYou should deal with people as they allow themselves to relate to the sleeper. Trying to look through the window through what is happening indoors — outrage at fair retribution

The material from which the frame is made:

  • Tree — well-being, financial security.
  • Plastic — a modern look at things. The use of innovative technologies. Ability to find non-standard solutions.
  • Aluminum — dissatisfaction. A man has to be content with little.

Windows with defects suggest that the dreamer is to blame for all his troubles. If you dream of a beautiful window, it is to the successful completion of the case.

The color of the frame also largely determines the essence of the dream. If it is made of wood and is not painted, it has retained its texture, it symbolizes the normal development of the situation, natural processes, the natural completion of works.

What will happen will happen and there is no possibility to influence it.

The interpretation of the color of painted window frames.

WhiteEvidence of loyalty, spiritual purity. Health improvement
The blackPathological bad luck due to negative view of life
PinkStart a romantic relationship. If the paint has already started to peel off or has burnt out, this indicates the insincerity of one of the partners.
BrownBoring and monotonous pastime with family
BlueMagical influence: love spell, money plot. The dark blue window predicts the sad consequences of a rash act.
RedVictory due to physical strength
GreenA man and a woman who are not related by marriage, are planning a joint journey. A broken window with a green frame promises failure in a new business project

Why dream of a window: interpretation of the dream book

For a more detailed interpretation of sleep, you need to remember what the sleeper was doing or other people whose actions are connected with the window.

Action with a windowDecryption
WashAt a subconscious level, the dreamer feels the danger emanating from someone close to him, but with all his strength pushes away such thoughts from himself. You need to look at your friends and relatives, less to share with them the details of your life and plans for the future
WatchIf a person applied to a higher power, this is a sign that she was heard. Otherwise, such a dream indicates isolation, detachment from the rest of the world, refusal to help in difficult situations. In everything that happens, the sleeper blames himself. Looking out the window with broken, cracked glass — to continue the struggle, not paying attention to the inequality of forces
Pass byTendency to exaggerate their skills and capabilities. Soon the moment will come when they will have to demonstrate them, after which the dreamer will lose all respect from others
Peeking from the streetThe desire to understand yourself, understand your true needs, evaluate the correctness of the chosen life path
KnockIf a bird knocks on the window, it promises unexpected news; and if he himself is asleep, he must prepare for the trouble that will happen soon. To hear someone knocking is a message that waiting for trouble was in vain
OpenThe collapse of hope, unfulfilled expectations. A male dreamer, who opens a window, in reality has a great desire to make love with a woman who is not available to him. If he tries to open the sash, but the mechanism is jammed, this indicates the presence of psychological trauma after unsuccessful sexual contact.
CloseA serious or chronic illness; may need surgery
Jump out the windowHigh self-esteem, neglect of healthy criticism and opinions of others, different from their own. Unfounded self-righteousness
Climb the windowFun and carefree pastime
Talking through the windowThe lack of understanding with the person on whom the dreamer has high hopes. Attempt to persuade someone to his side, to make something to do with persuasion or manipulation
SetProtection of personal boundaries
Remove, remove from mounting hingesLoss of virginity. The tipping point, after which a person’s life will change dramatically, and the cause of all that is happening will be internal dissatisfaction, the desire to get rid of the former "I"
Close the curtainsThe desire to keep secret events that are at risk of becoming public and can ruin the dreamer’s reputation. If the curtains are heavy and dense, they do not let the sunlight in at all, this is the forerunner of the everyday storms. Pull back light and transparent tulle — to harmonize relations with the outside world
Fly out the window
  • In the image of a bird — the desire to get away from the problems, a break from the routine.
  • In the form of a man with wings — a good period for creativity. A person is engaged in the realization of his talent and is completely oblivious to worldly affairs.
  • On a broomstick — the tendency to fantasize, unrealistic perception of reality.
  • Levitate — be in high spirits
Throw something out of the windowRelations, originally based only on sex, have ceased to make the dreamer, who wants a family and children
To makeFighting gender inequalities, including indirect ones (for example, for a woman, such a dream can mean entering a university for a specialty that is traditionally considered to be male)
To transportTake on someone else’s fault
Pop outLong-awaited news or official response will be received. If in a dream you had to lean out of the window very far away and someone was holding the dreamer by the legs for safety, this is a sign that the planned business will not fail only thanks to outside help.
Fall outIn the near future, a person is in danger of being robbed or suffering from fraudsters. A fall from a high-altitude window predicts that the dreamer will suffer not only financially but also physically
Pass something through the windowPrompt someone a more profitable or simple solution to the problem
SmashThe consequences of promiscuous sex life will create many problems. To break someone else’s window — a relationship with a non-free man and the subsequent disassembly with his wife. If a window in his house was accidentally broken, this is a warning about the obsession of a mistress, with whom the dreamer has long broken off contacts
Sit on the windowsillTo make reckless, stupid acts in an attempt to prove their independence and independence
Exit through the window by a ladder outsideAfter unsuccessful completion of the case, the dreamer is set to start all over again, but this time he will do everything possible to avoid failure.
Go down the window on the ropeHasty destruction of evidence, hiding bad results
Glue the gapsTake precautions, prepare in advance for the alleged adversity

To see in a dream how the window beats, and at the same time fall under the hail of fragments — to suspicions of infidelity, aggression from a partner. If this happened in a strange house, the dreamer could be threatened by people with whom he was associated with illegal activities.

Why dream of a window: interpretation of the dream book

If an interaction with someone happened through the window, it is important to remember the identity of that person.

NeighborSomeone from others considers himself entitled to lord him asleep, but he lacks the strength of spirit to stand up for himself
Favorite boy or girlSuch a dream indicates reciprocity of feelings.
Ex-husband or wifeSoon, one of the ex-spouses initiates the resumption of relations
Mother or fatherParents have a great influence on their adult children in matters of their personal life.
StrangerTendency to blame for the failures of all but himself
Friend or good friend, colleagueThe sleeper does not cope with his duties and needs help, but hesitates to say so.
Few people
  • Two or three — participation in a private event.
  • More than three — an invitation to a celebration, where there will be many guests
dead personEvents from the distant past have a great influence on the current views of man.
Character book or movieDesire to embellish reality by telling friends about your life
AlienThe dreamer refuses to believe that events are not accidental.

The place where the events took place is also important for deciphering the dream.

A placeValue
In a residential building
  • His — a person lives as he wants, does not hide anything from others and does not consider it necessary to justify himself for his actions.
  • Alien — one of the friends envies the well-being of the dreamer and tries to bring him to bankruptcy.
  • Parental — pressure of senior relatives prevents to make independent decisions
In an administrative institutionThe sleeper feels alien and unnecessary, which makes him very upset. He may have difficulty communicating with people whose interests are significantly different from those he is used to discussing.
At schoolTo achieve success you need to get the latest information, learn the latest methods of work.
In the hospitalIf the dreamer suffers from some ailment, you can determine the outcome of the disease. Tightly curtained window means resuscitation, fling open — recovery, closed — surgery, dirty — poor tests, broken — death
In the castleSuch a dream reflects the desire of the sleeper to be in the center of attention, to receive care and to feel its importance. Greet someone from the castle window — to a public speech
In one of the rooms of the apartment
  • In the bedroom — a new love affair; between spouses will rekindle passion.
  • In the kitchen — controversy, gossip, any emotional discussion.
  • In the nursery — the changes associated with the needs of children or younger relatives.
  • In the bathroom, the dreamer loves to talk about what would be best kept secret.
In the barracks or prisonSuddenly there will be a chance to find a solution in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Common dream scenarios in which the window is involved.

A bird flew through the windowThe letter, the news. If it was a crow, something bad would happen to the house owner.
Nice view from the windowIf you had to admire them in a dream, in reality they expect changes for the better.
A blank wall is visible outside the window.Another person tries to manipulate the dreamer, building his fate according to his desires.
Draw on the misted window glassDreaming about something unattainable, convincing yourself that it is not so necessary
Discuss windows replacementPlan large-scale changes (moving to another city, plastic surgery)
Natural events outside the window
  • It is snowing — life troubles will be bypassed.
  • Thunderstorm — a joyful, long-awaited event.
  • Visible rainbow — dizzying love.
  • Rain — profit, luck in gambling.
  • The sun shines brightly out the window — inspiration will allow you to cope with any business
The cat sitting on the windowsillDiscord in the family, lack of understanding. If the window is open, due to the unpleasant situation in the house, someone will leave to live in another place.
Smoke comes out of the windowAll troubles will end soon. If the smoke is black and spreads on the ground, you need to beware of enemies who are preparing new machinations.
The wind opened the windowA person does not notice how his life changes on his own
See from the street through the window what people in the room doBecause of the everyday routine, there is no time for entertainment. If people drink alcohol or play cards, the dreamer’s relatives will try to use it for their own purposes for material gain.
Night outside the window
  • The sky is covered with clouds, total darkness is an introvert person, lives in its own world and does not need frequent contact with others.
  • You can see the stars and the moon — indicates the love of noisy feasts, the desire to be in a big company
The window was badly fixed and fellThe collapse of illusions. The sleeper is aware that for a long time he was mistaken in his vision of the world.
The curtains on the window came on.The rapid change of the situation, events that no one expected

Showing a child through the window of a maternity hospital or hospital is a strong possessive instinct, unwillingness to share with others what has been achieved by hard work. If the child is completely covered with clothes or a blanket, then the dreamer prefers not to spread information about his merits.

The authors of the dream books explain the meaning of this dream in different ways.

Dream interpretationTreatment
MillerHope to collapse. All attempts to rectify the situation will not bring results. The one who in a dream looked in another’s window and saw something strange there, will lose money and respect
LoversThis dream book foreshadows the end of the relationship. The reason for this will be an event that has offended or disappointed one of the partners. To get into the house through the window is to deceive the location of a person. Closed shutters promise solitude and separation
Witch MedeaKnowledge of the outside world and yourself. If a person doubts when choosing a profession, it can be an indication that he will make a good psychologist, sociologist or natural scientist.
AesopThe interpretation of such a dream is connected with the search for a way out of the current situation, the beginning of a new activity, the receipt of previously unknown information. Scientists promise discoveries, businessmen — profit growth, housewives — changes in life, which will force them to take up work in the office. To see a silhouette in a window — to mystical events in reality
FreudAccording to this dream book, a window seen in a dream means that a person is trying to maintain a relationship, removing his partner from solving problems. He is silent about what does not suit him, but at one moment the disappointment will reach the limit and the union will disintegrate.
TsvetkovaThe dreams of the dreamer will come true, and his guesses will be confirmed, but you must be able to wait. The open window symbolizes regrets about the deed, repentance, attempts to return everything. If you had to open the window, soon there will be a small chance to change your life for the better.

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