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Why dream of a tornado or tornado?

Why dream of a tornado or tornado?

The element of nature brings destruction and disaster in life, to resist which a person can not. What dreams of a tornado or a tornado, because this dream does not leave anyone indifferent?

Can this image have a positive value in a dream? Consider the various interpretations.

Why dream of a tornado or tornado?

Common Interpretation of Dream Books

The whirling whirlwind was furiously compared to the dance of the devil, it was attributed to a mystical interpretation. The tornado appears always unexpectedly, therefore in the interpretation of sleep is considered as a cardinal unforeseen change in life. The subconscious mind warns the person to prepare for the upcoming series of life challenges and hardships, to become stronger in spirit.

Forewarned is forearmed.

If the whirlwind of a tornado is accompanied by lightning, mortal danger should be expected — the dreamer himself puts himself at an unreasonable risk. However, the storm that subsides in the dream suggests that the trouble passes the person.

Element will pass alongside the dreamer and will not cause significant harm. Following the storm, a new stage of life will come, and everything will end safely as a result.

Also, a successful ending foreshadows a dream in which the sleeper will be able to find shelter from the elements.

Dying in a dream from the effects of a tornado is a wake-up call from the subconscious: a serious threat to your well-being and life, perhaps a serious illness, hangs over you If you watched the violence of the elements from afar, get ready for the upcoming difficult and responsible work.

Seeing the devastating effects of a tornado in a dream indicates a change in one life stage to another: your life will change direction, be filled with new content.

Dream night storm — advice not to make hasty, ill-considered decisions that will lead to unpleasant consequences. To see the daily storm — to the aggravation of the internal competition in the service. If the elements destroyed the house, you have to change housing or workplace, and, often have to change their place of residence and work.

Some dream books say: the element sweeping away everything in its path foreshadows the appearance of a dreamer in the life of a person who will make fundamental changes and change the sleeper’s worldview.

Tornado on the sea coast has a similar meaning — get ready for the blows of fate and trials.

Interpretation of a tornado on days of the week

  • on Monday night — do not bring the quarrel to a scandal, know how to restrain yourself;
  • on the night of Tuesday — soon expect life tests;
  • on Wednesday night — you have to justify the mistake that a friend will make;
  • on Thursday night — offense for trifles await you;
  • on Friday night — to changes in personal life;
  • on Saturday night — a misfortune will suffer a loved one;
  • on Sunday night — dreams of changes in personal life.

Why dream of a tornado or tornado?

Interpretation of dream books

Freight’s Dream Interpretation believes that the tornado or tornado dreams to the appearance in the life of the dreamer of a new man who will turn life upside down. The consequence of dating will be a new worldview of the sleeper, cardinal changes in life.

Dreamy longo warns: you will have to pay for the consequences of your imprudent actions. Perhaps you did not help someone at the right time? Natural disaster — always to significant events in life.

For singles, this story foreshadows a dizzying romance and passionate feelings.

Arabic Dreambook sees in this story a prediction of disasters. Hurricane for lovers — to disappointment, sadness and tears, for tourists — a danger, for businessmen — a disease.

The rest of the dreamers should expect home skirmishes with relatives, scandals and troubles.

Dream Miller believes that for lonely people sleep with a tornado promises a change in personal life. If the dreamer fell into the very center of the funnel, soon a loved one would turn his head.

Tornado — a symbol of change. If the dreamer has not experienced a big fright when seeing this plot, he is most likely just waiting for big changes in life.

And not always these changes are deplorable — sometimes the wind of change clears the place for positive changes in our life. Just a tornado stresses that they will happen suddenly and without warning.

To see not the element itself, but the consequences of destruction — misfortunes will bypass the dreamer side. However, this story warns to be more cautious and think about responsibility for their actions, words and deeds.

It is time to replace the frivolous style of behavior serious and solid.

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