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Why dream of a wedding of an unmarried girl?

Why dream of a wedding of an unmarried girl?

Wedding is the most awaited event for every girl. This centuries-old tradition has left many signs and superstitions.

And why dream of a wedding of an unmarried girl? For good or ill? What does this dream mean?

The interpretation of the dream will depend on the details of the plot that you saw.

Why dream of a wedding of an unmarried girl?

General interpretation

The meaning of a dream for a girl’s life can be different, as a wedding can be different. It is necessary to recall the details of the dream, what was your wedding:

  • fun and noisy;
  • sad and sad;
  • the groom was absent from the ceremony;
  • there was just a preparation for the marriage;
  • wedding canceled.

If the dreamer in a dream is watching preparation for a wedding celebration, then pleasant changes will soon come to life: expect surprises. However, unpleasant impressions of a dream change the interpretation — soon you will have a tiff with your beloved.

If a girl watches her own wedding from the side (sees himself from the side) is a warning about possible betrayal. Also this plot can warn that rumors and gossip are spreading about you.

If at the wedding ceremony you saw a man in a mourning dress, then your marriage will be short-lived, and you and your spouse will be parted. This is a very bad dream, however, the warning concerns the current year.

Just postpone the wedding until next year, and all will be well.

What does it mean for a girl to see someone else’s happiness? This dream foreshadows the expansion of the circle of friends, success in the implementation of the plans and the implementation of the plan.

However, if you feel at the same time painful feelings, the dream warns of the appearance of problems in the implementation of plans. There is also an interpretation of the prophecy of trouble in the house.

It all depends on the inner feelings during the dream.

Wedding incidents

Consider the cases of unexpected events during the wedding ceremony.

  • but) Wedding without a groom prophesies the emergence of problems. Either your goals are not realized, or a life fiasco awaits you. The dream foreshadows the future development of some important life situation that will affect the events of the distant future.
  • b) Cancel your own wedding in a dream warns about deception by strangers. If you yourself are late for the ceremony, tearing it off, it means that you will commit some rash act in life.

If you conceived some company, on the eve of which the canceled wedding dreamed, it means that this plan will lead to an adventure. It is better to abandon the implementation of a dubious enterprise.

If outsiders interfere with the ceremony folks, it warns of fraud. Be careful when signing contracts, making deals: do not trust doubtful individuals.

Why dream of a wedding of an unmarried girl?

Signs of a dream

  • See your wedding with a nasty man — to stop communicating with him.
  • To see an unfamiliar bride of an ugly appearance — to big trouble in the family.
  • See the young beautiful bride — warning parents of danger.
  • See someone else’s wedding ceremony — to cardinal changes in life.
  • Church Wedding spells unexpected pleasant events.
  • Wedding procession — to the approximation of good news about important significant matters.
  • See the wedding of a loved one with another bride — a warning of danger to him: severe illness, accident, etc.
  • Take part in organizing someone else’s wedding — to big obstacles in your life.
  • See yourself in a wedding dress — to big trouble for the girl.
  • Marry a stranger — to parting with loved ones.
  • Secret marriage warns about the rumors around the girl: someone diligently spoils the reputation.
  • Get married with an old man — to a serious illness for a girl.
  • To be a witness to someone else’s marriage — to positive changes in life.
  • Dance at a wedding celebration — A warning to fear the opposite sex: you can be deceived.

The old interpretation of their own wedding always wore a negative connotation. According to the beliefs of our great-grandmothers, such a dream foreshadowed illness and even death.

However, in our days, the interpretation of sleep has changed. What is the reason, it is not known. For good or ill, a wedding dream, prompts your own intuition.

Listen to the interpreters, but the inner understanding of sleep will be more accurate and correct!

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