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Why dream of a tsunami: in the city, at sea, to run away from the tsunami in a dream

The lush element seen in reality leaves an unforgettable impression, even if it was a scene report or a feature film. Therefore, when deciphering what the tsunami dreams for, it is important to consider whether it was not possible to witness this phenomenon shortly before.

In this case, the dream is just memories disturbing the soul, but such a powerful symbol as a huge wave has other interpretations.

Why dream of a tsunami: in the city, at sea, to run away from the tsunami in a dream

Dream Miller interprets a tsunami as a warning of danger, an increased level of anxiety for relatives and close people. If you dreamed how boiling water washes trees away from the roots, severe trials are coming.

To withstand them, you have to mobilize all the forces.

Dream Vanga gives an explanation of the tsunami as excitement in his personal life. The grander in a dream was the raging of the water element, the more there will be experiences.

For married ladies, this is a hint that an insidious rival may soon appear. However, the Bulgarian prophetess reassures that if the sunny clear weather sets in after the tsunami ends, this is a good sign.

Perturbations will not cause any special harm.

Ukrainian source Considers a tsunami with muddy water foretelling a bad period. Chances of malaise are high.

If the wave has covered the sleeper — in reality there will be an offer to participate in a dubious project. It is advisable not to agree to it, otherwise the consequences could be catastrophic.

According to esoteric dream book if you dream of a tsunami, in reality you will experience a shock. The reason will be stormy events around.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud treats the tsunami as complications in the field of personal relationships. There may be misunderstandings when communicating with loved ones and business partners.

To avoid problems, you will have to think carefully about the consequences of the words spoken and make every effort to achieve compromise solutions.

Interpretation by David Loff’s Dreambook means that everything in life will get out of control of the sleeper. A possible reason could be a loss of self-esteem and confusion in the face of changing external circumstances.

Such a dream symbolizes some predestination.

According to the white mage’s dream book, Yuri Longo to be in the epicenter of the elements and be covered with a tsunami — a warning. At the moment, the dreamer in reality comes in the wake of primitive instincts and momentary desires, which leads him away from the true path.

To remedy the situation, it is important to urgently revise life priorities. Observing the tsunami from the side, and being in complete safety at the same time is a more positive sign.

There will be dramatic changes of a global nature. To affect them will not work, but the terrible destruction in the life of the dreamer will not happen.

A big wave Tsunami symbolizes the emotional sphere. At the same time, it reflects the state of affairs.

See huge tsunami and experience the delight of the grandiose rampant of the water element in a dream, this is the precursor of career growth, for which you will have to experience considerable stress.

Tsunami dreamed flood means the sleeper is overwhelmed with feelings. However, sleep calls for composure, because actions under the influence of emotions can harm. When dreaming of a tsunami and a flood in the distance, this is a hint that in a close circle of communication there is not a completely reliable person, and there is a chance to suffer because of his actions.

If water has penetrated into the apartment of the sleeper, this is an indication of the need to urgently engage in the normalization of relationships with relatives.

Why dream of a tsunami: in the city, at sea, to run away from the tsunami in a dream

Tsunami approach personifies anxious mood. There is a reason for unrest — there is a period of change ahead.

About what they will, tell the details of sleep.

If dreamed, as tsunami washes everything in its path, this is a caution. Bitter losses and property damage may follow.

Tsunami married woman serves as a warning sign. To heart of the spouse the unprincipled rival tries to pick up a key.

The symbol of dizzying emotions is a tsunami in a dream girls. Soon the whirl of passions will turn into a whirl, and it will be incredibly difficult to keep the sobriety of judgments.

When the dream tsunami pregnant, This frightening story is a reflection of internal unrest. The upcoming birth induces fear, of which the woman is afraid to admit to reality.

The symbol of reaching career heights is considered to be a dreaming tsunami. a man, if he observes him at a safe distance. To be injured — to the deterioration of cases.

Family dreamers tsunami carrying muddy waters, warns about a quarrel with the parents of the second half.

Tsunami in the town — bad omen. Following such a dream, adverse events may follow: severe illness, loss of a loved one, financial turmoil.

Tsunami on the sea warns that there are competitors. Such a plot calls not only for vigilance in affairs, but also for ignoring gossip and unverified information.

When the dream tsunami on the river, in reality, difficulties may arise even in the performance of customary duties. However, difficulties only temper the character.

To many events dream get there in the tsunami. The whirlpool of affairs will be confusing, and will force you to perform several duties simultaneously.

Run away from a tsunami is considered a symbolic image of the exhausting struggle with circumstances. The dreamer is ready to go to the end in upholding his convictions.

Great plot — escape from a tsunami in a dream. Trouble will pass by.

If the dream happened watch tsunamis from afar often this is a reflection of rapidly developing events of enormous scale. Directly, the dreamer of change is not affected, but help may be needed by close people.

To be under the flood of elements — to strong emotional shocks and negative changes due to external circumstances. To see how the wave washed away the dreamer’s house from the surface means that in reality there will be difficulties.

My thoughts will be chaos, and it will be difficult to sort out my thoughts and bring order to affairs.

Having understood what the tsunami dreams for, you can harmonize your own life.

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