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Why dream of a new house?

Why dream of a new house? The best interpretations of dream books

Do you see a magnificent green lawn in front of you and a beautiful house with white walls on it? Or a leaning half-barn, and around — overcast and dull? Step to the house or leave it?

Why dream of a new house? The meaning of a dream depends on many circumstances.

Let’s try to understand the numerous interpretations.

Tip: everyone knows that a dream, especially its small details, is forgotten quickly. Therefore, when you wake up, write down the plot of the dream in details so that you do not miss anything.

Why dream of a new house?

Popular interpretations

The dream forecast is not always an accurate prediction. Most often it is a signal from the subconscious: you need to pay attention to a certain side of your life. Dreams help to catch the essence of the problem in time, to react in an ambiguous situation.

Consider this. In the popular dream books the dreamed new home can mean a lot.

A new home in a dream — the personification of your inner «I». Therefore, depending on who fills his rooms, how beautiful he is, how big he is, he can interpret any dream:

  • Absolutely new house, in excellent condition, but empty, deserted, unfurnished. Sign that you need privacy. It is necessary for some time to protect from others, «pump» and calm yourself
  • Freud’s opinion. The eminent psychiatrist believed: smooth flat walls, smooth, geometrically verified forms, conciseness of the structure — the personification of the male principle in man. An intricate building with balconies, ledges, columns and other decorations — the personification of the beginning of the female. Therefore, pay attention to the house you have dreamed of and understand which features prevail in your character.
  • Woman dreams of repair in a new house: she whitewash walls or paint the floor, does some work with her own hands. This is a sign that she is properly building a relationship with her chosen one. Keep it up! Your couple is not threatened by treachery, difficult conflicts and violent quarrels. But do not forget to periodically add to the relationship diversity
  • Young the girl dreamed of a new home. Also auspicious sign. Soon she will find something new, valuable for her. This will either be a career-worthy job, or an acquaintance with the future husband. Or she will receive excellent support in a difficult situation from a loved one. Ahead — only happiness, success and satisfaction with life
  • House new, but with defects: no roof, floor, foundation oblique, uneven walls? Bad sign. Freud believed that this was a sign of imminent death or a serious illness. But do not worry — under the gun, not necessarily your loved ones

More interpretation, see the video:

In most cases, a new home dreams of favorable events, success, luck, harmony and balance in business.

Why dream of a new house?

Interpretation of Nostradamus

The famous predictor had his own opinion about this dream:

  • The house is new, but it is full of insects, parasites, mice and other potential victims of the exterminator. Take a closer look — in real life you are surrounded by ill-wishers who are extremely negatively disposed towards you. Perhaps their plans somehow harm you. Be careful or try to build relationships with enemies.
  • You see the new house, and then the building blows the roof. Look at the well-being of loved ones. Someone from your relatives or friends suffers, needs your support.
  • Small but solid wooden house in a dream foreshadows family well-being, mutual understanding with the spouse. Your family boat will never be broken about life, and material well-being will improve constantly.

This is not all interpretation. Next, we consider the forecasts of less popular dream books.

Why dream of a new house?

Other interpretations

In other dream books are given the following values:

  • You looking for a new home in a dream. This means that in real life you do not trust people too much, you are sure that honest, decent, fair people do not exist. It’s time to start believing in the best and not be afraid of getting burned.
  • In a dream you leave the new house. Most likely, you will go on a trip, a business trip or to visit relatives in another city. And this trip will radically change your life. But for better or worse — is unknown
  • Small, but very cozy, fabulous house foreshadows the speedy fulfillment of a cherished desire. And in principle, in the future one should not wait for serious troubles. You will live long, quietly and happily, surrounded by loved and loving people
  • New house in a dream demolished. Get ready for a long loneliness. In your life comes the black stripe. Financial situation will deteriorate, you will lose friends, you will not be able to find a loved one for a long time. But do not be discouraged, but spend this time on developing and improving yourself.
  • In a dream you buy a new home. Great sign! Your efforts will lead to the long-awaited success. He is associated with creativity, fame
  • Get a new house in inheritance? Soon there will be a person in your life who will eventually become a close friend or faithful companion. He will always be ready to support, help, listen and send on the right path. Take care of such a partner
  • You clean the new house? Expect a promotion. Soon you will free up a decent place. Income will increase significantly, but responsibilities will increase. The probability of such a prediction come true above all among the military and other civil servants
  • If a new house, which had a dream, multi-storey, rejoice! Soon you will get a huge profit! Either make a big deal, either win the lottery, or get a valuable gift
  • Climb the stairs in the new house? This is a sign of growth in something: career (promotion), personal life (get an offer), public affairs (earn credibility)

Do not give dreams too much importance, but listen to them, perhaps then you will change your life for the better!

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