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Why dream of a swarm of bees?

Why dream of a swarm of bees?

The bee that dreamed in a dream is a sign, in general, favorable, and most dream books interpret such dreams from the positive side. Nevertheless, there is still a slight discrepancy in various interpretations.

Therefore, one can only understand what a swarm of bees dreams about by carefully analyzing the details of night vision.

Why dream of a swarm of bees?

What dreams of a swarm of bees: a general interpretation

The first association that occurs with the word “bee” is diligence and its sweet result is honey. Similar symbolism can be applied to dreams in which this insect appeared. Bees seen in a dream symbolize fruitful work and productivity, monetary stability.

In particular, such a dream can mean friendly and productive work of a cohesive team, which is sure to be crowned with success.

When interpreting a dream in which a man had a bee swarm, it is very important to pay attention to sleep setting:

  • if insects quietly flew through a blooming garden or a meadow covered with beautiful flowers, doing their direct business — collecting sweet flower nectar, this foreshadows the dreamer light work, which he will certainly enjoy and will be fully satisfied with the final results;
  • the dream of a bee swarm, sadly sweeping across empty fields and not finding honey flowers, promises a sleeper labor in vain and unhappy, which, moreover, will take a long time and will require considerable effort.

For a more accurate interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to evaluate and the dreamer’s attitude to a swarm of bees. It will be a good sign if a person in his dream sees himself as the owner of an apiary and calmly performs the corresponding duties.

Such a plot can narrate about managing the activities of a friendly team and getting successful results from the work done.

With a certain degree of caution, it is necessary to treat a dream in which bees stalk with intent to sting, either have already attacked the sleeper or bit him. Such dreams usually act as a warning of any real trouble.

In particular, sleep may portend about unpleasant affairs, hard imposed by the dreamer. In some cases, this plot means moral pressure and oppression from the collective, where the sleeper works.

A dream in which a person dreams swarm of wild bees, promises probable informal earnings. To understand what the result of such a “left” work will be, the dreamer should analyze the situation of the dream, its state, sensations and emotions.

Thus, the side job will be successful if the action of sleep occurs in a pleasant green forest, and the bees fly together in a friendly and cohesive way.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books

The image of a bee in a dream by most dream books is explained, on the whole, from the positive side. However, the most correct interpretation of a dream where a bee swarm dreamed always depends on its detailed characteristics.

What to expect if you saw a swarm of bees in your dream? Consider the versions offered by the most famous interpreters.

Modern dream book

  • See the swarm in a dream — to favorable agreements, successful transactions. For businessmen, such a dream promises an increase in financial well-being, for parents — joy, the source of which will be children.
  • Bee swarm chases — health sleeping will be strong.
  • Run away from the swarm of bees — face the envy and hatred of enemies.

Dream Miller

  • Bee swarm in a dream — to profitable trade transactions and arrangements. For business people — successful trade, for the military — discipline on the part of subordinates.
  • Also a swarm of bees in a dream can talk about good health and longevity.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The meaning of a dream, in which the sleeper sees a swarm of bees, in S. Freud’s dream book is inextricably linked with psychoanalysis and the sexual side of life. According to the scientist, the intimate life of a person who saw a swarm of bees in his dream promises to be diverse and rich.

  • If a a bee swarm dreamed of a woman — the dream promises a meeting with a man who will see in her only a sexual object.

Dream Grishin

  • See bee swarm over his head — to victories and success, to triumph.
  • If a swarm of bees attacks people — to the epidemic.

Old French Dream Book

  • If you dream bees have dreamed — Be prepared for financial success.
  • Bee swarm sat on you — to happy love.

Why dream of a swarm of bees?

Aesop dream book

The writer Aesop associates the image of a bee with industriousness, quickness, diligence and thrift. The author argues that bees often dream vigilant people who are able to cope with all the obstacles that stand in their way.

  • Hear the bee swarm buzzing — 1. The sleeper will be able to cope with any difficult business with the help of his zeal; 2. you need to be more careful with your colleagues.
  • Bee swarm is busy pollinating flowers — to make a long-awaited purchase.
  • Bee swarm in a dream — 1. to commit a serious act, so that the people around them will change their attitude towards you; 2. to laborious and easy work.
  • Bee swarm attacked you — get a conviction for the act committed.
  • A swarm of bees flew past you — Respect of others for the perfect deed.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Bees swarming — Alas, the plan in real life will not be crowned with success.
  • Bee swarm in a dream — 1. to bad weather; 2. to ruin the family; 3. to the adoption of orphans in the house.

Small Veles dream

  • See the swarm of bees — 1. to the cash increase, the gain; 3. to the addition to the family; 3. to trouble (gossip, heavy thoughts); 4. to bad weather (snow, rain); unfortunately (fire, death).
  • Roy winds over his head — to victory over enemies.
  • Roy flies through the house — to death.
  • Bees sting — 1. for a girl — for pregnancy; 2. to death; 3. to fire.
  • Roy left the hive — family ruin, fire or death.
  • Catch the bee role — to profit.
  • Catch a bee swarm — defeat the enemy.

How to neutralize the negative effects of sleep?

If a dream in which you saw a bee swarm, frightened you with something or left a negative imprint upon awakening, you can always neutralize its possible influence on real-life events. For this purpose, one simple method is used.

It consists in the following: immediately after you wake up after seeing the dream, say the following words: “Where the night goes, there is a dream”. So you protect yourself from potential trouble.

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