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Why dream of a red cat or a kitten: interpretation of the dream books

Why dream of a red cat or a kitten: interpretation of the dream book

The cat of the red color is a symbol of inexhaustible vitality, resourcefulness and ability to get out of the most difficult situations, as well as charisma and cunning. A dream can have positive, negative or neutral interpretations.

It is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of a dream about a kitten: its behavior, external characteristics, reaction, own actions, storyline, setting, terrain.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the gender of the person who saw it:

  1. one. A woman the image seen in night dreams promises a provocation directed towards someone close to them in order to get what they want. She will not be perceived painfully, rather — with humor.
  2. 2 Man dream foreshadows getting into a difficult situation from which he can find a way out. The second value for young people is coming to meet an independent, strong lady.

A red cat can dream a child that soon something will get away with it, the prank will go unnoticed.

Why dream of a red cat or a kitten: interpretation of the dream books

Making up the interpretation of the plot, in which a red cat or a kitten dreams, you need to rely on its appearance and condition:

Description, characteristicsInterpretation
Wet catSoon, a man or a girl gets in a silly, ridiculous, ridiculous position
Well maintained, beautifulThe dream speaks of complacency and pride for some achievements.
TatteredWe’ll have to lie and dodge to get out of a difficult life situation.
Sick or woundedSomething will happen that prevent you from carrying out your plans.
DeadCunning man will not be able to deceive the dreamer or the dreamer
BaldA sleeping person thinks better of himself than it actually is.
FleaPerhaps the appearance of a hypocritical comrade pursuing their own interests
Wild, street, handheldWe’ll have to communicate with a closed, resourceful, difficult person
MadThere will be a conflict with a very deceitful, sly, scandalous person.
FatDream promises to meet a decent but selfish person.
SkinnySoon you will have to communicate with a girl or a man who have a difficult character

Small in size cat — to pampering and cunning. Big — a sign that will deceive.

It is necessary to consider how cat’s wool looked:

  • spotted — to the trick, which soon will conceive a sleeping person;
  • striped — to uncertainty and the manifestation of ambiguity in the character;
  • short-haired — to thoughtful actions and smart decisions;
  • longhair — To self-admiration and contentment of the current situation;
  • bald but with a red skin tone — to self-deception: the dreamer believes that nobody knows about his tricks, but in reality everyone knows about them;
  • white-red — to well-being in business;
  • black and red — to disappointment and reflections.

If the cat’s hair was red with some unusual, atypical shade, then a happy surprise will happen.

Adult big red cat dreams to get rid of their own problems in a quirky way. Ginger cat — to the appearance of a very provocative, narcissistic and attractive person surrounded by a sleeper. The little kitten indicates that he wants to make some petty prank.

Many animals — to the constant introduction of misleading people and manipulation.

Why dream of a red cat or a kitten: interpretation of the dream books

Cat actions have the following interpretation:

Reaction, the behavior of the catInterpretation
Kusal attackedTo the possible presence in the social circle of a sleeping person, deceivers and detractors who tried on "mask" mates
Played, was affectionateTo communicate with an interesting, uncommon, bright personality
Washed, licked woolTo a pleasant meeting with a kind, friendly companion or interlocutor
Ate, drankTo a situation in which, thanks to his gift of persuasion, the dreamer or the dreamer can get the desired
Slept, lay on his hands or nearTo find a friend or girlfriend with oddities in character
Ran in different directionsTo uncertainty, doubts, thoughts and thoughts about the correctness of their own actions
Fought with other animalsTo rivalry with a person who claims to be the same as sleeping
Screamed, meowed, hissedTo squabbles, quarrels, conflict situations, clarify the relationship
Running away from dogsYou can not deceive someone in the near future, it will end badly
Fished miceTo intrigues, quarrels, gossip, rumors around a sleeping man

Seeing a ginger cat stealing food is to watch how a person in reality tries to do harm to another.

Why dream of a red cat or a kitten: interpretation of the dream books

The most important detail in compiling the interpretation of a dream is the behavior of the dreamer. Interpretation options may be as follows:

BeatThere will be a desire to punish the cunning and selfish cheater who hurt a sleeping person with his behavior
Kill or find the corpseTruth Reveals — Specially or Inadvertently
FeedIt will be possible to find a compromise with someone with whom for a long time it was not possible to do so.
To care, iron, comb woolPerhaps the acquisition of new ambiguous friends
Catch, try to catch upThe dreamer will attempt to catch someone in a lie, a deception in reality
Tidy trayIn life, one of your friends will harm the dreamer
Try to tameA person will try to establish contact with a new friend or acquaintance.
Keep as a petA new person will appear in the close circle of communication of a sleeping man or woman.

Talking in a dream with an animal with red hair is a symbol of the fact that in real life the dreamer or the dreamer will be given useful advice.

In addition, everything said in a dream can be prophetic. But do not interpret the information literally, you need to perceive it metaphorically.

Should take into account the location of a red cat in a dream and the environment.

The scene has the following interpretations:

  • at home — to the arrival of a guest pursuing his own benefit;
  • on the street — to a chance meeting, the outcome of which is not known in advance;
  • at work — to the appearance of a sly colleague, relations with which will be ambiguous;
  • someone at home — to the appearance of a friend in a close friend, a friend who will not inspire confidence in the sleeper.

Seeing a ginger cat’s face on a balcony, roof, or window is a sign that someone is looking at the dreamer or the dreamer down.

There are other interpretations of the dream about a red cat:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe author deciphers the dream as a symbol of the absence of a trusting relationship with the partner sleeping
MillerDream Miller calls to pay special attention to the shade of cat fur. Light red to change with respect to their professional activities, dark to a good life, good health and happiness
WangiVanga warns a sleeping woman or man that hypocritical, unkind people are around
HasseThe cat symbolizes possible deception, unkind intentions of competitors, resistance, failures and misfortunes.
LofaA sleeping person should rely on his intuition — she will not deceive him if a dark vital strip comes
NostradamusThe author of the dream book believes that the red kitten in a dream is an auspicious sign that promises a happy marriage, long mutual love, a perfect romance.
TsvetkovaTsvetkov foreshadows dreamer or dreamer positive events, favorable changes in life, joy and happiness
FamilyCat with red hair — a symbol of uncertainty and confusion in matters
OrientalDirty and tormented animal — to the evil rumors, bad news. Well-groomed, beautiful and clean — to favorable events in the life of a sleeping person.

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