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Why dream of a mouse: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of the mouse: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream book

To see mice in a dream is an ambiguous symbol denoting insecurity in themselves and their actions, petty efforts and problems. The image seen in night dreams can have both positive and negative values. To compile the most specific and accurate interpretation, it is recommended to pay attention even to the details of the dream: appearance, condition and other characteristics of rodents, their number, behavior and reaction, their own actions, setting and place, plot.

There are other interpretations, if you believe the famous dream books.

The value of the image may vary depending on what sex was the person who saw him.

  1. one. Woman or girl. Mice are a symbol of household chores. Soon relatives will arrive, friends will come to visit or they will have to organize some kind of celebration, feast at home. The dreamer is waiting for a lot of monotonous work, it will be necessary to recall the old things and plans.
  2. 2 The man. This image suggests that soon the young man will show weakness, will not be able to fight back, to defend his opinion on some issue. It will be very disturbing, constantly reminding about yourself.

Why dream of a mouse: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you should pay attention to how the mouse looked in a dream. Options may be as follows:

Live, active mouseTo pleasant troubles and pastime with friends, girlfriends, relatives
Sick, weakScheduled purchase will hit the budget of the dreamer or the dreamer
DeadTo material difficulties, poverty, problems with work
Bloodied or without footTo loss of bills or in vain purchase
Cut, eaten, dismemberedSomeone will want to deceive a person, steal a thing or money from him, do something unpleasant, evil
Large, disproportionately sizedIn some ambiguous situation, a man or woman will behave like no one expected
SmallTo modesty, constraint, shame, embarrassment

The bat has dreamed — it will be possible to rethink something, to take a fresh look at the situation, to draw other conclusions. To see the little mice — to the little household joys.

Seeing mice with rats — the enemy can turn a friend against the dreamer. Someone will talk about a person, tell something bad about him, spread rumors and gossip.

In this situation, it is important to behave properly, try to preserve dignity. Another version says that it will be possible to make a purchase with a good discount, to meet an old friend or a friend, to find a lost thing or the like.

It is important to take into account the number of animals in the dream:

  1. 1. One mouse dreamed — it is necessary to search for a solution to some insignificant minor problem.
  2. 2. Two — to the lack of time.
  3. 3. A few — to the confusion.
  4. 4. To see rodents in large numbers, the whole flock — to bad luck and bad luck in everything.

Of great importance in the compilation of interpretation is what color the dreamed mouse was:

WhiteTo trouble and poverty
GrayTo fear, hypersensitivity and emotionality
BlackTo annoyance
RedheadTo the appearance of a sly friend
Spotty, variegatedTo an important event

In the event that the rodents in the dream were of some unusual, atypical color, then in real life there will be a surprise that will turn everything upside down.

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