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Why dream of a positive pregnancy test

Why dream of a positive pregnancy test?

Pregnancy is the beautiful state of a woman, which, meanwhile, causes very ambiguous reactions. For many couples, 2 strips on a pregnancy test are a welcome and welcome event.

But there is no smaller percentage of couples who do not want and are afraid to see these stripes, and even associate this event with a terrible dream. Why dream of a positive pregnancy test?

Why dream of a positive pregnancy test

What does the value of sleep depend on?

Not deprived and dreams of a similar plot. Waking up with relief or grief, that this is just a dream, or, conversely, to conceal hope or to experience that this will happen soon — interpreters of dreams will help to understand.

In real life, regardless of the personal relationship of people to pregnancy, yet this state unambiguously entails serious changes in the life of both the pregnant woman and her companion. Sleepyards also quite contradictory describe the value of such a dream. Interpretation of a dream depends on the following factors:

  • The dreamer’s personality is male or female
  • If a woman, then:
  • in position whether it is in reality or not
  • virgin or not
  • married or not
  • what age
  • Day of the week
  • Zodiac sign.

Dream about the meaning of sleep

Different dream interpreters interpret a dream about a positive test as follows:

Dream Lofa

  • For young and single girl See 2 stripes in the pregnancy test marks a turning point from childhood to adulthood.

For men a dream in which a positive test result is his own, foreshadows a successful resolution of cases at work.

For old woman such a dream is associated with the addition to the family in the form of the birth of grandchildren.

Dream Miller

If the dream saw virgin, then she needs to be careful in dealing with men who are much older than her, as this can lead to trouble.

If a pregnant girl I saw a positive test, this is a very favorable sign on the eve of an upcoming event — light births, a healthy baby and rapid recovery of health are foreshadowed.

For unmarried and non-pregnant girl to see such a dream is less joyful, since it may foreshadow an unhappy marriage.

For married sleep also does not promise anything pleasant, but predicts discord with the spouse and in the family.

For men see in a dream a positive test of her lover means her real pregnancy in a short time.

Why dream of a positive pregnancy test

Dream Vanga

The seer predicted that for the loving married couple such a dream can be a foreshadowing of twins. For single girl the dream warns of the dishonesty of her chosen one, his possible betrayal.

  • Freight’s Dream Interpretation. This dream is for a young girl promises an ambulance a similar situation in real life. For a married man — it means his maturity and willingness to become a father, for single man — the dream is preparing for difficulties in the relationship.
  • Dreaming nostradamus. If in a dream the girl saw her own positive test, then she should expect monetary losses. If it is a stranger test, then people are expected to ask for money in debt.
  • Dream Seraphim. This interpreter does not distinguish between the meaning of sleep by any criteria, and for any person he predicts a long journey, a lot of emotions, possible health problems and the likelihood of loss of funds.

Dream interpretation by zodiac signs

Regardless of other factors, he interprets a dream according to the zodiac sign of the dreamer.

  • For Capricorns, sleep foreshadows the successful overcoming of obstacles and difficulties.
  • For Aquarius, the respect and trust of relatives is predicted.
  • For Pisces, it is recommended to ignore gossip or news.
  • For Aries, sleep means wealth.
  • For Taurus is a good sign in the financial sector.
  • For Twins, sleep promises reception.
  • For Rakov and Lviv, a dream does not bode well for, but prepares for losses.
  • For Dev, a dream like this foreshadows the loss of work, unemployment.
  • For Libra predicted a quick marriage.
  • For Sagittarius and Scorpions it is possible to acquire material wealth.

And although the interpretations of sleep differ greatly, in one all dream books agree in opinion — if you see such a dream on Thursday night to Friday, then to be this and reality.

To trust the dream-book or not is a personal matter for everyone. In reality, this event is quite exciting and always changes the usual course of life.

Sleep is also a foreshadowing of future changes, but in a positive direction or not at all — it depends on the details of the dream and the personal mood of the dreamer.

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