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Why dream of a loved one: the interpretation of sleep

Why dream of a loved one: common interpretations

It is pleasant to dream a loved one, especially with happy accompanying events. But dreams are not always positive. Often, women and girls dream of the tragic circumstances associated with the death of a loved one or his betrayal.

Quite often, this means insecurity and a strong fear of losing a person who is nearby. The interpretation of such dreams was done by astrologers, psychologists, and even magicians. Each interpretation is different depending on the circumstances, the action taken in the dream, and the emotions that accompany it.

In order to accurately explain the dream, you should familiarize yourself with the most common dream books and the work of specialists in the field of dreams.

At the end of the XIX century there was a special interpretation of dreams associated with a loved one, boyfriend or former lover, from whom it was not possible to achieve reciprocity. Almost all interpreters turned for help to the dream-book of the German practicing psychologist Miller. If a loved one is dreaming, he explained it as follows:

  • just to look at a boyfriend or husband — to idolize the chosen one, to believe every word;
  • kissing a loved one in bright sunlight — the relationship is clean, trusting;
  • to see the indifferent face of the chosen one — in real life there will be trials of relationships;
  • change husband or steam room in a dream — an act will negatively affect the partner;
  • cute gives a photo of himself — hypocrisy on his part towards a woman, a girl;
  • a walk with a partner in good weather is a good sign of a new stage in relations;
  • Cook together a favorite dish — balance and peace in relationships.

Miller in his book writes that the emotions accompanying the dream play a primary role. If a dream feels joy, despite the events that occur in it, do not worry.

This is a good sign.

Why dream of a loved one: the interpretation of sleep

The most famous psychologist, who interpreted dreams, was Sigmund Freud. Known interpretations:

  • to look in the partner’s eyes — the progression of relations for the better;
  • dear gives small and large gift — a successful marriage in the future;
  • to see a partner in danger — both are worried about the near future;
  • night kisses with your beloved — detractors envy the relationship;
  • new love — lack of piquancy in real relationships;
  • intimacy with a partner — a high risk of a quarrel in reality.

Freud believed that every dream carries a sexual overtones of different directions.

Why dream of a loved one: the interpretation of sleep

The famous astrologer Nostradamus and Antonio Meneghetti developed their own dream books, in which the interpretation of such dreams is somewhat different. In their opinion, dreams about a partner have no influence and do not talk about relationships in real life. These are only personal thoughts and experiences, which are reflected in dreams:

  • just seeing a partner — the imminent emergence of new business relationships;
  • dimly see dear — a sign of big changes in all areas of reality;
  • an evil and aggressive partner is a difficult situation in the country;
  • long look at the face of a guy or husband without any action — success in any endeavors.

Why dream of a loved one: the interpretation of sleep

Mages and occultists believe that a dream about a loved one necessarily affects the real life of partners, their agreement, well-being, frequency of quarrels, intimate intimacy. The most well-known interpretations will be the dream-books of Tsvetkov, Longo and Madame Hasse. Virtually all interpretations in these books have a similar meaning:

  • dear holds a hand — a good sign, foreshadowing a good and strong relationship with half;
  • gardening works on planting together with a partner — an early addition to the family;
  • joint cooking — a high probability of quarrels in the near future;
  • to look into the eyes of the beloved — a harbinger of a quick meeting
  • catch up with a boyfriend or husband — unsuccessful attempts to change his judgment;
  • partner returns after a long parting — there is a chance to overcome difficulties together;

Mages point out that a dream in which a cute present gives a gift is considered a very bad sign in long-term relationships. This most often becomes a sign of indifference on his part and secretiveness of emotions in relation to the partner.

Most magicians and astrologers agree that the important element will be the day of the week on which the dreamer saw his partner in a dream. The most common interpretations are:

  • from Sunday to Monday, the beloved is looking forward to dating;
  • from Monday to Tuesday — treats his partner respectfully, respects, worships;
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday — often thinks about the chosen one;
  • from Wednesday to Thursday — darling hides in the heart a grudge about recent events;
  • from Thursday to Friday — most likely, the partner wants reciprocity, loves;
  • from Friday to Saturday — the cute sees a girl in a dream;
  • from Saturday to Sunday — the beloved is jealous for no reason.

According to interpreters, the accompanying dream event does not matter. It is only important to see the beloved on a certain day of the week to interpret the dream.

Most girls and women want to see a loved one in a dream, to interpret it as a sign of the approaching meeting. This especially applies to relationships at a distance.

Popular dream books believe that to dream in a sweet with a long separation already marks a close date. It is important to consider the circumstances. The long-awaited meeting in a dream does not mean that in reality, if accompanied by unpleasant emotions that flow from a dream into reality and in the morning after awakening disturb the girl.

An unexpected meeting with a loved one in a dream, accompanied by delight and pleasant surprise, is considered a sure sign of a close date.

It is important to take into account the circumstances in which the beloved man dreams, the feelings he causes in the dream and his attitude to the dreamer, the mood of the sweetheart in the dream also plays a role:

Sleep Interpretation
Sad or drunk loverBeloved in reality, something is disturbing, he is trying to stifle feelings, but this does not solve the problem
Light and clean image of a sweetheartA woman deifies a boyfriend or husband, his word for her is the only true
The manifestation on the part of a guy or husband of aggression, tenderness or jealousyAggression is a sign of impending problems; tenderness — a high risk of adultery on the part of the sweet; jealousy — the uncertainty of the partner in relation to him a woman
Former boyfriend or real partner under a different nameA woman is unsure of her choice, constantly trying on masks of her ex-lovers for a real partner, but does not find these qualities in the present
Favorite singerGirl or woman compares this partner with an idol
Loved with another woman, girl or childrenFear of losing a partner in real life
Dreaming of love to another personUncertainty about your man and your loyalty
Nayava feelings for one, but the other dreamsThe likelihood that someone who dreams wants to return the relationship or regret them
Dreaming of a loved one, with whom not togetherSign that senses remain
The partner is crying because of the former sweetheartA man hides his feelings from his partner, does not trust her

If the partner bears the chosen one in a dream in her arms, this is interpreted as a good sign — signifies respect from the loved one and the fear of losing her.

Often a woman sees only fragments of sleep and does not attach importance to accompanying actions. But when trying to recall some details, the interpretation of sleep will be more accurate and truthful:

Dream Treatment
Darling came home at night or came back after a long separation.A woman strongly wants to meet her lover, but it will not happen soon
Meet with a partner in a dream, talkJust to meet a sweetheart is a good sign of an even and serious relationship; talk about the bad, quarrel — foreshadowing of trouble in reality
Loved out of love, changed, abandoned or loves anotherThe girl has a strong fear of loss and is unsure of herself and her partner.
Watch how cute sleeping, sleep with himIn the couple there is trust, agreement, relations are even
Release your partner forever, part with a friend.If the separation is accompanied by peace, everything will be fine; tears at parting — the partner is not ready to release the man
Husband or boyfriend is going on a business trip, leaving or leaving for goodIn real life, relationships are on the verge of breaking up; saving them will not be easy.
To lose a husband or a guy in a dream, to run after him, to see that he is missingA woman worries about her beloved, who hides something from her, using trust and love
To attend the funeral of the sweetheart, to see his deathA good sign, foreshadowing a long life partner in health
Beloved meets in a dream, just looking or callingTrouble has happened to my dear, he needs help and is counting on his half
The partner sits next to her, hugs and kisses.Relationship has intimacy and trust; detractors envy them
Seeing the wedding with a sweetheart or how he marries anotherYour wedding with a sweet means impatience partner; to see the wedding on the other — he is hiding something, the chance of betrayal is high

Ambiguous dream, if a woman in a dream picked up a shirt for her husband, boyfriend, or sees him repaint the car at her request. Most often, this vision means partner attempts to change the character or habits of the beloved. The emotions that accompany the dream are important.

If the sweetie likes the shirt or the color of the car, the woman can change it. If change is accompanied by a quarrel, you should reconsider their attempts to avoid parting.

It should be noted that sleep does not always foreshadow any events. Often he simply acts as a reflection of the life of a woman and her thoughts.

Rely in a relationship solely on the dream is not worth it.

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