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Why dream of a prison, if you put a sleeper, a guy or a husband: interpretation of the dream books

What dreams of arrest and imprisonment: the interpretation of popular dream books

A prison in a dream symbolizes loneliness, inner devastation and impotence. The plot in which the sleeper was arrested or put in solitary confinement is not always interpreted negatively and, moreover, is unlikely to come true in real life.

Usually this dream warns of failures, in which the dreamer himself, who has created superfluous barriers and limitations, will be guilty of them. The interpretation also depends on the sex of the person sleeping, his age and social status.

The details of the dream are also taken into account: the setting, actions, other people.

To properly decipher the dream, you need to remember its plot:

What dreamedDecryption
Break the prison bars, escapeThe dreamer will be able to find a way out of this situation and successfully solve the problems that have accumulated, once again feeling freedom and independence
Unfair to be convictedTo injustice in real life. People close may blame the dreamer for an act he did not actually commit.
Being arrested at the crime sceneTo pay for the former atrocities. Such a dream can dream a person who hides a terrible secret and is afraid that his family will know about it.
Accidentally get into the women’s prisonThe dreamer feels deprived, deeply unhappy and disappointed. For a man, such a dream means an unforeseen development of events and a stupid position in which he can get

Why dream of a prison, if you put a sleeper, a guy or a husband: interpretation of the dream books

The meaning of a dream can change depending on who saw the dream:

  • Girl or Woman: to get into a colony of strict regime — in reality the dreamer will face serious tests that at first seem insurmountable to her. Such a dream testifies to the unrealizability of dreams and the illusory perception of reality.
  • Pregnant woman: dreams that she was put behind bars — in reality, she is worried about the health of her baby and is not confident in her own abilities. However, her fears will be in vain: the birth will be successful.
  • The man: he is moving in the wrong direction and feels strong guilt for what he did. You need to apologize to your loved ones and reconsider your life priorities.

For a businessman, a dream in which he goes to jail promises disastrous transactions and unprofitable events. After such a dream, you should not enter into important contracts and sign valuable documents, since there is a high risk of bankruptcy.

Why dream of a prison, if you put a sleeper, a guy or a husband: interpretation of the dream books

The meaning of sleep depends on who the prisoner is:

Prisoner identityInterpretation
Husband boyThe dreamer fears for the life of her beloved and treats his words with distrust
FriendQuick misfortune
ParentsThe sleeper has harbored a grudge against them, neglects family values ​​and does not pay enough attention to his relatives. Another meaning of sleep is that the dreamer will insist on giving privileges to individuals whom he unconditionally trusts. To go to prison with your parents — in reality, the family is in danger.
EnemyA good sign, foreshadowing triumph victory over enemies

Why dream of a prison, if you put a sleeper, a guy or a husband: interpretation of the dream books

If you dream of a tall building with barbed wire, gloomy, with bricked-up windows — in reality you should wait for the misfortune. If a sleeping person did not manage to get out of the dungeon — it will not be possible to avoid trouble.

The escape took place — to a happy coincidence.

Seeing large, bright windows in the building where prisoners are held — in the near future, legal proceedings are possible that will end well for the dreamer.

If you dreamed of a prison in the middle of a dense forest — the secret will be entrusted to the sleeping one, which he cannot keep.

What dreams of going to prison is the interpretation of dreams by famous dream-books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
TsvetkovaTo doubtful connections and dangerous hobbies in real life
NostradamusSign of painful silence, moral oppression
WangiBig troubles are coming in all walks of life.
FreudSuch a dream testifies to the stiffness, isolation, complexion of a sleeping person.
MillerTo failures in heart affairs, rash acts and their disastrous consequences
LofaTo anxiety, empty feelings and nervous disorders
MedeaTo useless pastime
GypsySleep promises problems in work and personal affairs
FemaleSleep symbolizes the limitations and internal discomfort of a sleeping person.
AutumnIt is not necessary to attach special importance, it is an empty dream and the like will not happen again in real life.
SpringDebt obligations and unfulfilled promises
SummerTo a significant event
AmericanTo the obstacles in the affairs and obstacles that the dreamer creates with his own hands
EnglishSleep foreshadows temporary difficulties at home and in professional careers
OrientalThe plot in which the dreamer was arrested and deprived of his liberty, having been sent to prison for a long time, testifies to a fatal reticence, mental agony and remorse of the sleeping man
ChineseVision promises general acceptance, honor and respect in real life.
LunarTo general weakness and ailments
RussianBy fatal coincidence in real life

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