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Why dream of a river — interpretation of the dream?

What dreams of the river on the dream book

To find out why the river dreams, read this article. I gathered the interpretation of popular dream books, thanks to which you can find out what awaits you in the future.

Be attentive to the forecasts, because they can give the right advice and help to become happier.

Family Dream

In interpretations of this dream book, the river symbolizes the course of a person’s life. Therefore, depending on how she was in the dream, you can find out what awaits the dreamer in the near future.

Why dream of a river - interpretation of the dream?

  1. A clean, slowly flowing river with clear, clear water is a symbol of joy and satisfaction in life. Such a dream promises a quiet life in comfortable conditions for man.
  2. Hearing the sound of water is an unfavorable sign. He promises evil, which will become a source of conflict and bring a lot of problems into the life of the dreamer. It can also be a warning of a serious danger, for which you need to be prepared.
  3. The smooth water surface, in which the reflections of nature landscapes are visible — to changes that will help make life happier and filled with bright positive emotions. The dreamer will spend the rest of his days in abundance and surrounded by people who love him.
  4. Muddy reflection in the water surface — to major disappointments. The dreamer will face treachery from people close to him. As a result, these events will lead to a series of failures and troubles, as well as anxiety for the future.
  5. A river in which, instead of water, blood is a very bad omen. Such a dream promises a great deal of trouble in a person’s life. And if the dreamer saw himself falling into a bloody stream, then an incurable disease or even death awaits him.
  6. The milk river, on the contrary, is a very good sign. He promises only happiness, life in the flow of abundance, prosperity and wealth. Every day will be filled with pleasure and pleasant events.
  7. If you dream of a river that overflows and drowns nearby houses, this is a sign of impending serious upheavals. You will need to gain enormous patience in order to recover from all this and return to the usual quiet life.
  8. If the current has taken you away and you have not been able to cope with it, then you are not able to establish control over your own life. You obey circumstances, not control them, which is the cause of all your problems.
  9. Drowning in the river, but being able to get out — in reality, you will find yourself in a dangerous situation that threatens your life, but you will avoid trouble at the last moment.

Muslim dream book

To look at the view of the river from a height — to a long road. You have a long business trip or an exciting journey that lasts.

During this, you will gain new friends and get opportunities for self-development.

Why dream of a river - interpretation of the dream?

If the river blocked your path, then in reality, get ready to overcome obstacles on your way to your goals. Life has prepared a lot of difficulties to test how well you are able to cope with the circumstances.

To swim across a huge river is a favorable sign that says that your cherished wish will soon be fulfilled. You will get what you have long dreamed of.

And you do not have to put in the effort, everything will turn out by itself, as if by magic.

Looking for a ford — in reality, you cannot solve a problem and try to find a way out of a difficult situation. A dream indicates that you are looking in the wrong place.

You need to look at what happened with a fresh look, then it will be possible to solve everything in the best way.

The river in your own home with clean and clear water — to get acquainted with a rich and powerful person who will become your mentor, assistant and teacher. And he will help you quickly achieve the desired goals.

Dirty, muddy water with fragments of trees and debris — beware of quarrels and conflicts with people. They can end in disastrous consequences for you.

Therefore it is necessary to observe maximum caution.

Jumping off a cliff into a river — your business will improve. You can find a solution to a problem that has been tormenting you for a long time.

Dream Miller

These interpretations will appeal to people who are addicted to psychology and love to explore the possibilities of their subconscious.

Why dream of a river - interpretation of the dream?

  1. Smooth and calm water surface — your life will become calm and comfortable. Revenues will go up, and you can afford to buy whatever you want. Even if you now have to save and deny yourself everything, the situation will soon change.
  2. Muddy and restless river — to quarrels and misunderstandings in his personal life. Your relationship fate will be checked for strength. It will take patience and endurance to save love and not part with a partner.
  3. River overflowing banks — to serious trouble at work. Your reputation will be ruined, colleagues and bosses will no longer trust. So that the case did not end with the dismissal, you will have to make efforts and prove that you have been slandered.
  4. Swim in clean and clear water, watching the corpses of people lie at the bottom — to the black band that comes in your life. We’ll have to say goodbye to time with calm, luck and joy. Anxiety and worry will become your constant companions.
  5. The dried riverbed leads to sorrow and suffering, which you plunge into because of the tragedy with a close person. It will take time for you to recover and recover from your grief.

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  • The river is a symbol of a person’s life. Understanding this will help determine what awaits you in the future, whether your life will be calm and unhurried, or will be like a boisterous current sweeping away everything in its path.
  • In such dreams are contained not only the predictions of the future, but also prompts, following which you can fulfill your desires, get what you have long dreamed of or cope with the accumulated problems.
  • Try to carefully analyze all your sleep, not losing any attention from the attention. Then you can meet upcoming events fully armed.

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