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Why dream of a Negro by the famous dream-books of Miller and Hasse

The interpretation of a dream in which you see a black man for a variety of dream books

In dreams, we often see black people. Their actions can be different — they can sing, have fun, be sad or spend time doing hard work.

Let’s see what the Negro dreams about and what this symbol means for our subconscious.

Most dream books believe that the image of a black man can be regarded as something mysterious, a bit dangerous. On the other hand, it may be a symbol of the shadow side of your personality — that is, those qualities that you do not recognize in yourself.

Love with black

Quite a popular dream associated with the plot, in which you have a love relationship with the Negro. This dream, firstly, tells about dissatisfaction with your partner, and secondly, foreshadows a quarrel and a change of lover.

Such a bold image reminds you of your own needs. Perhaps your current friend or husband does not treat you with due respect, so you subconsciously seek to find a new partner. The authors of the dream books are unanimous: most likely, such a dream foreshadows you a quick conflict and separation.

The main thing — do not worry! Your former friend did not give you love, your dream clearly indicates this.

If a woman kisses in a dream with a black man (or a man has close contact with a black woman), then it reminds you that you are internally ready for a change! Start to act, otherwise the moment will be missed.

Why dream of a Negro by the famous dream-books of Miller and Hasse

Black babes

A dream in which you see a negro baby suggests that you really want to have children, but there are some problems with childbirth. Most likely, plans for the birth of a child will have to be postponed. Not yet time!

Do not worry, you will succeed, but not now.

If you see funny Negroes who sing and dance, then this is a symbol of adventure and joy. You are waited by the cheerful company, parties, travel, active recreation. A crying black child says that you can expect unpleasant news.

The same meaning has a dream in which the baby is sick or dressed very badly.

Why dream of a Negro by the famous dream-books of Miller and Hasse

Communication, showdown

If in a dream you saw a conflict situation with a black person, then this may portend a real quarrel with close people or superiors. This conflict can have very unpleasant consequences for you.

Therefore, try to maintain emotional balance, do not engage in empty quarrels.

Talking with the Negro means bad news. Another meaning of sleep can be, if your partner is very cheerful, laughs infectiously.

Most likely, here we are talking about future entertainment. A similar meaning has a dream about a black woman.

A beautiful black girl — a symbol of carefree, joyful pastime. Waiting for you rest, meeting with friends. More generous gifts of fate are not excluded!

Wait for cash receipts, successful contracts that you can enter into very easily.

If you see a black man working on plantations or simply in the garden area, your subconscious mind tells you that you have to work hard in the near future.

Dream Miller

According to Miller, one of the worst signs is a dream in which you quarrel and even fight with a black man. This is a sign that your funds are almost running out. And you can not correct the situation for a long period.

The only thing left is to prepare yourself mentally for the fact that you will have to drag out life under difficult conditions.

Why dream of a Negro by the famous dream-books of Miller and Hasse

Dream interpretation Hasse

The diviner Miss Hasse believed that the dream of the Negro speaks of your secret anxieties. And there is every reason for them … If you are talking to a black person, this means that you have already lost your hopes for the best.

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