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Why dream of a rooster

What dreams of cock — the best interpretation

How to understand why a rooster dreams? It is not necessary to open the dream books and look for interpretations — just read this article, in which I collected the best forecasts from sources that I use myself.

Family Dream

It is better to use this dream book for people for whom the family is the greatest value in life. Then you will find the most truthful prediction.

Why dream of a rooster

  1. What a woman’s cock dreams about — personifies a fan who will soon appear in her life. If there were several birds, your popularity with the opposite sex will increase dramatically. The thicker, beautiful and with bright feathers a rooster — the more influential, richer and more successful the admirer will be.
  2. For men, a similar dream foreshadows the emergence of a serious contender in a relationship or a competitor in business. You will have to be creative, to transcend him and stay with yours.
  3. Sometimes a dream comes to meet with a certain person, communication with which will be very unpleasant because of his vanity and swagger. But to avoid this will not work, so you have to endure.
  4. To kill a rooster in a dream is an unfavorable sign that promises problems in business. And the more brutal the murder was, the more worries would fall on your head.
  5. Flying bird dreams to conceive a child. The most favorable time for this comes. The baby will be born healthy, and pregnancy will be easy.
  6. Cockfights dream of conflicts escalating into violent scandals. Your partner has a lot of complaints that he can no longer keep in himself.
  7. The rooster at the head of the hen family promises important news. You will receive information that can not be ignored.
  8. A beautiful rooster with bright plumage foreshadows good news. You will be visited by a person whom you haven’t seen for a long time, whom you have missed very much. It is possible that this meeting will develop into a bright romantic relationship.
  9. Rooster laid an egg? Wait for a whole series of pleasant surprises. You are in the flow of luck and good luck, so any of your actions will only lead to success. Use this gift of fate and do not miss the opportunity.
  10. The unpleasant screaming bird dreams of betraying a loved one, betraying a friend, or serious deception that unfolds. This, albeit unpleasant, will help you make the right decision and change your life for the better.

Modern dream book

This is a dream book for people far from conservatism. If you like everything new and open to information, read the predictions and choose what is right for you.

Why dream of a rooster

  1. To a woman, such a dream promises an acquaintance with a pleasant man who is younger than her. Do not believe prejudices and boldly start a relationship with him. Age is just a figure.
  2. A rooster who sings loudly in a dream says that you have lost your vigilance. You need to be more careful not to get serious problems.
  3. If you tear feathers out of a bird’s tail, this is also an unfavorable sign. He promises serious financial losses. But they can be avoided if you become more rational about money and avoid spontaneous purchases.
  4. A rooster who pursues a chicken and wishes to fertilize it dreams about problems in the relationship with the spouse. Some of the two of you are not able to take a partner for what it is, which results in claims and conflicts.
  5. Aggressive cock dreams to quarrel with friends. And it will be you who initiated the conflicts. In order not to quarrel. Avoid categorical and maximalism in your statements. Choose your words carefully so as not to offend anyone.
  6. A limping bird with injured paws is an auspicious sign that promises familiarity with a good person. In the future, he will become your faithful friend, support and help in a difficult situation.
  7. Golden plumage — to great happiness. There will be an event that will radically change your life for the better.
  8. Red — be careful with fire. There may be a dangerous situation that could harm your health and well-being.
  9. Black — against you conceived evil. Expect an evil eye or damage from a person who has long been jealous of you and wants to ruin your life.
  10. Cockfights — to win over enemies who quarrel among themselves and completely forget about you.

Noble dream

If you prefer to refer to the ancient sources of wisdom, these interpretations should suit you.

Why dream of a rooster

  1. The rooster personifies the image of an event during which you will experience fear. This may mean that you will have to overcome yourself and get rid of negative emotions that hinder forward movement.
  2. An aggressive and pugnacious cockerel dreams of real-world anxiety. Anxiety will consume you. This is due to the relationship with someone from loved ones.
  3. The lame cock is a symbol of loyalty and strong relationships. Such a dream suggests that you can trust your friends. Next to you are only devotees and kind people, always ready to give a shoulder in a difficult situation.
  4. The singing cock promises some important news. You can use this information for the quick realization of the goals set and soon the fulfillment of desires.
  5. To see not the bird itself, but only its tail — unfortunately. This suggests that in real life you are constantly missing opportunities that fate sends you. But soon their flow will dry up and you will encounter enormous, very complex problems.

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  • Interpretations of dream books are very ambiguous. To choose the right interpretation, listen to your own intuition, and only then read the predictions. The one that will most strongly respond to the heart, and is faithful.
  • Most often, the rooster symbolizes the relationship with friends or financial situation. From this and the authors repelled dream books. The more beautiful and thicker the bird, the better the forecast.

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