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Why dream of a mirror, to see oneself in it: interpretation by dream-books

What dreams mirror: the interpretation of the image of various dream books

To see a mirror in a dream is an ambiguous symbol foreshadowing many new events, global changes, the implementation of plans. A dream can have both positive and negative values. In order to compile the most accurate, specific and truthful interpretation, it is recommended to take into account even the smallest details: appearance, condition and other characteristics of the mirror, own actions, location, setting, etc.

A cracked mirror usually foreshadows illness, longing, and grief. Rusty dreams to great disappointment. Decorated with pearls — to a quarrel with a loved one, misted — to dissatisfaction with their lives and current events.

If the sleeper looked in the mirror, but did not see his reflection, then he underestimates himself. If another person is reflected in the mirror, the dreamer depends on someone else’s opinion.

He needs to learn to act more decisively.

The meaning of a dream can vary according to the person’s gender:

  • A woman, married or romance, such an image in a dream promises a quarrel with a lover. Soon there will be some kind of conflict that will force the dreamer to rethink his opinion about something.
  • Free girl The dreamed mirror foreshadows the lack of warmth, love, romance.
  • Man dream promises the emergence of heavy thoughts, experiences, obsessions. The young man will be very concerned about something in himself, trying to fix it. This can concern anything: appearance, behavior, knowledge, skills, abilities, and the like.

If a dream is seen by a child, it speaks of his emotional instability, strong experiences and complexes, great stress, fears about something.

Why dream of a mirror, to see oneself in it: interpretation by dream-books

Initially, you should try to remember what the mirror was in a dream. Options may be as follows:

The appearance and characteristics of the mirrorInterpretation of sleep
Broken, crackedTo betrayal, chagrin, melancholy, disease
Dirty, dustyGossip, rumors, lies, false stories about a man who had a dream
Old, vintage, antiqueNostalgic memories will flood the dreamer
New, beautifulTo narcissism, contentment
BloodiedTo self-digging, painful memories, self-loathing
CrookedFor biased decisions that will have to regret in the near future
RustyTo great disappointment, grief and sadness
Pearl DecoratedTo a quarrel with a loved one
In a wooden frameTo the improvement of living conditions, comfort in the house
Without frame, rimTo rethink something, change your own opinion
Too narrowA person looks at the surrounding reality too one-sided, because of which he misses many opportunities and makes a bunch of ridiculous mistakes, which later will be very sorry
Wet, under waterTo the unconscious act and words
BlackTo depression, pessimism, disappointment in yourself or someone
Muddy, with a fuzzy imageTo slander, gossip and rumors, intrigues around the sleeper
SweatyTo dissatisfaction with their lives
DarkWhat happens in the near future will make a person extremely unhappy.
LightBy luck, luck and luck
Many mirrorsTo obsessive ideas or paranoia. In the near future, the psychological state of a man or a woman will change dramatically. The sleeper will become more irritable, meaner, will react painfully to the most innocuous remarks, worry over trifles. Reasons — complexes or low self-esteem

The size of the mirror is also important when drawing up the interpretation:

  • Small, pocket — something will make the dreamer think.
  • Big, wide — to doubts in yourself and your activities, experiences.
  • Medium size — to an objective assessment of yourself and your actions, words.
  • Disproportionately huge — a person is very fixated on something.

Why dream of a mirror, to see oneself in it: interpretation by dream-books

It is important to recall how a man or a woman looked in the reflection of a mirror:

Appearance in the mirrorInterpretation of sleep
Seeing yourself fatA person reproaches himself, seeks flaws in himself, defends himself, develops complexes in himself
Skinny or skinnyTo moral exhaustion, loss of strength, lack of energy and lack of desire to do anything
PregnantTo desire to get a child, fast replenishment in the family, attempts to have a son or daughter
With eyes closedA dreamer or a dreamer know the truth about something, but they do not want to recognize it, they are afraid, they experience and hopelessly hope for the best outcome of some ambiguous situation.
Beautiful, beautifulTo contentment, self-admiration, the adoption of his body and inner world
Ugly or uglyTo the chagrin of his appearance; to disappointment, low self-esteem
With acne, rash on faceTo sudden luck, gain financial gain, win
With a ruddy, red faceTo embarrassment, shame, getting into an awkward situation, feelings about it, stress
With soot on the cheeksGossip, rumor, slander, condemnation, insult, ridicule
With black hair (if in real life hair of a different color)There will be a desire to live like someone else, to copy someone else’s way of thinking, to strive for the same goals.
With long hair (if in reality they are short)The goal will be to change your appearance, look different.
With bald headTo experiences about their own complexes, disadvantages (not only external)
With colored hair or an unusual hairstyleThere will be a desire to change their appearance, but some circumstances will prevent it.
With gray hair, old or oldTo a strong emotional exhaustion, psychological problems, increased nervousness, hysteria
In a wedding dress or suit, dress coatFor a wedding, marriage, celebration of an anniversary or dreams of marriage, marriage
In the nudeA person will be able to admit to himself in his problems, fears, phobias, complexes and experiences

If a person looked in the mirror, but did not see his reflection in it — to underestimate himself. This will lead to big problems, the dreamer will be treated with disdain.

It is important to learn to appreciate yourself, not to blame for small failures and not to focus on trifles.

See through the looking glass — to confusion, confusion, unexpected changes that are turned upside down. A situation that will occur in the near future will ruin all plans, but will lead to something that will drastically change the fate of the sleeper.

To see a ghost, a mythical creature — to surprises and strange things in reality. Dead — to the thoughts of his life, deeds, attitudes.

Look in the mirror, but see someone else there the reflection of another person is a sign that the sleeper strongly depends on the opinions of others. Sleep is a warning and says that if it continues, the girl or boy will be in a bad position.

To see a stranger — to an unexpected chance, acquaintance, surprise. Some situation will strike the dreamer, leave an imprint in his memory for many years.

Seeing in reflection the animal — to the hardships, grief and disappointment.

Sometimes people have dreams in which they see themselves in another time, and this also affects the compilation of interpretation:

  • Seeing yourself from the past — the dreamer is fixated on something that cannot be returned.
  • Yourself from the future a person dreams a lot, makes plans far from reality.
  • Yourself in the present — a symbol that speaks about the objectivity of the views and the seriousness of the intentions of the guy or girl.

Why dream of a mirror, to see oneself in it: interpretation by dream-books

The actions of a woman or a man in a dream are of key importance in drawing up the interpretation of the image seen in night dreams:

Sleeping actionsDream interpretation
Wash the mirror, wipe itBy trying to start thinking differently, changes in thinking, rethinking of views
Admire yourselfTo the satisfaction of themselves and their current state of affairs
Admire someone standing nearbyTo admiration, love, joy for someone; envy, desire to live like someone else
To be beautiful, to put something on the face, to look with some purposeTo gather for a visit, on any event, a romantic date or a friendly meeting
BuyA person will want to change something in himself or his life.
SellA woman or man will no longer need to evaluate himself and compare with someone.
To giveThere will be a desire to point someone at his merits or disadvantages.
Accept as a giftSomeone gives their advice too obsessively, and the dreamer takes them to heart
HangResolve, do something, start something new
Drop but not breakSomeone will make a stinging remark or incorrectly make a joke, but it will not touch the dreamer
Break, breakTo self-criticism, I underestimate my activities, reproaches, restrictions in something
Sweep up the splintersSome person will hurt him with his own words or actions, bring him to tears, lower his self-esteem
Get hurt by a mirror (whole or broken)Old memories and obsessive thoughts will often come to mind and annoy the sleeper.
Looking into the shardsA person is too modest and allows his loved ones too much. Should value yourself more
Intentionally beat, break the mirrorTo severe fatigue, emotional burnout, feelings, stress, depression
Spitting on its reflection in it, looking with disgustTo tears, self-loathing, feelings and complexes
Kiss your reflectionTo commit a selfish act

It dreamed that all surrounding objects have a mirror surface — to the appearance of obsessive thoughts that will not give rest. These manic ideas can be inspired by a person from the environment, or the dreamer himself will push himself to them.

It is necessary to try to get rid of these ideas in order not to commit rash acts that will not lead to anything good.

If a boy or girl saw himself in the empty space where there was one mirror, this is a sign that the person was stuck in his thoughts, feelings, and worries. Most likely, you will have to seek psychological help or work on yourself for a long time.

This condition can develop into a severe, prolonged depression, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Place and situation in a dream also play an important role:

  • Street (mirrors on the walls of buildings from the outside) — to try to look good, care about your appearance, meticulous care of yourself.
  • Bathroom — to the pleasant bath procedures, rest, relaxation.
  • The corridor — to the collections on a long journey or a trip to visit, to any event.
  • Bedroom — to experiences about his personal, including intimate life.
  • An abandoned building — to fear, uncertainty, searching for oneself, emotional burnout, depressed mood.
  • A vehicle (car, bus, motorcycle, bicycle) — to travel somewhere, active lifestyle, confidence in their business and actions.

If a man or woman dreamed of a mirror that fell from the sky, someone would suddenly express their opinion about the life of the dreamer. It will be positive or negative — it is unknown in advance, but, most likely, it will make you think and rethink something.

There are other interpretations of the image seen in night dreams. Some well-known dream books interpret the dream of mirrors in their own way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation of the image
FreudAccording to the psychoanalyst, the mirror foreshadows a man or a woman of a change in intimate life. The person thinks too much about how he looks from the outside, whether the partner likes it. The reason is in its complexes, uncertainty, low self-esteem. If you manage to get rid of them, then sex with the second half will become more passionate, sensual, emotional, tender.
MillerA person is very concerned about the mental or physical condition of his close relative, girlfriend or friend. He may suddenly fall ill, fall into an apathetic state, face life difficulties or treason. The dreamer will support the loved one in every way, horrified by his current position and trying on him
WangiThe seer thought that the dream of the mirrors indicated a strong concern for the opinions of others. This is reflected in the words, actions, actions of the dreamer in real life. We must try to abstract from the advice and opinions of other people, even the closest ones. This will help the sleeper become more confident and find his true life path.
LofaThe dream interpretation of Lofa indicates that seeing a mirror in a dream is a sign that a person does not notice the opportunities and prospects that have opened up before him. He is fixated on things that he does not need and for a long time does not bring any pleasure. A dream indicates that now is the time for cardinal changes in life. The new will come only when it is possible to get rid of the old, unnecessary, pulling down
Russian folkLooking at yourself in the mirror is a sign that the dreamer is trying to conform to a particular image. This is neither bad nor good, but can create additional difficulties in communication, becoming another reason for reflection and self-digging.
FemaleSoon there will be unexpected troubles, difficulties, doubts in yourself and your actions, plans. They should be experienced with dignity, going towards the goal, no matter what. If you manage to deal with all obstacles, fate will generously endow a person with happiness, well-being, and no further problems.
Of the pastThe mirror in a dream, according to the interpretation of the dream book of the past, is a symbol of false and false beliefs that even the dreamer does not believe. You must stop deceiving yourself and acknowledge the discrepancy between the desired and the actual
Simone CanaaniteWarns about the presence of false, hypocritical, dishonest friends, because of which there will be a lot of trouble. These people can not be forgiven, give them a second chance, look for their actions to justify
KopalinskyA dream foreshadows a man or a girl to have love adventures, parting, changing activities, rethinking priorities and values, as well as other life changes that can be associated with anything.
FedorovskoySleep promises a sleeping quick marriage, a meeting of the second half or a resumption of past feelings, emotions, grow together in an existing marriage or a long romantic relationship
NostradamusNostradamus believed that the mirror image — a symbol of fast news. They will be good or bad — is unknown, but the person will consider them important, meaningful.
TsvetkovaAccording to Yevgeny Tsvetkov, a dream promises a sleeping separation from a loved one, separation, divorce, or a major quarrel. On this occasion, the dreamer will begin to delve into himself, reflex, worry and worry. Awareness of own mistakes and their further correction will help to improve the situation. Perhaps in some situation you should compromise, give in to the second half.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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